UPDATED: Is Ron Paul Antisemitic?


UPDATE:  NewsReal Blog has more on Ron Paul’s associates.


Evidently Ron Paul and Barack Obama are on the same page when it comes to Israel.  The US is on the cusp of a tragic and historic smack-down of Israel at the UN.  Ron Paul is promoting the end of foreign aid to Israel.

Ron Paul wants to end all foreign aid to Israel. In times like these, such a move would prove abjectly disastrous to any country surrounded by nations determined to turn it to glass.   James Besser wrote in the Jewish World Review that Rand and Ron Paul, along with the tea parties are going to cause problems for the GOP with the Jewish vote.

“…Forget for a moment what such a vote suggests about the worldview of the Obama administration at a time of potentially historic peril for Israel, not only from Iran but also from what might happen as a result of the uprisings in Arab countries. An anti-Israel vote at the U.N. with these kinds of numbers would be would be a demented political act for the Obama administration, which spent much of 2010 trying to undo the damage caused by the president’s bizarrely counterproductive temper tantrum against Bibi Netanyahu—which scuttled a year’s worth of diplomatic efforts by his own negotiator, George Mitchell…”

“...But there is growing fear in some pro-Israel circles that Paul reflects an ascendant Tea Party faction that has little use for foreign policy – and not much for Israel, either.

Over in the House, Rand’s dad, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) gaveled his first hearing as chair of the House subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve this week. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, he called as a witness “Thomas DiLorenzo, a longtime activist in the neo-Confederate hate group, League of the South (LOS). The LOS advocates for a second Southern secession and a society dominated by ‘Anglo-Celts’ – that is, white people. LOS leaders have called slavery ‘God-ordained’ and described segregation as necessary to the racial ‘integrity’ of black and white alike.”

Yes, I know there are a very few Jewish voters think the world of Ron Paul’s libertarianism. But dark conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve and connections to “neo-secessionists” will be a godsend to Democrats who worry that the Israel issue – and the growing proportion of Orthodox among the Jewish electorate – are slowly drawing more Jewish voters to the GOP side of the aisle.

I’m not suggesting the two Pauls are emerging as major powers in the GOP; so far, Ron has been pretty much on the fringes despite his strong 2008 presidential nomination run, and Rand is too new at this game to make any judgments….Jewish GOPers could find themselves with a major problem on their hands.  And I think the RJC knows it; during last year’s election they conspicuously rejected Rand Paul’s Senate candidacy, not something the partisan group does lightly….”

The Pink Flamingo really loves it when I can go back to someone like Michael Medved to prove a point.  In 2007, ironically on the 126th anniversary of the Gunfight at the OK Corral, Medved wrote:

Townhall - Tipsheet - Michael Medved

Then there is Ben Stein.  He makes Ron Paul look like the abject idiot he is.  Why anyone would take this person as a serious POTUS candidiate is a mystery.

Unfortunately there is more.  David Sierdski wrote:


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  1. Ron Paul is undeniably a bad force. He’s the type who gives limited-government people a bad reputation. Him, I have no use for, and I applaud his ejection from the board of YAF and salute those who call him out.

  2. You seem to overlook the fact that Michael Medved has said on numerous occasions on his radio show that the USA should not give any foreign aid to Israel nor to any other nation. Military assistance, yes; foreign aid, no.

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