The Great Man on C-Span


“I think it’s bad for the country, frankly, to have a former president criticize his successor.  It’s tough enough to be president as it is without a former president undermining the current president.”

The Great Man will be on C-Span on Sunday.  Evidently he’s about ready to do a Garbo.   He also takes a huge pot-shot at Bill Clinton.

“…Bush also declared that he is through with politics, saying, “I like the idea of trying to regain anonymity to a certain extent. And being out of the press, at least in this stage of the post presidency is something that makes me very comfortable and its somewhat liberating, frankly.”

Lastly, he looks back at the use of Executive Orders versus making new laws. “It some cases it might be too hard politically for a president to put out an Executive Order that, for example, enhanced certain interrogation techniques, but if that were the law of the land passed by the legislative body it would be easier to use that technique.”…”

From National Review:

“…Oh, yes. The final chapter is far from written. But the Middle East is writing some important words today. In the summer of 2009, the democratic protesters in the streets of Tehran chanted, “Obama, Obama, either you’re with them [meaning the mullahs’ regime] or you’re with us.” The U.S. president was basically silent.

There is no question about where George W. Bush stands. That American woman — the type of American I know all too well — might have said, repeatedly, “Democracy is overrated.” But I don’t think so. Bush doesn’t think so. And the people in the streets of Cairo and other Egyptian cities don’t think so….”


One thought on “The Great Man on C-Span

  1. I know you wanted me to write a review about GWB’s book, but I have not been able to get over my anger–and heartbreak.

    If you loved the man before…if you’ve been furious about those who bashed him…if you’ve found yourself unforgiving of the Losertarians for pretending to be the base of his party, only to join his enemies…you’ll find yourself truly unable to let go of your anger after reading Decision Points.

    You also will find writing posts like this heartbreaking–and maybe impossible without breaking your Lent promises.

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