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It would be incredibly stupid over the long haul to ignore the burgeoning Hispanic vote.”  Jeb Bush

Once again The Pink Flamingo sees Jeb Bush as the best hope for the GOP.  He understands the value of Hispanics within this nation and the country.  He also understands the GOP can only grow in the future by treating Hispanics like decent people and stop sounding like a bunch of racist bigots, the way the far right does most of the time.

“…”Let me be clear: I don’t think officialdom, in the Republican Party, has a tone problem. It’s voices, not many of them, but loud voices that are picked up – and magnified by our friends in the media – that send that signal,” Bush said.

“The more controversial you are in America – the greater likelihood your voice will be heard.”

Bush later added: “After the incredible tragedy in Tucson, immediately – within 24 hours – there were people on the left and right back to the same fight. Kind of trying to assess blame rather than to mourn for the loss of people.”

“You don’t have to personalize your disagreements with people. You don’t have to tear down the other person. Your ideas should have enough merit to be able to win the day. So I hope that the Tucson experience – the reaction to the reaction – helps us get to a better place politically,” Bush added.

Bush was clear to say that the Tucson shootings were an unfortunate tragedy and no political voices can be blamed for it. This comes as Sarah Palin has been criticized for her political rhetoric and map that used crosshairs to zero-in on political opponents in the recent midterm election which included Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Arizona. Bush told reporters that Palin bears no responsibility for the tragic events in Tucson.

But, while addressing the group attending the Hispanic Leadership Network conference, Bush talked about the responsibility of political figures – and those on TV – who have large followings.

“I have watched television…And sometimes I’m turned off by the tone, even though I agree with the particular view. Leaders have to lead. And that means they have a responsibility of civility, in my opinion, as well as having a tone that draws people towards our cause,” Bush said….”

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“…”If you believe in the conservative philosophy as I do, it would be incredibly stupid over the long haul to ignore the burgeoning Hispanic vote,” he told the crowd of about 300 people. “They will be the swing voters as they are today in the swing states. If you want to elect a center-right president of the United States, it seems to me you should be concerned about places like New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Texas, places where but for the Hispanic vote, elections are won and lost.”

Bush, a popular two-term governor, son and brother of presidents, and oft-mentioned future candidate, has emerged as one of the leading bridges between the Hispanic community and the GOP establishment. He speaks fluent Spanish, has spent substantial time in Latin America, and is married to a Mexican-American.

Amid a national conversation about increasing civility in political discourse in the wake of the Arizona shootings, Bush also urged the audience to adopt a softer tone when talking about immigration.

“If you send the signals of ‘them v. us’ you’re not going to be able to get the desired result,” he said. “Leaders have to lead and that means they have the responsibility of civility as well as having a tone that draws people toward our cause and not against it.”…”

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Suppose they gave a Hispanic Forum and no Republicans bothered to attend. The excuse is that it conflicts with the RNC Winter meeting.

Tim Pawlenty
Jeb Bush
Norm Coleman
John Cornyn
Rich Scott
Dana Perino

Declining to attend:
Mitt Romney
John Thune
Mitch Daniels
Rick Perty

Fence Sitting:
Newt Gingrich

Not Responding to Questions:
Sarah Palin
Mike Huckabee
Haley Barboour

The Politico

Naturally Mark Levin thinks Jeb is all wrong.  THAT is how we destroy the GOP.

“…”Republicans made a huge mistake in 2006 and 2008 and that is that they not only sounded anti-immigration they sounded anti-Hispanic,” said Dr. Dario Romero, a Florida International University politics professor. ” I think that Republicans have now learned their lesson, and I think Democrats are making a huge mistake if they are relying only on immigration to carry them through.”…”

Evidently tea party people like Levin, just don’t understand that their love affair with the people who are promoting immigration reform have alienated the fastest growing block of voters in this nation.  Heck, they’ve alienated The Pink Flamingo!  I guess people like Levin don’t like the fact that Jeb is fluent in Spanish, either.

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Is he running now or in 2016?

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  1. Sigh. I was told by a colleague (NOT the Tory) that Jeb has two things going against him:

    1-He’s a Bush
    2-He’s married to a Hispanic

    BUT there is hope. The GOP, after losing two major elections over the illegal immigration issue, KNOWS that they cannot win without Hispanics and that GWB is looking down right great next to incompetent Obama.

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