Beck As in (Train) Wreck


Yet another major media outlet has dropped Beck’s radio show.  Rumor has it that over 300 advertisers have dropped their ads from Beck’s TV show.   To be fair, The Pink Flamingo thinks the list is a little fishy.

Jennifer Rubin:

“…So what should thoughtful conservatives do? I’ve said it before, but it is especially relevant here: Police their own side. Rather than reflexively rising to his defense when questioned about Beck, why don’t conservatives call him out and explain that he doesn’t represent the views of mainstream conservatives? Conservative groups and candidates should be forewarned: If they host, appear with or defend him they should be prepared to have his extremist views affixed to them.

Fox News has every right to have whomever it wants on the air, but, likewise, conservatives have every right to and, indeed, should disassociate themselves from his brand of rhetoric…”

Once upon a time, there was a baseball impresario called Bill Veeck.  He was known as Veeck as in Wreck.  He would do anything to play to a crowd to increase the bottom line and sell tickets.

“…Some of Veeck’s most memorable publicity stunts occurred during his tenure with the Browns, including the appearance on August 19, 1951, by midget Eddie Gaedel. Veeck sent Gaedel to pinch hit in the bottom of the first of the game. Wearing elf like shoes and a 1/8 as his uniform, Gaedel was walked on four straight pitches and then was pulled for a pinch runner. Shortly afterwards “Grandstand Manager’s Day” – involving Veeck, Connie Mack, and thousands of regular fans, allowed fans to call the game via placards: the Browns won, 5–3, snapping a four-game losing streak…”

With apologies to Bill Veeck:

Frum Forum

On Thursday evening, when having dinner with friends, I seem to remember saying something much like this.  If FOX is allowed to continue with the likes of Beck, they are seriously harming the GOP.  Peter Wehner wrote in Commentary:

”…All this is quite troublesome in its own right. But what ought to worry conservatives in particular is that Beck not only has the unusual capacity to discredit virtually every cause he takes up; he also confirms the worst caricatures of the right. What was true before is doubly true today. It looks to me like it’s only a matter of time — and I suspect not much time — until he blows apart professionally. If and when that happens, one can only hope that conservatism as a movement will have created enough distance from Beck to mitigate the damage….”

From Outside the Beltway:

“...The problem that Rubin faces, though, is that the “thoughtful conservatives” she speaks of are either few and far between, or their afraid to speak out for fear of offending the base. Unlike the 1950s when William F. Buckley effectively banned the John Birch Society from respectable conservatism, the kooks are more numerous this time and it’s the “thoughtful conservatives” who find themselves being written out of the movement when they breach some perceived orthodoxy. As I noted last week, the inmates are running the asylum this time around. If anyone’s likely to be purged it’s likely to be Rubin and people like her. Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Palin and all the rest are going to be around and spewing their nonsense for the masses for a long time to come…’


3 thoughts on “Beck As in (Train) Wreck

  1. “the inmates are running the asylum this time around. If anyone’s likely to be purged it’s likely to be Rubin and people like her. Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Palin and all the rest are going to be around and spewing their nonsense for the masses for a long time to come…”

    Yes, this is true unfortunately. I think the war between the kooks and the normal people is going to play out during election 2012 – and that is why we won’t win the presidency. We may suffer in the House and Senate too.

    Have you noticed that Ann Coulter seems to get it all of a sudden? But she is one of the original extreme meanies, and an uber Foxnews media ho… so, will her groupies listen to her advice or label her a traitor to the base? I almost don’t care at this point. The crazies need to be driven out. It’s not a battle that can be avoided — as The Pink Flamingo has been saying for a very long time.

  2. Not Good: My hubby who has been a strong Republican for eons told me the other day how disgusted he was with all this talk about Social Security. Now we’ve had disagreements about the illegal immigration issue but on SS we are one: it is a LOSING issue for the GOP.

    The latest talk show mafia talk was to remove the cap for the SS tax and have the “wealthy” continue to pay 12%, but here’s the real kicker: if they make $60k or as little as $35k from any source (401k, pension, stocks etc.)when they retire, then they get NOTHING, no SS because “they don’t need it”.

    Oh this is going to go over REAL well with Independents who has spent their entire working lives paying into this ponzi scheme!

    Then there is the union bashing…even though the private sector unions are trying to put space between their unions and the ones on the public dole. Fact is that there are huge numbers of voters that belong to unions. Yes, he agrees (as I do) that there is a difference, BUT that distinction is NOT being made.

    “They are going to get Obama re-elected!” he said.

    “Why do you think I’m an Independent?” I replied with a sad smile.

    These nuts are driving more Republicans out of the only viable party that can win against the Dems. Honestly, you guys need to have a show down NOW and move them out before the Losertarians get their wish and destroy the GOP.

    –Out of the GOP ashes will NOT come a party that can win for the Losertarian ideas cannot survive the politic bon fire from which they hope to rise.

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