My Brother’s Keeper, etc, etc Ad nauseam


There is a bottom line in the assassination attempt against Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  No matter where the blame is flung, we are dealing with one seriously disturbed individual. We are dealing with an individual who was known to be disturbed.  People who grew up with him were not even shocked at what he did, Jarred Loughner’s problems were so well known.

What The Pink Flamingo is going to write is not going to be popular, but there is a bottom line here.  Lougher is only 22 years old.  We know he has at least one parent.  From what I have heard, his mother has some sort of government job.

Where was his mother?

Where is her responsibility?

Over the years The Pink Flamingo has known families, parents who have offspring who are either seriously disturbed or seriously addicted.  These people have almost dedicated their lives to getting their children help. I have two examples in mind, parents who have almost given up their lives to make sure their children are no longer a danger to themselves or society.

If the tales are true that there is a paper trail that Loughner had delusions of assassinating Giffords, why the heck did his mother not know about it?  After all, he lived with she and his father.

Where is their responsibility?

Sorry, but it is time people within society began taking responsibility for their own.   One thing you are not hearing from the media is the fact that this 22 year old child has a family.  You are not hearing the serious questions being asked about their lack of parental responsibility.

“...The young man, who lived with his parents, was recently suspended from his community college for disruptive behavior and told he could not return until a mental health professional determined he was not a danger to himself or others….”

His parents knew he was disturbed.

The other day, The Pink Flamingo is not quite sure when, Michael Medved was discussing political assassins.  They are always nuts, crazy, insane, delusional, needing help.  He brought up the list of infamous assassins, everyone of them being society’s losers.

Why did Loughner’s family not attempt to get help for this person?

I dislike placing blame, but here goes.  As far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned, Loughner’s family,  are as much to blame for the actions of Saturday morning as their child.

Society needs to begin pointing fingers at family members who do not seek to help those who are a danger to themselves and others.  We cast them out, saying there is nothing that can be done.  If you know someone is a danger, make a fool of yourself alerting the authorities.

Why did Loughner’s family not alert Giffords to the problem with their mentally ill child who needed help?

Why did they not attempt to get help?

Where is the condemnation of society against them?

As far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned, until I see otherwise, Jared Loughner’s parents are just as guilty as is he, if they did not attempt to get help and warn authorities.

One of these days society is going to need to force family members to take responsibility for their own.  If families to not make an attempt to get help for their disturbed loved ones, they  should be held accountable for the actions of people they are allowing to run free like a rabid animal.

We hold people accountable for keeping a dangers animal, for owning dangerous dogs.  We should be doing the same thing for not seeking help for their dangerous loved ones.

Doug Ross has more information that is absolutely damning:

Doug Ross

“...PCC says Loughner and his parents met administrators on October 4, 2010, and Loughner indicated he would withdraw from the College….”

Legal Insurrection:

Legal Insurrection

Ed Morrissey wrote:

“…ABC also says that Loughner fits the profile of the “lone-wolf terrorist” that the federal government has feared for the last few years. We’ll know more when the court case begins, but so far this seems more like a deluded schizophrenic than a “terrorist” in the sense we’ve used since 9/11 — not that there is much functional difference between the two. But the Nidal Hasan case seems to fit that paradigm more closely than Loughner at this stage, a “terrorist” recruited and radicalized by a movement who acted alone rather than a lunatic who acted on his own insanity. A free society has a little better chance of defending itself against the former than the latter….”

This is a very disturbed man.

There is a bottom line here.  When it comes to people we know who are seriously disturbed or family who is disturbed, we’d better be our brother (or sister)’s keeper.

Is the problem the fact that there is such a stigma against mental illness, or did parents become so brainwashed into dumping their kids into day care that they figure the government will take care of their disturbed and potentially deadly offspring.

Is it cultural – just get the government to do your dirty work?  If so, the government needs to start charging the do-nothing parents of murderous off-spring with accessory to murder (at the least).  Jarred Loughner’s family knew he was seriously disturbed.  Yet, according to what we currently know, they did not do a damn thing. They are as guilty of  pulling the trigger on that gun as was their son.

Perhaps we need to start arresting the do nothing parents of people like Jarred Loughner and charging them with the same crime as their offspring, and sending them to prison while their child does time in a mental institution.  It might end up saving a few lives in the end.

The far left did not pull that trigger, neither did the far right, tea parties, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, or even Mickey Mouse. Jarred Loughner did. By allowing him to roam free and not actively seek assistance, his parents were right there, firing bullets with him.

If additional information comes out and we discover Loughner’s parents were actively seeking help for their child, good for them!  If not, charge ’em.  Start doing this with “care-giver” types who allow their charges to kill, and do nothing about it.


2 thoughts on “My Brother’s Keeper, etc, etc Ad nauseam

  1. Yes, I agree. I think your strongest point is: “Why did Loughner’s family not alert Giffords to the problem with their mentally ill child who needed help?” I would have been panic stricken, imagining what my family member might do in the future. If I couldn’t get help through normal channels, I’d go on a mission to alert everyone to his potential. That includes the Sheriff, by the way. But as this story unfolds it begins to seem like the family’s efforts were in the opposite and wrong direction — instead of alerting innocent people, they were covering things up and getting law enforcement to go easy on this dangerous person.

    Now that they’ve lawyered up, we’re hearing that the family is sequestering themselves from the FBI and other prying eyes. Why? What are they hiding? I think we can guess.

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