“Bring Back Bush”


David Rogers of the Politico is just so upset:

“…It’s a defining fight for Obama and one in which Republicans seem intent on almost humiliating him — “the president of change” — with no change at all….”

Deal with it.  This isn’t

It is the new GOP war-cry.  Gosh durn it sure works for The Pink Flamingo, that’s for sure.

Then again The Pink Flamingo wants a return to the days of GWB when you knew exactly what the POTUS was going to do.  He may not have pronounced it the way the Ivy Leaguers who are now in power thought he should, but he delivered.

He knew  his strengths, his weaknesses, and how to work around both. With a cowboy in office, one who was a poker player, it was just plain old Red, White, and Blue with no shades of gray and pink.

Like many other Republicans, The Pink Flamingo has wondered why we just (can’t all get along)?  Seriously I have wondered why we can’t roll back to the 2008 budget.  It was large enough, thank you very much.

The Politico is complaining that Obama’s departments would be hurt, but gosh darn it, don’t these people get it?  Our credit rating is going to be examined because of all the debt.  If people are forced to cut back, families, suffer, and NASA being almost destroyed then everyone else needs to suffer.

The Politico

“…Within these limits, adjustments could be made. But for many departments and agencies, including the State Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Small Business Administration and Indian Health Service, the Bush 2008 spending levels mean reductions of far larger than 18 percent. The maximum Pell Grant for low-income college students, an Obama priority, could drop 24 percent below what it is today. Federal support for training new nurses — a source of jobs and a prerequisite for expanded health care — would be 36 percent less than current spending and half of what Obama asked for in his 2011 budget.

It’s a defining fight for Obama and one in which Republicans seem intent on almost humiliating him — “the president of change” — with no change at all.

Obama’s health and financial agencies would also be denied funds to implement new reforms: The Securities and Exchange Commission could end up with almost $400 million — 30 percent less than Senate Democrats proposed last month, for example. And each domestic cut makes it harder for Obama, the onetime anti-war candidate, to hold onto his liberal base when he will still be spending $120 billion a year on military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq….”

Barack Obama and his little Democratic friends have endangered our nation via debt.  What is wrong with cutting a heck of a lot of stuff.  The world did quite well on the 2008 budget.  Why not go back to it?

Is it ….. inflation?

Well, guess who is causing that!  Try blaming George W. Bush for the Obama Administration’s stupidity in handling the economy. President Windsoc, blows one way then the other, never really taking a stand for anything.

Why must we go back to 2008?

Try this little ditty:

South Capitol Street

“...WASHINGTON – By selling a block of its shares in General Motors Co. for $33 each — a price far below the “break-even” point — the government sharply reduced the chances of taxpayers fully recovering their $50 billion investment in the auto giant, a new report from a congressional watchdog says.

The Treasury Department did gain a “major recovery” of taxpayer aid, $13.5 billion, by selling a chunk of its GM stock in November, the Congressional Oversight Panel said in a report issued Thursday. And the $85 billion bailout of GM, Chrysler and auto lender GMAC — now known as Ally Financial — seems to have put them “on the path to financial stability,” the report said.

But the companies still face uncertain futures, taxpayers remain at risk and there are concerns about the government’s openness in the unprecedented rescue program, the report said.

Without the rescue from the Bush and Obama administrations starting in December 2008, GM, Chrysler and GMAC would have faced the financial abyss, the report said. Their failure would have been crushing blow on the economy.

The Obama administration has said the rescue was needed to prevent the loss of at least a million jobs and economic devastation in the industrial Midwest. Administration officials have said they never expected to recoup the full investment….”