The Democrats Safety Net


Normal people in America are becoming more and more annoyed at the over the top rhetoric of the Democrats.  Forget the far left, The Pink Flamingo is talking rank and file Democrats in Congress. We are seeing them all over FOX, all over the news, giving interviews pontificating on the way they are going to introduce legislation preventing political hate speech.

The far right and the tea party “patriots” then get all upset.  The press keeps pumping the story.  It gets ratings.


There’s a little tidbit of information no one – no one on the right, left, or middle – is bothering to mention.  They’re not going to mention it.  It detracts from the mime of the moment.

It doesn’t matter.

They can make all the noise they want.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s rather like the old, “I’m falling and I can’t get up!” line.  They have already fallen and they can’t get up, ergo they can pontificate.  It’s all they have left.  They can’t do anything else.  They are toast.  They can piddle, twiddle, and resolve, and not one damn thing can they solve.


Think back to November.

They lost.

They are out of power.

They can propose all the anti-Constitutional laws they want.  They know they won’t even get out of committee!

They are the minority.

We won – they lost.

And they know it.  This is all about attention and getting some camera time before John Boehner gets down to business.  It is shameful and disgusting.  They are simply Democrats being Democrats.

Sit back and enjoy their disgusting show.  Grab some popcorn and a stiff drink.  We’re dealing with a bunch of spoiled jerks who will literally continue to exploit a horrific situation for personal gain and attention.

According to the latest polls, it ain’t working.  It’s simply another of those fine messes they’ve manage to get themselves into, and they can’t get up.  Maybe we should kick them while they are down.

Do you really think our new Speaker of the House – John Boehner – is going to let them get away with their proposals?

We’re simply watching Democrats being Democrats.  Please, keep on being Democrats.  There’s another election in about 2 years.

It’s all about politics.

It has NOTHING to do with the horrific event in Tucson.  It is all about them, those adorable little Narcissistic psychopaths.

Gotta’ love ’em.

You gotta love the way they listen to their far left handlers.  Evidently they lack the capacity to realize they are making fools of themselves.  I guess that makes them mentally incompetent to “lead”.


One thought on “The Democrats Safety Net

  1. Politicians will make the most of the situation. The left blaming the right, the right blaming the left, but in my opinion young people today are more incited to violence listening to some kinds of music rather than Republican or Democratic rhetoric.

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