The Dems Are Attacking an American Hero


Jack Schmitt is being set up to be an example of what happens when a scientist dares speak out against climate change and global warming.  He is to be ruined, destroyed, and ridiculed (rather like anyone who dares cross the tea parties). The climate change thugs will do anything to hold on to their position.  There’s too much money in it.

The new governor of New Mexico is going after the environmental idiots in such a way that warms The Pink Flamingo’s little cold-blooded heart.  Not only is she driving the left crazy, but she’s taking on the Feds in court.

“...The New Mexico Supreme Court handed environmental groups a victory today in their unanimous ruling that Governor Susana Martinez violated the state Constitution when she prevented a rule establishing a statewide cap on greenhouse gas emissions from being published as codified state law.
The environmental group New Energy Economy sued Martinez, claiming the newly elected governor improperly requested the state’s records administrator to delay publishing the rule.

Chief Justice Charles Daniels said state law is clear – once regulations are filed, the records administrator “does not second guess” their intent.

The ruling orders the state records administrator to post the regulations in the next issue of rules publications. The court’s ruling also applies to a separate but similar lawsuit on dairy regulations passed by the Water Quality Control Commission in December 2010.

“This is a tremendous and deserved victory for the administration of justice in New Mexico,” said Bruce Frederick, staff attorney of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, the nonprofit law firm that brought the two lawsuits against the governor for its clients, New Energy Economy and Amigos Bravos. “The ruling ensures that our regulations will continue to be developed in a public and open process, and be protected from revision through secret, backroom deals.”…”

I suspect this is going to be a battle ground here in NM, and to prove that she is determined to dismantle the liberal mess Big Bill made she has further angered the left by nominating  Jack Schmitt to be a part of her cabinet.  Unfortunately he has sinned and the far left is out to destroy him.

His crime is simple.  He does not believe in Climate Change.  He also sorta’ said that he thought a whole bunch of climate change scientists are communists.


I agree with him.

Unfortunately they are now out to destroy him, to prevent him from being part of the new governor’s cabinet as the Secretary of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources.  Let’s look at it this way.  What a novel idea, to nominate someone who is actually a geologist to hold that position.

These people are so predictable. If you disagree with them, they set out to destroy.  They are now out to destroy a very real American Hero.  They are out to make him into a kook, never mind he is far from alone in his views.  They flash that phrase “Climate Denier” and think they can destroy.

Climate Progress

Never mind this:

Climate Depot

They just can’t stand the rational.

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