Will the Tea Party Grow Up or Remain Spoiled Little Brats?


Or… will they ruin things for the GOP?

When you see the name of anyone who was associated with Jack Abramoff, I would run the other way.  David Koch had a celebratory party for the newly sworn in tea party members of Congress.  One of the people attending is Tim Phillips, who is the head of Americans for Prosperity.

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All those adorable little tea party backed candidates (few of whom were actually elected) are going to be in power, shortly.  They are going to bring truth, justice, the Constitution, and the American Way, back to DC – OR ELSE!

The OR ELSE is….. you do what we want or we destroy you.  The poor deluded GOP has been so maligned and whipped by FOX and the libertarian lies that they are a bunch of cowards.

The latest is the Debt Ceiling.  Hannity and Beck are against raising it.  Oh, the tangled FOX web of lies.  Allahpundit wrote:

“...As companion viewing to this, head over here and watch Jim DeMint encourage freshman Republicans not to vote for raising the debt ceiling because “it’s not a problem they created.” Where does that principle begin and end? A lot of Democrats elected to Congress in 2006 and 2008 didn’t vote for war in Iraq either, but the party continued to fund the mission anyway because a gradual drawdown was more responsible than simply pulling the plug. Why does that logic not apply in this case? Click the image to watch….”

There are some interesting numbers at Wizbang:


There is another little number I would like to add: 3 – THREE – three – tres – III
Ken Buck
Sharon Angle
Christine O’Donnell
Joe Miller (sorta)
That is the number of losing Tea Party candidates for the US Senate.
50 – the number of Republicans we would have had if the Tea Parties had not screwed us
(+4 Democratic Senators who were thinking about changing parties)

Let’s put this so that even tea party types can understand – we might have had upward of 54 Republicans in the US Senate if they had not screwed us.

Would someone please explain why conservative have named Jim DeMint the Conservative of the Year considering how he helped screw the GOP?

James Joyner has nailed it:

“…If the Tea Party movement is going to have any impact on American politics in the years to come, it’s going to have to grow up and learn that sometimes you have to take a 50% victory and all it  a day…”

Once again the Tea Party “Patriots” are trying to blackmail, bully, assault, and force the GOP to bend to their petty demands.  Granted most of us agree with 80% (or even more) of what they want, but their tactics are becoming irresponsible and disgusting.

Guardians of Liberty

The question is how long will the GOP leaders continue to quake like jello every time this small minority blend of extreme conservatives, white supremacists, Ron Paul Bots, Losertarians, and John Birchers go “Boo”?

‘…But Tea Party activists did not reserve their criticism for Democrats. “The Republicans, frankly, have been a disaster,” Mr. Meckler said. “They stood strong on some things, but the only reason they stood strong is because we stood behind them with a big stick.”…”

No one dares to admit that we are dealing with maybe 10% of the population at the most.  Why should this small minority dictate their demands to the rest of us?


As D. R. Tucker writes in the Frum Forum, the GOP has a problem.  The tea party “patriots” aren’t helping things.

Frum Forum

The problem is the fact that the nasty little genie is out of the bottle and idiots have been empowered to do some really stupid things.  Try the Guardians of Liberty?

“…You are already Guardians of Liberty so send us your representatives! This is the last remaining peaceful means of effecting real and lasting change. The Gadsden Snake is there to remind us of the need to both rattle and strike–it is time. Raise funds to send two, or three people. This is not OUR organization instead of yours, it is all of us working together. Bring your organization’s information, bring your logos, this is not exclusive. The broader the representation of support, the greater the impact on our representatives. If we can defeat Obamacare, we can put the genie back in the bottle. We can return to Constitutional principles, but not without this extended and important fight. The politicians have hired unions to man their barracades and they can get past any rally or protest, that’s why one day events will not change anything by and of themselves. We all know the hard work your organizations have done to get us this far, let The Guardians of Liberty help carry the load from here. We will be establishing long-term accommodations and events at night. We will have speakers and some of them will be you!…”


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2 thoughts on “Will the Tea Party Grow Up or Remain Spoiled Little Brats?

  1. Will the Tea Party Grow Up? NO!

    What no one seems to notice is that Sarah Palin’s comparisons (and threats) of the GOP to the EXTINCT Whig Political Party have become a self fulfilling prophecy. This is exactly what they (the Libertarians and the Palinites) have wanted right from the start.
    1) To either own the GOP
    2) or to destroy it.

    She really let the cat out of the bag when she opened her mouth that time.

    The truth is that the Tea People and the PaulBots are no different then the INVADER ZIM except that Zim is more credible.
    see video

  2. I know you got a signed copy of GWB’s book, but have you read it? I’m in the middle of it and I can’t tell you how many times I cried.

    I cried over the courage of Blair who helped GWB keep his faith in humanity when other world leaders who claimed to be America’s friends deserted him over Iraq.

    Most of all I hurt when those who claim to be the base of his party turned against him.

    Most of my conservative and Tory relatives/colleagues are upset with the Dems and the Liberals. I tell them they are being faithful, however wrong, to THEIR idiology.

    What is the tea party / losertarian excuse? How can they cling to “principles” that does not include loyalty? I sincerely hope that they go and create their own party and “punish” the GOP by pulling their insignificant number and become irrelevant again.

    It broke my heart to learn how close we came to tackling serious issues like Social Security and the Housing situation and in providing good judges on the SCOTUS that would give consideration to Christians and our beliefs.

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