Lindsey Steps in It Again on Immgration


““If we shut this country off from the rest of the world, we’re going to slowly die as a nation.”     Lindsey Graham

There is something up in conservative land when Laura Ingraham is starting to treat Lindsey decent.  Lindsey has been making a bit of a stir with his comments on 2016.

When is Lindsey Graham going to realize that the far right does not like their puppet, tea swilling politicians playing nice with Hispanics?

Oh, wait, Lindsey is not a puppet, not tea swilling, and he does play nice with Hispanics.  It isn’t like they’re going anywhere (Hispanics that is).  When people like Lindsey and Jeb Bush interact with wisdom and decency with Hispanics, it drives the extremes crazy.

“…“We’re going to need new workers, a rational immigration system,” Graham said, citing the stagnant economy Japan has suffered from its declining and aging economy.

The millions of undocumented people should be given the chance to start over by paying fines and taxes, learning English and receiving biometric identifications, Graham said. Then they must go to the back of the line for legal status.

“If we get the border organized, I’ll do my part to push for a rational and humane way to deal with the 10 million to 12 million people who are here already,” Graham said.
The rules allowing anyone born on U.S. soil to automatically be given citizenship should be changed too, Graham said. “It’s a cheap way to give out citizenship,” Graham said of foreign parents who seek to deliver their children while in the United States on a tourist visa.

Children of foreigners with student and worker visas and with residency status still can be granted citizenship if born in the United States, he added…”

So, he’s gone an done it again, addressing the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber. (oye!)

“…“As a nation, if we don’t have a rational immigration system, we’re cutting our economic throat,” said Sen. Graham at a luncheon hosted by the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “If we shut this country off from the rest of the world, we’re going to slowly die as a nation.”

Sen. Graham spoke candidly and passionately in an hour-long interview with Texas Tribune Editor Evan Smith in front of a capacity audience of more than 300. Smith set the stage by reciting recent U.S. Census numbers, which confirm that a Hispanic majority is coming to Texas. Hispanics now comprise 64% of the San Antonio population, and it is an example of what Texas and other U.S. cities will look like in the future, said Smith.

“The discussion on jobs, health care and immigration reform is extremely timely in San Antonio especially during these unique times we are living in,’ said San Antonio Hispanic Chamber President and CEO Ramiro A. Cavazos. “We know Senator Graham is a highly-regarded national leader and his visit to San Antonio is an opportunity to create further dialogue on economic issues.”

The South Carolina senator acknowledged that the Republican Party has a problem with Hispanic voters over the immigration issue. However, he added that, “I’m not going to create a bill to help my party with Hispanics; I’m going to create a bill to help America.”

Sen. Graham said the number one problem facing America in the future is a declining population and flat birth rate. However, he said that “citizenship has become the new amnesty” — that there is a growing view among Republicans that immigration reform cannot include a path to citizenship.

Sen. Graham favors comprehensive reform that encourages illegal immigrants to “come out of the shadows, quit being exploited, raise your hand, pay a fine for the law you violated, pay taxes, learn the language and get in the back of the line if you want to become a citizen. I like citizenship if it’s done the right way,” said Graham.

“Right now, we’ve got an irrational immigration system that can’t tell the difference between a guy who wants to fix roofs and a guy who wants to sell drugs,” said Graham….”

There is a perfectly logical reason why Lindsey is not a hard-liner on immigration.  According to Rolling Stone, he’s been brainwashed!

One of the most idiotic stories The Pink Flamingo has heard in ages is one that says that Lindsey, John McCain and Joe Lieberman were targeted for psych-ops brainwashing to make them support the war in Afghanistan.

This is one of the dumbest stories I’ve seen in a long time. Allegedly Lindsey was targeted by psych-ops when he was on a fact-finding tour of Afghanistan. I gather this is the only way the idiots of the far left can explain why anyone would be interested in fighting the War on Terror.

Making the theater of the absurd even more ridiculous is the fact that Lindsey has spent more time on active duty (yea, active duty) in Afghanistan than anyone else in the US Senate.

So, just how long have they been brainwashing him?

Rolling Stone

Down with Tyranny:

Down with Tyranny

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  1. When did The Rolling Stones get to be a source of important news about the U.S Military? That left wing publication delights in damaging and discrediting the U.S. Armed Forces. Anyone who believes a story like that needs to have his head examined. Next people will be taking the National Enquirer seriously. I read that senators from both parties were targets including Carl Levin, Jack Reed and Al Franken. Maybe they used psy ops on the POTUS? It’s his war now. Or on the impaired minds of the voters in the Election of 2008? That’s got to be why McCain picked Palin. Now I always knew that was psych warfare????????? I heard that Lindsey gave an excellent speech at the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Ole, Lindsey!

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