Consensus, Patriots, Founders, and Reality


The Pink Flamingo was rather relieved when Drae, who blogs at Of Buckley and Beatles, forwarded her most recent post.  It is excellent.  So good, in fact, instead of a regular Pink Flamingo post today, I am asking you to read Drae’s piece.

Her email was a just a good thing for me.  On Saturday night, the  idiots who spend two weeks a year in their condo did it to me – again.  Six years ago they went off and left a bath-tub running.  Can anyone be so stupid?  I am downhill from their unit.  When I went downstairs that Saturday night, I discovered the water level was at my bottom step.  It was so deep the litter box was floating!

Low and behold they did it to me again.  This time they did not winterize their unit.  Saturday evening about 8:30 I discovered a small leak.  I quickly called the super, who turned their water off.  He told me it would pour into my unit for at least an hour as the pipes drained.

At 11:30 the crew who came to work on the leak were able to leave.  They had removed (at the source where it was coming in) about 120 gallons of water!

The carpet on the stairs must be removed.
My new laminate floor is ruined. It must be removed in the next day or two.
So far the clean-up cost has been close to $500.
Blankets, throws, pillows etc. are loaded to go to the cleaner.
My entire closet has been emptied. My wardrobe is now in the living room!
I need to order new laminate.
I need to order new carpet.
And so on….

I am contacting my attorney and having him deal with these people.  I’m not quite sure how else to do it!

It could have been a heck of a lot worse!

Rums is having a blast barking at the cats.  He was so horrid Saturday night during the clean-up that he had a time out!

Drae wrote:

Of Buckley and Beatles

The remainder of the post is excellent, a history of consensus and our Founders.  It is one of the best pieces I’ve read in ages!


2 thoughts on “Consensus, Patriots, Founders, and Reality

  1. I hope, truly, that Hugh Hewitt’s pals in Congress, finally tell Hewitt to go stuff it!

    Honestly, he spent his entire show telling his minions how the GOP has failed because the rumor is that the budget being proposed is about 32 billion instead of 300 billion. He’s had the tea party speakers threatening the GOP for not doing a Newt (which cost the GOP Congress) shut down. I KNOW that drama is great for ratings but geez, they claim to love this nation…and when caller after caller starts talking about a 3rd party, he tries to back track!

    He tried this when the GOP compromised on the tax cuts…what about the fact that we don’t have the Senate and the WH… weren’t they watching what happened to Obamacare despite EVERY single Republican in the House voting to repeal it?

    I mean where do these people live? In fantasy land?

    I love the Congressman who was on his show who kept saying “Hugh, you KNOW how this process works…”

    Now they did it to Hugh about the tax cuts; telling him that he was way off in his wanting to ram down HIS version, that the GOP holds only the House, NOT the Senate or the WH and we HAVE to work with them. If I was a politican, I’d totally cut him off.

    But I never had much patience with stupidity.

  2. I guess you could tell how upset I am…ok, I meant the budget CUTS from 30 billion, instead of the 300 billion the Tea Party people are demanding.

    I see these people doing the same thing they did with the Immigration issue, in fact Hewitt mentioned that and when they terrorized the GOP with their speed dialing…this is more important he said, as he encouraged the listeners to call the GOP in Congress.

    You need to read GWB’s book…you could “hear” the confusion and the hurt about these people that are supposed to be the base of his party. As long as there are idiots and selfish, self righteous people like Hewitt and Ingraham who care more for their power and their ratings, America will never have a Jeb Bush as their president or any other decent leader.

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