The Far Right Bigots Go After Lindsey – Once Again!


According to a comment on the PPP site, someone said that the Ron Paul Bots are planning to support libertarian Jack Hunter run against Lindsey in 2014.  If Hunter runs libertarian, he’s not going to make it.  If he runs GOP he is nothing but a Ron Paul Bot liar who proves everything I’ve ever said about these people. There is no end to their duplicity and their arrogance.

The other day Lindsey made the comment:

“…”Conservatism sells, it’s a center right nation but the nominee for the party is going to have to win the independent voter at the end of the day,” Graham said Monday in an interview set to air at 7 p.m. ET on CNN’s “John King, USA.”…”

Lindsey Graham is the man the far right tea party “patriots” who are NOT Republicans, but are Glenn Beck Loving, Ron Paul Bot John Birchers love to hate.  They also can’t tell the truth about him if their lives depended upon it.  You see, if Lindsey is right, and he is, then they are wrong, and they are.  So, they  lie.

Take “Cubachi” who is another of those haters who just can’t wait to lie about him.

“…Graham seems to not get that the American people do not have an appetite for another amnesty bill. How about fixing the economy and securing our borders? Public Policy Polling released numbers today on Lindsey Graham’s approval ratings which are less than stellar among conservatives. However, when it comes to the democrat party, he’s very popular. Surprise!…”

The PPP numbers, which are truly skewed, considering South Carolina, DO NOT show that conservatives dislike Lindsey.  The poll is bogus.  If you know SC, you know it is bogus.  But, for people like “Cubachi”, they would rather spew their dislike about a good man.  Can’t you just feel their love?  The cross-tabs are quite strange – very strange.  It looks like this is a “hit” against Lindsey.  Then again, PPP may be skewing too conservative in SC, which would explain the mess that this poll is. Remove the 18% independents and see what happens.  The problem, though, is in SC, these loser independents can also vote GOP>


Also, check out the ages of those polled. 8% were young, and highly weighted against Lindsey.  Something is very strange here.  I smell a Tea Party Hit in the making.


The problem with this poll is the fact that Republicans want winners over ideology for the 2012 election.  If this is the case, then PPP has a very weighted and biased poll.  If this is true, the tea party days in the sun are short-lived.

“...Given the choice between a candidate who agrees with them on the issues or a candidate who can defeat President Barack Obama in 2012, a new national poll indicates Republicans overwhelming want a winner…”

There’s a scene in A New Hope (that’s the original Star Wars for those of us who are purists). When the original movie came out, a bunch of the guys I went to college with were comparing me to Princess Leia.  I thought it was terribly sweet of them, but then I’d not seen the movie, yet.  The moment she appeared on the scene my sister leaned over, “Yep, you’re like her, bossy, pushy, and think you can get the job done better than anyone else!”.

That’s just an aside to throw in a quote that is starting to remind me of Lindsey.  Everyone is on the Death Star, fighting to get out alive.  They’ve just escaped from the trash compacter.  Separating, Han Solo (as if I’m abducted by aliens, with my luck it will be by Jobba the Hutt rather than Han Solo) runs after the Storm Troopers.  The Princess looks at Luke:  “He certainly has courage.” Luke’s reply:  “What good’s it going to do if it gets himself killed?”

That’s Lindsey.  He certainly has courage, but what good is it going to do the country if he gets himself unelected?  The minions of the far right (the ones who aren’t really Republicans, but John Birchers, Ron Paul Bots, and losertarians) are certainly going to play evil Storm Trooper and try to destroy him.

“…The point is also to annoy True Immigrant-Hating Conservatives like Mark Krikorian, which Graham does beautifully — not only is he working on “amnesty” with Schumer, they’re apparently reaching out to Alaskan Earmark defender Lisa Murkowski….”

The Great Man has called this one right on the mark. The bad guys on the extreme libertarian right don’t like him, either.

There are some things that are as consistent as Death and Taxes.  One of those is that if Lindsey is talking immigration reform, then Michelle Malkin and R. S. McCain are going to make fools of themselves by trying to destroy him, once again.

If it weren’t so down right sleazy, it would be laughable.  All one of the little Vdare, FAIR, John Tanton puppets need do is say the right words, embrace the right causes and hate the right people and they are just find and dandy.  Let someone like Lindsey or GWB try to do something constructive and the usual sources come out fighting.  After all, that’s what they get paid to do, pandering to their betters to promote anti-Hispanic bigotry!

Michelle Malkin

Let’s mention R. S. McCain, once of the WTimes, associated with Taki Magazine, Vdare, etc….  Barrett Brown penned a series of articles about McCain.  Because Brown is liberal he is evil and must be destroyed, while the usual bigots like R. S. McCain, Malkin, etc. get away with their nastiness every day of the week.

“…3. Speaking of degrees of separation from Justin Raimondo, Raimondo writes for Taki’s Magazine. You know who else writes for Taki’s Magazine? Robert Stacy McCain!

