BUMPED: Tea for Three or How to Kill the GOP?


This post is dedicated to all the lovely little Tea Party Patriots out there in la la land.

“…It remains unclear whether newly-elected Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) or Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), whose campaigns garnered support from the Tea Party movement, plan to join. During the election season, Johnson was noncommittal when asked whether he would help start the caucus, while Rubio gave a hesitant response when asked about the matter….”

Tony Bennett’s lyrics for Tea for Two:

I’m discontented with homes that are rented so I have invented my own.
Darling this place is a lover’s oasis where life’s weary chase is unknown.
Far from the cry of the city, where flowers pretty caress the streams,
Cozy to hide in, to love side-by-side in. Don’t let it abide in my dreams.
Picture you upon my knee, just tea for two and two for tea,
Just me for you and you for me, alone!
Nobody near us, to see us or hear us,
No friends or relations on weekend vacations,
We won’t have it known, dear, that we have a telephone, dear.
Day will break and you’ll awake and start to bake
A sugar cake for me to take for all the boys to see.
We will raise a family, a boy for you, a girl for me,
Oh, can’t you see how happy life would be?

Orlando Politico Press

You are revealing a plan so appealing I can’t help but falling for you,
Darling, I planned it; can’t you understand it is yours to command it, so do.
All of your schemes I’m admiring, they’re worth desiring but can’t you see,
I’d like to wait there for some future date dear;
it won’t be too late, dear, for me.


Picture you upon my knee, just tea for two and two for tea,
Just me for you and you for me, alone!
Nobody near us, to see us or hear us,
No friends or relations on weekend vacations,
We won’t have it known, dear, that we have a telephone, dear.
Day will break and you’ll awake and start to bake
A sugar cake for me to take for all the boys to see.
We will raise a family, a boy for you, a girl for me,
Oh, can’t you see how happy life would be?

CBS Miami

Do you remember the song sung by Doris Day in the classic Tea for Two?

I wonder if there is a song for Tea for Three?

The Pink Flamingo found this lively little quote from a liberal.  It is adorable and right to the point.

“…What is fascinating though is that the other 44 GOP senators are NOT scheduled to be involved in this meeting, and realize that 13 new Republican Senators were elected to the 112th Congress, but only two of them, Paul and Lee, are willing to associate directly with Jim DeMint, who has become the worst of the worst in the party, so this move will label them as extremists who cannot be taken as rational and reasonable in their views!…”

The man who cost the GOP the Senate, is going to be at it again.  He’s decided to step in and have his say in Texas, even though Jim DeMint lives in South Carolina.  He’s making trouble in Virginia.  Why is he messing with Texas?

“…NRSC Chair John Cornyn (R-Texas) jokingly dismissed Sen. Jim DeMint’s influence in his home-state Friday, after the South Carolina conservative weighed in on potential successors to retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.)

“Is that guy from Texas?” Cornyn said, after asked about DeMint’s involvement.

“I’m certainly not going to weigh in or try to steer anybody in any particular direction. That’s what the primary campaign is for,” Cornyn added. “I just don’t think these kinds of endorsements have that big of an impact. People want to jealously guard their prerogative to cast their vote, especially people who are living in that state. They don’t want to delegate that authority or responsibility to someone else.”…”

DeMint’s little Tea Party Caucus is going to be meeting.  Please, explain to The Pink Flamingo how three people can do what these three wish to do?

“…“The folks who made the Tea Party such a force to be reckoned with in the last election can have an enduring impact by holding elected officials accountable to the people. They will be watching to see if those they helped elect make good on their limited government promises, and I intend to help them stay informed and engaged,” DeMint said in the statement….”

DeMint sent out an email on Friday:

The Hill

Richard Lugar expects DeMint to go after him.

The Hill

Please, explain where alleged tea party Senator Marco Rubio is, and where is Ron Johnson, wehre is Pat Toomey?  Guess they’re not going to party with the idiots. Instead, they were with, oh dear God Help Us All…. Lindsey Graham, getting a primer on Afghanistan.  Damn that Lindsey, usurping the Tea Party Caucus and doing something worthwhile.

“…The site says the senators “took the opportunity to interact with the ANA soldiers that had staged the proficiency demonstration. The attendees included Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Lindsey Graham  of South Carolina, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire….”

