Exposing the Roaches (once again)


It is all about the entire anti-immigration movement and the influence of white supremacists and racists on the state of Arizona.  Note that the names mentioned here are FOX regulars.

“…(Roy) Beck’s recent visit to Petoskey shows that he is still close with his mentor and is willing to keep these ties even if it means putting his organization’s credibility at further risk. Recently others within the Tanton Network have backed the anti-immigrant mastermind. Dan Stein, the president of FAIR, for which Tanton is the founder and remains a board member, stated on Rachel Maddow’s show recently, that Tanton is someone, “I will go to bat for anytime.” …”

The Pink Flamingo is NOT going to take the leap of faith that some are, linking Jared Taylor and American Renaissance to a horrific moment in time.  There is now an attempt to link Jarred Loughner with some of the nastiest of the Far Right.  As much as The Pink Flamingo would like to oblige, I just can’t do it.

The Politico:


Jarrod Taylor and American Renaissance are positively nasty.  But – they are not to blame for the shootings in Tucson.

Amusing is the far right attempting to figure out a way to “discover” Jared Taylor and his organizations. (Pardon the snark – The Pink Flamingo has been writing about these people for nearly 5 years).

One must understand the relationship between R. S. McCain and Jared Taylor to truly appreciate the intricate beauty of the situation.  No matter how McCain denies it, he and Taylor have been “associates” for years.  McCain has maintained, for ages, that he is not a white supremacist with very nasty connections.  The problem is, he has a paper trail longer than a roll of toilet paper stuck to the shoe of a dork at a high school prom.  It was all about the WTimes and the connections to a bunch of nasty little Neo-Nazis.

The most fun is watching Robert Stacy McCain defend Jared Taylor!  For Taylor to say that the American Renaissance it NOT anti-Semitic is to say that The Pink Flamingo is not a compulsive Trekkie.   This is just a thing of beauty.  For the record, The Pink Flamingo does NOT think Loughner is connected with American Renaissance.  They are ultra right wing.

Jared Taylor

View from the Right

View from the Right


The Pink Flamingo has spent quite a bit of time working on the connections between Taylor and John Tanton.

“…Tanton, who met Taylor shortly after American Renaissance began publication, seems to have been particularly taken with Taylor’s angry opposition to affirmative action, spelled out in Taylor’s 1992 book, Paved With Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America. On Nov. 12, 1993, Tanton wrote Taylor and three of his American Renaissance colleagues — Wayne Lutton, who would later work for Tanton; Sam Francis, a white nationalist ideologue then working as a Washington Times columnist; and Jerry Woodruff, who wrote for the nativist publication Middle American News — suggesting that their new journal take on literary critic Stanley Fish, who had defended affirmative action in an article for The Atlantic. Tanton enclosed “a little something” for Taylor’s “start-up costs.”

Tanton promoted Taylor’s efforts repeatedly. On Dec. 15, 1994, he wrote a friend to suggest that he read Taylor’s 1992 book. More remarkably, on Jan. 24, 1991, he wrote to the then-president of the Pioneer Fund, Harry Weyher, about Taylor’s American Renaissance effort. And as recently as April 20, 1998, Tanton wrote to several FAIR employees, including Dan Stein, to ensure that they were receiving American Renaissance mailings: “I write to encourage keeping track of those on our same side of the issue, but who are nonetheless our competitors for dollars and members.” (The underlining was in Tanton’s original letter.)…”

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Much of this connects to the CofCC.

John Tanton Wikipedia

Like the tea parties, the Tanton Networks make a huge amount of noise, have big bucks, but represent very few actual people.

“…The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Heidi Beirich describes the Colcom Foundation as “a $400-million-plus entity founded in 1996 by Cordelia Scaife May of the far-right Scaife family. May is a close friend and long-time funder of John Tanton…And Colcom’s vice president is John Rohe, who worked for years at Tanton’s U.S. Inc. foundation and once wrote a fawning biography of Tanton and his wife. In 2008, Colcom gave four groups started by Tanton — FAIR, U.S. Inc., the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and NumbersUSA — a total of nearly $8.5 million, part of it earmarked for work on the “impact of immigration” on the environment. In 2009, according to Colcom’s website, it also supported the newly established Progressives for Immigration Reform, now the leading greenwashing organization in the country.”…”


Vdare doesn’t like the SPLC.   Their lies are amazing.


Jared Taylor writes for Vdare:


Michelle Malkin writes for Vdare


From The Pink Flamingo:  My infamous Why I Hate Conservatives article.

Jared Taylor’s first Vdare article  for 2011 is promoting the American Renaissance ConferenceStormfront has a link.

The Pink Flamingo linked them all to the tea parties.


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  1. I cannot believe this…honestly. They are out in force AGAIN!

    We have soooooooo many problems but they are going to go back to that LOSER issue????

    The conservative blogs are putting this all on ANCHOR babies and Mexican illegals! GEEZ, how many elections does the GOP have to LOSE before they get what the voters have made crystal clear, the issues that win: THE ECONOMY AND TERRORISM.

    And NO, nobody is buying their insistance that there is a connection between illegals with either concern.

    We know that most terrorists will catch a plane or cross from LIBERAL Canada not enter thru 3rd world Mexico where they’d throw you in jail instead of provide you with a good lawyer. We know that most Mexicans do back breaking work for money we wouldn’t even consider.

    Honestly, we’ve had 2 years of probably the worst presidency and these guys want to give Obama ANOTHER term?????

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