Tea Party Senators – As Bad As We Thought They Would Be


The Tea Party Caucus met today.  You’re not hearing much about it on FOX.  I suspect because the were only three members.  Is that really a caucus or just a couple of sore bust-heads pandering to the people who chuck money into their PACS.

“….Paul, who is organizing the first meeting, said since the disparate tea party groups around the country often lack coordination, the new Senate caucus can help tighten communication and turn that into positive change in Washington. And he hopes the caucus will organize a summertime rally in Washington with tea party activists to call for a conservative agenda on Capitol Hill….”

It is all about the ego.

“...Some Senate Republicans aren’t sure that it’s a good idea to form such a group, since DeMint already heads up something called the Steering Committee. Tea Party favorite Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., told USA TODAY’s Alan Gomez that he wants a “unified” Republican conference.

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., shared his concerns with Politico, telling the news outlet that he hopes that his colleagues remember “they are brand-new to the Senate.” He says: “They need to see how the (GOP) conference works before you jump out and start saying, ‘Well, the Tea Party position says this.’ “…”

It is also about the blatant dishonesty that is rank within the tea party.  It is an intellectual dishonesty and an outright libertarian dishonesty.  They lie to get their way.


Take Rand Paul…. He said he was a “friend of Israel”.  I guess he lied.

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The Pauls have introduce legislation to audit the fed.

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His racism is showing.  He does a big deal talking about saving money.  If there were fewer deportations we would save billions. Guess he’s lying about saving money, too.

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“…Department of Homeland Security estimates that there are roughly 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. If you do the math, that would mean it would cost $137 billion to deport all illegal immigrants. That’s pretty close to the estimate we reported last month….”

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Evidently Rand Paul, bigoted anti-immigration racist, doesn’t really care about saving money.  According to a recent study, laws like the ones he wants, cost community millions.

“…They may want to think twice. The towns that passed nativist laws in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas and Nebraska, along with the state of Arizona, have spent millions of dollars to defend them in court, and almost every judicial decision so far has gone against them. One community, faced with skyrocketing legal costs, had to raise property taxes, and another was forced to cut personnel and special events and even outsource its library.

That was just the beginning. The four towns and one state examined in this report all saw a crisis in race relations as conflicts between Latino immigrants and mostly white natives escalated. Latinos reported being threatened, shot at, subjected to racial taunts and more. Police are having trouble getting cooperation from any in their Latino communities. Pro-immigrant activists have been threatened with notes that promise to “shed blood” to “take back” communities. The mayor of one town had his house vandalized after opposing a proposed law and was warned by federal agents to be careful; he ended up retiring after four terms in office. Angry protests and counter-protests, along with dangerously rising tensions, have rocked one town after another. In some communities, business districts have largely collapsed….”

Jim DeMint – the man who cost the GOP the Senate said he was  not going to run for POTUS.  Guess he lied  – or are his supporters lying.  He told Blitzer no.

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So what’s going on here?

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If DeMint says no, why is he lying and going to Iowa, anyway?

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  1. What is nauseating is how the Talk Show Mafia, yes even Mr. Logic himself Medved, gives the Tea Party legitimacy. The Left does it to show how lame and crazy the Right is…what in God’s name is the TSM’s excuse?

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