The Hill

I guess General Petraeus is more important than Rand Paul.  Who coulda’ guessed such a horrible thing would happen?

Pardon a Pink Flamingo snark:

“...The list of invitees immediately raised eyebrows because Rubio, Toomey, Johnson and Ayotte are seen as occupying the middle ground between the leadership and the Tea Party caucus, who are expected to battle over the direction of the Republican Conference in the 112th Congress.

“It’s no secret he uses these trips to co-opt new senators,” said a Senate Republican aide. “I’m sure the new senators know what he’s up to, but it’s not exactly an invitation you can turn down.”…Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Richard Burr (R-N.C.) also joined the codel, the jargon used to describe official congressional travel.

Two other conservative freshman senators with close ties to Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) — Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah — were not on the trip, some conservatives noted.

DeMint, Paul and Lee, who defeated McConnell’s close friend, former Sen. Bob Bennett, in Utah’s Republican primary last year, recently announced they would form the Senate’s Tea Party caucus.

DeMint, the conservative leader of the Senate Republican Steering Committee, has battled with McConnell over the ideological direction of the conference, most famously on earmarks. McConnell and DeMint also took different sides in several Republican primaries last year.

Some Republican aides think McConnell is trying to bring Rubio, Toomey, Johnson and Ayotte into his sphere of influence.

All four are potential recruits to the Tea Party caucus. Other freshmen, such as Sens. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio) and John Boozman (R-Ark.), are considered less likely to side with DeMint, Paul and Lee in battles with the GOP leadership over spending, earmarks and other issues….”

To make things worse, Marco Rubio is hiring staff who are directly connected with Jeb Bush.  They are also connected to, oh dear, entrenched Republicans.  Oh the tea party pain.

Suppose they gave a tea party and nobody came?

Are the tea parties going to doom other Republicans in the Senate?


Mike Lee, the tea party person from Utah who is now in the US Senate is delivering to his losertarian handlers. He wants to do away with child labor laws.

Yea, you read right – he wants to do away with child labor laws.

Think Progress

Suppose they formed a caucus and no one joined?

The usual sources have formed a Tea Party Caucus in the Senate. After all that big talk, it has three members!

“...Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul on Friday announced the formation of a new Senate Tea Party Caucus, taking a formal step toward uniting members of the movement in the 112th Congress.

Paul and Sens. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) will be the group’s inaugural members, according to a joint statement released by Paul’s office.

“Republicans in the Senate have already made a pledge to end earmarks and fight for a balanced-budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” Paul said in the statement. “By joining with my fellow Senators, Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Mike Lee of Utah, as well as grassroots groups who see the need for government reform, the caucus will work to enact real change to protect our country and its taxpayers from an ever-expanding government.”…”

Sorry, but THIS is a joke. It also says a heck of a lot when only three, count ’em T H R E E, members join it.


Then there is this oldie goldie…

The Daily Paul

5 thoughts on “BUMPED: Tea for Three or How to Kill the GOP?

  1. “Take back the Republican party”?

    Why on earth would they want to “take” a party they have zero loyalty to and a party with candidates they cannot support? A party that “forces” them to break their moral principles and hold their nose?

    What they mean is they need to STEAL the Republican Party. The only party that could relieve their irrevelancy and give them even a minuscule of power.

    The good news is that the GOP, after losing 2 major elections and Congress and the WH, has looked at the 3% the Losertarians/Tea Party can muster and the 40% the Independents can deliver–and chosen the latter.

    Hugh Hewitt had a total cow yesterday after a politician remarked that after years of catering to the “base”, he feels he needs to start listening to ALL the people–and move toward the center.

    And Medved (the only sane TSM) has come right out and told all “real” conservatives that most voters are NOT conservative or Liberal.


  2. …what if you gave a Tea and nobody showed up? What would the Queen do? What would Martha Stewart say?

    I am under water with a cold so don’t pay any attention to me. My brain is soaked. But thanks for the Doris Day treat!

  3. It’s just too funny! Headhunters Larry, Moe and Curly (Rand is definitely Curly) having a tete a tete accusing Rubio of Rinoism. They are sure to be dunking their tea bags (they are not classy enough for Earl Grey) Maybe they’ll come up with that song – Three for tea, and tea for three, a caucus for you, a carcass for me????

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