Lindsey Verses the Taliban, Chinese, Losertarians & Liberals


Lindsey just keeps on keeping on making enemies.  The Taliban is now ticked with him.

“…But Sen. Graham, who has first-hand insight on America’s protracted mission in Afghanistan from his frequent trips there as a lawmaker and an Air Force Reserve colonel/military lawyer, made a strong case for those permanent air bases. He stressed that they would enhance both U.S. and Afghan national security by making sure “that country never goes back in the hands of terrorists.”

As for incurring the Taliban’s wrath, Sen. Graham told McClatchy Newspapers last week: “I would never let a bunch of thugs intimidate me. If my idea threatens them — that’s good. It struck a nerve. I think they understand that this would be a very decisive change in the future of Afghanistan. The last thing they want is for the Afghan people to have the capacity to resist them.”…”

I guess that’s why the Ron Paul Bots, John Birchers, Glenn Beck worshipers, and the like hate him the way the Taliban does.  They can’t intimidate him!

He’s trying to deal with the Chinese on currency manipulation.

“…In addition to the legislation by the three Democratic senators, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said he planned to reintroduce a bill early this year to give the Treasury more tools to act against China’s currency “manipulation.” Graham, who has for years joined forces on the issue with Schumer, acknowledged “fault lines” in his own party on whether to push currency legislation.

“Working men and women are losing jobs because of unfair trade manipulation, and it’s a politically tenuous place for the Republican Party to be to be seen as defending that,” he said….”

Last year Lindsey worked on an energy bill that would have truly helped us end the tyranny of the EPA.  The libertarian puppet-master multi-billionaires who control idiots who prostitute themselves for the Cato Institute decided to destroy him.  Durn, but Lindsey was right.

Fortunately he continues the fight.

“…”Surely, we can be as bold as the French.” That plea by Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, was delivered to a federal panel on nuclear waste disposal. The punch line is a reminder that the Obama administration’s nuclear energy policy is a bad joke….Without a disposal solution, the White House’s show of support for nuclear power is a pretense. Add its efforts to cripple coal-generated energy through new emissions regulations and mounting obstacles to on- and offshore oil drilling, and Americans are facing a future of energy shortages that could undermine our industrial might. Believing themselves to be the vanguard for a new renewable-energy utopia, those on the left are mired in ideological quicksand that will result in America being – appropriately – left behind….”

From Palmetto Morning:

Palmetto Morning

The far right is not going to like his views on the debt ceiling, either:

“…“Let me tell you what’s involved if we don’t lift the debt ceiling: financial collapse and calamity throughout the world. That’s not lost upon me,” Graham said on CNN…He did, however, go on to argue on CNN that the debt needs to be brought under control to limit the need for similar actions in the future, since “we’ve done this 93 times, and if we keep doing the same old thing, then that is insanity to the nth degree.”

Graham expressed strong support for a GOP initiative to slash spending, a plan that has been criticized by some Tea Partyers as not ambitious enough.

“We’re going to have calamity of a different fashion if we don’t get our spending under control,” he said. “So what I said is the House is going to go back to 2008 spending levels. I would like to see the Senate mirror what the House does. Now that means tightening our belt, but name somebody in America who hasn’t had to tighten their belt.”…”

The top conservative pundits agree with him.   Losertarians consider the GOP “sell-outs” already yet.

“...Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News this week, “The Republicans have to be careful here. In the end the debt limit will be raised. You can’t not pass it. It is catastrophic. It means American debt is in question. It can’t happen.”

Dana Perino told Sean Hannity a day later, “If [Sen. Jim DeMint] is serious and his policy is, do not raise the debt ceiling, default on your debt, I think he’s wrong. He’s asking for political and economic disaster.”

George Will also said this week, “I know of no other developed nation that has a debt ceiling. This is a purely recurring symbolic vote to make people feel good by voting against it. The trouble is it’s suicidal if you should happen to miscalculate and have all kinds of people voting against it as a symbolic vote and turn out to be a majority.”..”

On 2012:

“...Finally, there’s the question of the President’s own political future.

When it comes to the 2012 presidential race Graham says, “President Obama has created a scenario where he could lose. We have a lot of good candidates. Mike Huckabee, Romney. That’s just two. Sara Palen’s a force within the republican party. But don’t underestimate how hard it will be to beat President Obama.”

As for seeing Lindsey Graham’s name on any Presidential ballot, don’t count on it. The Senator says he’s happy right where he is. He’s convinced fellow Senator Jim DeMint is content to stay in the U-S Senate as well….”

This is how Lindsey landed himself in deep do with the Taliban.


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  1. An excellent post on Senator Lindsey Graham. It’s true he seems to be in trouble with everybody these days even the Taliban. I don’t expect to see Lindsey attending the black tie dinner for Hu Jintao tomorrow night. (Some people feel this is in bad taste in view of their manipulation of the currency and the incarceration of Liu Xiaobo)

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