Another Tea Party Eye Candy Disaster in the Making


The Republicans in the House appear to be a bunch of sniveling cowards when it comes to the tea party.  Perhaps they should spend less time listening to FOX and more time reading the internals of the opinion polls about the tea parties.

How many actual tea party members do you really know?

I do not know any.

I keep hearing about them, but aside from a few crazies I saw in Alamogordo a year or so ago, I’ve not seen any around here.

The Politico

Is Michele Bachmann the GOP version of She Who Must Be Obeyed, or is MSNBC creating problems for her?

As a woman, The Pink Flamingo is disgusted by this “new” group of Republican women.  They make us look bad.  Then again it could be the fawning idiotic men who are pandering to them.  They could be the problem.

As a Republican woman, I am disgusted by the slobbering devotion certain conservative men pay toward these women.  They are “attractive” and “glam”.  That’s enough.  Vetting isn’t required.  Neither is an IQ in triple digits above 120. (Then again, neither does Rand Paul).

Their knowledge of history is embarrassing.

They don’t know the law or the Constitution, but yet several of them have the ego to think they have the capacity to run for President.

They use their gender to promote themselves and their agenda. They have allowed themselves to become tokens.  They are literally “sex” objects for tea party geeks.

When it is all “over” I fear they are going to set the role of women in the GOP back several decades.  Those of us who are serious about politics but not beautiful and glamorous enough to qualify as tea party eye candy are the ones who will end up picking up the pieces.

Too bad our glam girls of the GOP can’t play with the big boys. I don’t think they are capable of it.  No man would be allowed to get away with what Michele Bachmann is doing.   Jim DeMint is trying, but from what I hear, he is one of the least liked and respected people in the Senate.  I suspect that is also true of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

And that is the real tragedy.

There is nothing wrong with a woman being attractive, glamorous, and political.  The problem is allowing your appearance to be used to further your agenda.   Can you imagine what these idiotic men would do if someone like Bo Derek decided to run for office?  They would lose their minds.  Then again Bo Derek is a highly intelligent women with a triple digit IQ who is extremely well read and can put the tea party bimbos to shame.

Sorry but the tea party eye candy women are no better than their corrupt male counter parts.

Twin Cities

Now She Who Must Be Obeyed wants to put a freeze on VA benefits.  Who died and made her God?

According to The Pink Flamingo’s father, those benefits, as far as he (a conservative Republican) is concerned, are a sacred trust.  Then again, unlike Beckmann or her other little tea party follies, my father did his service in the South Pacific.

There are some things you do to save money and some things you do not do.  With the war we are fighting against terror, HOW DARE SHE?

Air Force Times

“…The two veterans’ program cuts now advocated by Bachman were included in an Oct. 28 report from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, about ways to cut $343 billion in federal spending. The think tank’s report projects that a freeze in VA health care costs would save $2.5 billion….”

Raw Story

Evidently the GOP leadership in the House is afraid to comment on her plans.  According to Eric Kleenfeld at TPMDC:

“…I have e-mailed the GOP leadership for comment. Let’s see if they even want to touch this one.

Late Update: The offices of both Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) have declined to comment….”

The Pink Flamingo keeps telling you that the GOP is so afraid of the tea party leaders that they are becoming disgusting dictators like Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, and Ron Paul.  It needs to stop.

“...SHAKING IN THEIR SHOES — When Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was named to the House Intelligence Committee earlier this year, one of her Republican colleagues responded this way: “Is that a punchline?” Another simply said, “Jumbo shrimp. Oxymoron.” Neither dared to attach his name to his comment. Bachmann’s Republican critics may be sick of her grandstanding, but they’re more terrified of her tea party following….”

Frum Forum:

“...Not everyone in the GOP is jittery about crossing the line into criticism when it comes to Bachmann or Palin.

Freshman Rep. Joe Walsh, a tea party favorite in Illinois, isn’t backing down from his judgment that Bachmann miscalculated, even though he’s gotten some angry calls from her backers.

“She was out of line. She had no business stepping on the official Republican response to the State of the Union,” Walsh said in an interview with POLITICO. “I can say that to you saying I’m a fan of Michele Bachmann’s. She and I think the same on virtually probably every darn issue.”

But he said he understands why some other lawmakers may be less willing to go on the record with their gripes.

“She’s got a huge movement. She’s got a huge following,” he said. “I am sure that many politicians and elected officials do not what to upset that huge movement and that huge following….”

Fortunately our Vets are not like the pathetic cowards of the GOP.


The fascinating thing is no one on the right is even mentioning this.  Friday evening Memorandum:


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  1. you wrote: “As a Republican woman, I am disgusted by the slobbering devotion certain conservative men pay toward these women. They are “attractive” and “glam”. That’s enough. Vetting isn’t required. Neither is an IQ in triple digits above 120.”. Now you know why Senators Snow and Collins get no nods from the RNC during the Presidential election seasons. While very powerful in their own right, the don’t have the “glam”. Men, men, men; you expect something different from them?

    PS: You blog is amazing for any weary Recovering Rational Republican, like myself, who is hoping daily that Tea Party will implode and give back the Party we want.

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