A Leg to Stand On – January DeMinted Edition – Part 1



Really Good For What It’s Worth:


What is Mike Pence up to and if he is up to what some people think he is up to, he’s thinking about making a decision by the end of the month?  If he is thinking what a Pink Flamingo source says he is thinking, as a “True Conservative” he may make Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee re-think their POTUS plans.  Pence likes to say, “I’m a Christian, I’m a Conservative, and I’m a Republican, in that order.”

Is it possible that the only way Jeb Bush is going to get into “it” is if it looked like Palin were going to win? The Pink Flamingo hears he has joined forces with Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, and other NORMAL Republicans who are trying to save the GOP from the machinations of the far right.

How did the libertarians manage to screw Bob Bennett in Utah and manage to put in Mike Lee who is a known Libertarian in as a Republican nominee for Senate?  The Pink Flamingo has learned that up until the last minute for party switches, Libertarians switched to Republican.  They joined Libertarian-Republicans who then rammed the Lee nomination through convention.  In other words, the Libertarians cheated to get Lee nominated.

Did Jim DeMint and Erick Erickson have a falling out over Marco Rubio?  Has Erickson also dropped Sarah Palin?  Is he now supporting Pence?  Are some of the far right bloggers starting to pull away from Palin and DeMint?  Have they noticed that the people who comment all the time at various sites  are the same people using different names, same faces, etc.?

P. S.  Could they also be Ron Paul Bots?

A little bird has told The Pink Flamingo that  Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee would declare they were Libertarians but Mitch McConnell would strip them of Committee assignments.

More to come…..

Why should Jim DeMint be afraid of the FEC? (It’s rather like who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf…)

Why is DeMint against anyone who is a part of the Depot Caucus?

What is the Depot Caucus?

More…. is coming!

P. S.  Why does Saxby Chambliss have a “thing” against DeMint?

The Pink Flamingo knows, do you?


2 thoughts on “A Leg to Stand On – January DeMinted Edition – Part 1

  1. Ooooh, DeMint-Paul-Lee… axis of frustrated Liber’tards. I’m sure McConnell was right to lean on them, yet part of me would like to see this trio of ‘tards declare their true beliefs and aims.

    I am speculating from your intel that DeMint is in some trouble — maybe more than a little — and for sure his little Senate powerbrokering plot has failed. I suspect if some of his money “disappeared” it might be found in a “Jim DeMint for Prez” account in Haiti or somewhere…

    It is very good news to me if Jeb Bush, Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie have formed an adult supervision team. God bless them. Unless we run Jeb Bush or Chris Christie in 2012, Obama rules until 2016.

  2. Jim Demint a Libertarian? He’s very firmly a member of the Christian right. Libertarians aren’t religious right.

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