4. It’s probably worth pointing out – and indeed, I’m going to point this out every time someone accuses me of racism, which is happening quite a bit lately – that the only clear racist here is Robert Stacy McCain, and that pretty much every conservative blogger of note is connected to him, which is why none of them will debate me on the subject of his racism. Donald Douglas of the war blog American Power, for instance, would not answer a couple of written questions I sent him on the subject, opting instead to pass them off to another blogger with whom he’s associated – and who actually admitted to having subscribed to that white nationalist publication American Renaissance himself! Meanwhile, the failure of all but a couple of McCain’s longtime allies to even address specific points of evidence…”


What about Michelle Malkin?  If she is so perfectly conservative in her love for Reagan, etc, why is she even allowed to get away with writing for Vdare, which is known for its White Supremacist leanings?  There is this tendency for the far right to ignore the mote in their own eyes while they denigrate the left.  Their revisionism is repulsive and disgusting.


One can only imagine the vile and nasty things Laura Ingraham will be saying about Lindsey.  It is like the usual suspects who don’t give a durn about what is actually going on, but would rather allow their hatred of people to show.  It’s not about getting anything done, but about the hate – their hate for anyone they are told to hate, because they don’t dare express an original thought.

Right Wing News

People like this are going to destroy the GOP, but maybe that’s what they’re all about, anyway, destroying.  If The Pink Flamingo sounds a little huffy about this one, you’re right.  I am.  I am so sick and tired of the extreme John Birch, tea party, not ready for prime time, haters of the far right calling the shots that I am ready to scream!  These people make us all look bad.  They are hurting the GOP.

It’s time for them to either shut up or admit they are NOT Republicans and let the adults like Lindsey get something done.  I get a kick out of the way this same bunch pretends to slobber over their worship of Reagan, when, if Reagan were POTUS today, they would be trying to destroy him the way they would like to destroy Lindsey.

The Politico
National Journal

Annoying tea partiers everywhere.  You gotta’ love it!

“…KING: And so there’s some disagreement, obviously, among Republicans on how the president is handling this.  There’s also, as you know, a conversation among Republicans that now we’ll get more attention because of the uncertainty in the Middle East. Rand Paul, a new Senate Republican, one of your colleagues now among those saying in this time of record deficits, we need to cut foreign aid, including the aid that goes to Egypt and Israel.
GRAHAM:  Right.
KING:  You’re now the ranking Republican on the subcommittee that makes those decisions. What would you say when Rand Paul and others come to you saying, Senator, we just can’t afford it?
GRAHAM:  Well, here’s what I would say to – to – to Senator Paul and Senator Leahy, who is the chairman.  Let’s watch what we say and do when it comes to making statements about funding for Egypt.  The army is the most stable institution in Egypt.  They’re respected by the people.  And most of our aid for the last 30 years has gone to the army.  And before the 30 year involvement by the United States, they were in the Soviet sphere, where the Soviet empire has collapsed.

But it is good that we have a relationship with the army.  They buy American equipment.  Their officers train here in America.  And this relationship we’ve had with the army has been a godsend during this crisis.

So I would say to all of my colleagues, let’s slow down, take a deep breath.  The foreign operation budget is less than 1 percent of total federal spending.  But to Rand Paul, my – my friend from Kentucky, you’re right, we can reform that budget.  We can save some money.  There’s some money being spent on U.N. programs that I think have been dubious, at best.

But ask General Petraeus, General Austin, Admiral Mullen about the value of the civilian military partnership, U.S. AID, State Department, the Department of Justice, the Department of Agriculture.  They’re part of the fight in Afghanistan.  And these civilian programs that will allow us to hold and build in Afghanistan and Iraq are, I think, national security programs that need to be protected like national security spending. But, yes, reform is on the table.  But getting out of the foreign operations assistance to our friends business only buys trouble.  It’s a penny wise and a pound foolish, in my view….”


2 thoughts on “The Far Right Bigots Go After Lindsey – Once Again!

  1. Competence and rational behavior are liabilities when it comes to the tea partiers. They only favor the real nuts like Curly from

  2. Competence and rational behavior are liabilities when it comes to the Tea Partiers. They only favor the real nuts like Curly from Kentucky,who is soliciting donations to fight the Small Arms Treaty, a UN Treaty that doesn’t exist. This is just another example of the Tea Party paranoia. I also read that the Big Kahuna may run again in 2012. God Help us all!
    Graham may not be appreciated in South Carolina, but he is one of the most popular senators in the country among both republicans and democrats. He is also on the most powerful committees in the Senate. He will do what he thinks is best for the country regardless of whether or not he loses his senate seat. Voters in South Carolina would be crazy not to reelect him. If the tea partiers take out an incumbent like Graham and replace him with candidates like Wilson and Hunter they are sure to lose a senate seat to the democrats. The republicans will then have a seniority problem on the committees. The tea partiers would do well to stop picking their noses in public and heed the words of Lincoln. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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