All the Way to the Bank


On Wednesday, Glenn Beck declared that George H. W. Bush, because of his New World Order, is a communist or socialist, wanting to bring socialism to the world.

What is he smoking now?

He thinks the GOP is out to destroy him, politically.  They really don’t need to.  He’s doing a great job of it  himself.   Politics USA has a rather humorous take on things.

“…Unless Beck can get his audience back, he should prepare for more criticism from the old guard Republicans which may lead to a dangerous fissure within the GOP as the Tea Party may take their patriot costumes to a real third party if their heroes continue to be “politically assassinated” by the Republicans.

This party has just begun, so buckle up for the fun house ride. Watching Glenn Beck brought down by his own party will be nothing short of pure joy, though we should never forget what cowards the Republicans have been in regards to their hysterical Birchers and that it took Beck losing ratings for them to speak up against his hate mongering and paranoia. The Republicans sold their soul to the devil of hate and fear a long time ago for votes. The inevitable divide the crazies are costing the GOP is simply delayed justice….”

You know, I agree with this.  The Pink Flamingo has been saying, for months, that the GOP is cowardly for not taking on these fringe idiots. Sniveling, quivering, slobbering cowards – and I’m a Republican.  There are a heck of a lot of us out there who want to see these people put in their place and the GOP stand proud.  Right now I don’t see how it is going to happen.  The losertarian end of things have learned they can join forces with the Dems and make life very hard for John Boehner.  I think it’s obvious they don’t give a damn about the country, only their own power, and power for the multi-billionaires who own them.

From Joe Klein:

“…Today, (hat tip/Ben Smith), we have Bill Kristol sticking with the demonstrators and calling out free-range lunatic Glenn Beck, for his hilarious commie-muslim caliphate delusions. This is not unimportant. Kristol lies very close to the throbbing heart of the Fox News sensibility. And I’ve heard, from more than a couple of conservative sources, that prominent Republicans have approached Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes about the potential embarrassment that the paranoid-messianic rodeo clown may bring upon their brand. The speculation is that Beck is on thin ice. His ratings are dropping, too–which, in the end, is a good part of what this is all about. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a mirror-Olbermann situation soon….”

This is Beck’s version of the events.  He says that “influential” Republicans are going to Ailes and Murdock to complain that Beck is a liabality to the GOP.  Beck says that these influentia Republicans are a liability to Republicans.

“...So as I listened to Beck spend almost thirty minutes indicting public relations pioneer Edward Bernays on charges of hooking Americans on tobacco and materialism, my first thought was, “that’s certainly not Topic A.” But then it hit me. Beck is like Neo in “The Matrix.” He has the ability to manipulate the conversational reality – to create “Topic A” in the world of his devoted listeners. The same is true of every other talk superstar – Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Howard Stern, Michael Savage, Dave Ramsey, et. al….”

Glenn Beck has been even more embarrassing than usual.  When Bill Kristol called him on it, he did his usual.

“…”I don’t even know if you understand what conservatives are anymore, Billy,” Beck said in his extended, sarcastic attack on Kristol. “People like Bill Kristol, I don’t think they stand for anything any more. All they stand for is power. They’ll do anything to keep their little fiefdom together, and they’ll do anything to keep the Republican power entrenched.”..”

Political Animal

Peter Wehner wrote:

“…I’ve been warning about Glenn Beck for a couple of years now, concerned about his erratic behavior and conspiracy theories. “My hunch is that he is a comet blazing across the media sky right now — and will soon flame out,” I wrote in 2009. “Whether he does or not, he isn’t the face or disposition that should represent modern-day conservatism … he is not the kind of figure conservatives should embrace or cheer on.”

That is triply so today. Beck now insists that he personifies conservative principles. In fact, Beck’s ruminations are not the product of a conservative mind as much as a fevered one. If conservatism were ever to hitch its wagon to this self-described rodeo clown, it would collapse as a movement. Thankfully, conservatism’s pedigree, from Burke to Buckley to Reagan, will keep that from happening….”

Kristol may be on to something.  Beck appears to be killing his audience numbers.

The Daily Beast

5 thoughts on “All the Way to the Bank

  1. I will rejoice when Laura Ingraham goes down. I never forgive or forget…and I will never forget her year long tirade about Liberals who didn’t support a war time president–only to go after GWB herself after he neglected to pick someone for the SCOTUS that pleased her. I will never forgive how she told her listeners that it was the president’s RIGHT to choose and the only thing the Senate could do was confirm or deny–and the latter should be done ONLY if the nominee was unqualified (as in not knowing the law.) Obviously a person who was the legal advisor and who picked such brilliant candidates like Roberts was qualified.

    Fact is Ingraham betrayed not just her party; she betrayed her listeners.

    But I guess I should have known when she refused to call herself a Republican…she claimed to be the base, to speak for the GOP, but she was a “conservative first”. This is like a Liberal who will not claim to be an American first.

    Someone like this seriously need to have the mic taken away from her.

  2. Oh while I’m at it…Hugh Hewitt needs to take a hike…and Dennis Prager is so full of himself…

    This is so sad, I used to listen to talk shows all day long, now I am mostly into Medved; the others are idiots.

  3. All last week, Hewitt screamed about the “contract” and how the GOP didn’t understand that the tea party won’t be supporting them in 2012.

    Since then tons of Congressmen have come on to say that by the time they are done with the bill, the cuts will be closer to Trillion with a “T” and now Hewitt is screaming that’s not enough.

    He wants them to cut billions NOW and asked each to promise to shut down the government if it doesn’t happen. Does he realize that if the government shuts down NO ONE gets paid, including the military????

    I wished that SOMEONE would tell him “Hugh, we have some serious financial problems here, this is alot more important than YOUR ratings.”

    I took about an hour of this and just had to shut it off as I was screaming at my radio in the middle of rush hour traffic and probably looked ridiculous.

    Why, PLEASE tell me why these Talk show mafia has a need to kill the only viable party that remotely agrees with their point of view?

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