The PPP Hit on Lindsey Is Looking Strange


Libertarians, tea party types, and liberals are crowing about the very strange PPP poll that just came out on Lindsey. In a recent PPP poll, Jim DeMint is pulling a 49% approval rating.  This is a poll that is weighted at least 5% to high for conservatives.  In a poll that has just a third of responders as the POTUS poll, Lindsey is pulling 43%.


Makes you wonder.  When a poll only has 558 responders, you know something is fishy.

The libertarians are up to something, once again.  Ron Paul is attempting to buy the straw poll at CPAC.  Why? Isn’t it interesting that the PPP hit poll on Lindsey comes out around CPAC time?

Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting elected as a Republican today.” Lindsey Graham

If Ronald Reagan were in office today, he would be denounced as a RINO (Republican in Name Only).  You see, some of those he managed to push out of the GOP and to marginalize are now in power.  He detested the John Birch Society, considered a joke.  John Birchers, via Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, and the Koch Brothers now rule the tea party political world.

Reagan believed if you agreed with someone 80% of the time you were his political friend.  He campaigned for liberal Republicans. Unlike the purists who want only those who agree with them 100% of the time, Reagan wanted to win.

He was a big tent kind of leader.  The irony here is that Lindsey Graham, who is detested by those who worship the false Reagan, is far more conservative than Reagan ever was, as is George W. Bush.

Today, Reagan would be damned, the same way the Far Right is damning Lindsey – for Immigration Reform.

Reagan granted amnesty to illegal immigrants. This is toxic for Republicans in this election cycle. Anything short of  “send them all home” is fodder for the party purists. Regardless of ideology, the concept of sending, at a minimum, 12 million people back to country X is impractical and probably not even possible…”

Lindsey is a staunch tax-cutter.  He always has been.

“…Ronald Reagan raised taxes. True, he also authored one of the largest tax decreases in history, but these days, if you don’t sign Grover Norquist’s no-taxes pledge, you aren’t a real conservative.  God forbid we tax fatty food or sodium, things that result in health problems later in life that we all end up paying for through Medicare. That’s a sin in today’s conservative orthodoxy….”

Like Lindsey, Reagan believed in compromise.  He knew how to lead.  He had the wisdom to understand that he was not the be all and end all.  Unfortunately his slobbering followers don’t exactly have much in the way of intellectual honesty.

“…Ronald Reagan compromised. Yes, he is the origin of much of modern conservative dogma, from supply-side economics to the culture war (his greatest failure, in my opinion). But as with any good President, Reagan knew the value of compromise. Partly out of necessity, given that he had to work with a Democratic house for the entirety of his Presidency, but partly because he knew that, despite the need to have a political base, that any base of any party or ideology is not representative of a majority of Americans….”

If you go back and research just who Reagan was, Lindsey is far more conservative than Reagan ever was.  Yet, in this PPP hit poll, he’s not seen as conservative enough.  Someone commissioned this nasty little poll where less than 600 people responded.  It could have been the Wilson people, but I suspect that there is a libertarian angle here.

There are some interesting things going on out in tea party land.

Frum Forum

One of the aspects of the poll that bothered The Pink Flamingo was the 18-29 response.  Then I found this little ditty:

The Daily Paul

In other words, of the 558  who responded the six percent of the 18-29 age group were approximately 45 people at the most.

Now look at this recent poll for POTUS.  There were 1,167 people who responded.


Here’s the strange part. According to this poll, John McCain had a 13% edge over Obama in 2008.  The problem is the fact that he beat Obama only by about 9%. Get it?


The poll is weighted a little libertarian, maybe.  The young people who responded are far too conservative for a normal sampling.  Then again, people who support Ron Paul, etc. aren’t quite normal.  The age group who truly dislike Lindsey are those young Ron Paul Bots.  Something is very fishy, considering 62% of this same group would vote for Obama.