Just Another Random Act of Culture


Thanks to Sally Vee for bringing this to The Pink Flamingo’s attention!

“…On Sunday, Jan 9 performers from Miami’s Seraphic Fire surprised shoppers at Aventura Mall with a performance of “O Fortuna” from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. The performances each featured piano, cymbals, timpani, tamtam, bass drum, and 26 singers….”

Like I emailed Sally, it almost makes a person miss not having a mall around to shop in once in awhile!

“…Why Does Knight Foundation Fund Random Acts of Culture? Knight Foundation, like its founders Jack and Jim Knight, focuses on promoting informed and engaged communities. To that end, we strongly believe in the potential of the arts to engage residents, and bring a community together. Hearing Handel, or seeing the tango in an unexpected place provides a deeply felt reminder of how the classics can enrich our lives. As you’ll see in our videos, the performances make people smile, dance, grab their cameras – even cry with joy. For those brief moments, people going along in their everyday lives are part of a shared, communal experience that makes their community a more vibrant place to live. In these days of shrinking audiences, we also hope that these random acts will encourage people to attend traditional performances. We can’t promise it. But it’s hard to watch what unfolds during a Random Act of Culture, and not be inspired to see and hear more…”