PART XII: The Liberal Libertarian


The terms “conservative” and “libertarian” are something of a contradiction in terms.  The Pink Flamingo has been telling you this for ages.

Ralph Nader thinks we are going to see an alliance between Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul (God Help Us All)

“…So how will this left-right alliance begin?

Nader suggested that it already has, thanks to the unity of Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the most conservative and most liberal members of their respective chambers. They’ve teamed up to propose cuts to the US defense budget, which has long been by far the largest sector of America’s annual budget, and to push a more thorough audit of the Federal Reserve, the private central bank which controls America’s currency….”

Nader says that Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders are honorable men who act on principle.  What planet does he live on right now?

From The Daily Paul:

The Daily Paul

“...”The authentic tea partiers hail from the conservative libertarian wing of the Republican party that has been so disrespected and corporatized by the likes of Bush and Cheney,” Nader said. “So here they come into town and they’re going to go after a lot of things the Republican establishment is opposed to.”

He added that a coming “liberal-conservative connection” will ultimately “draw that distinction between the corporatist and the genuine libertarian conservatives.”

Even Napolitano agreed that there’s a “certain philosophical agreement” underlying “the role of government in our lives” that’s become shared by libertarians and progressives.

“The key thing is when they go after all the bloated corporate welfare subsidies, handouts, give-aways, bailouts — they’re going to alienate all these corporate Republicans, but they don’t care,” he said. “The one’s I’m talking about, in the House and Senate, they operate on principle. They don’t care if they’re overruled, if they don’t get the monuments or the freebies. They operate on principle and they’re going to make an alliance with the liberal progressives.”

Speaking to Russia Today earlier this week, trends analyst Gerald Celente explained that “progressive libertarians” would be “libertarian in the sense of government staying out of people’s lives,” and progressive “with the government having control of issues where they can make a difference.”…”