The Tea Party’s Wisconsin Disaster


What if….what if….what if some of those pro-union, hookey playing teachers in Wisconsin were actually libertarians?

Just where is the Tea Party in all of the activity in Wisconsin?  We heard that they were out, fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, but where are they?  Is there a possibility that their numbers are so pathetic that when faced with thousands of irate union flunkies, they were grossly outnumbered?

If FOX is not pandering to their numbers promoting their presence in Wisconsin, is it possible that there is no real tea party presence?  On Saturday, over 70,000 protesters hit Madison.  Just how many Tea Party Patriots were out there the previous weekend?

Just how many tea partiers are fighting these people – how about ONE?

Is there possibly another reason the tea partiers were out in force in Wisconsin?

Picture this:

The Pink Flamingo has a source who has heard from those who are in the know, that more than a few of the teachers who called in sick in Wisconsin were Libertarians.  There are a number of Libertarians in the Service Employee Union.

In Wisconsin, the tea party is, from what The Pink Flamingo has been told, something of a non-issue.

In Wisconsin, what little tea party there is, well, it’s made up of Ron Paul Bots.

Follow the bouncing tin foil hat.

If union members make up about 11.9 percent of the US workforce, and unions greatly out numbered the pitiful showing of tea party “patriots” then one must make an educated assumption that tea party patriots make up far less than 11.9% of the US population – far less – way way less. If this is the case, why the heck is the GOP pandering to them?


8 thoughts on “The Tea Party’s Wisconsin Disaster

  1. Most of the folks in the Tea Party have jobs – and can’t do things like stage an illegal sick-out without getting fired.

    And should the unions – particularly government employee unions (including teachers), who are paid by taxpayers who are sacrificing to get through this econony – be EXEMPT from sacrificing themselves??

  2. I think the unions are behaving badly. It is a fact that there is no real tea party in Wisconsin, just like there is not one here in New Mexico. I am starting to be a little suspicious of this alleged “union busting” and cutting salaries. I’m trying to work up a post on it. My reasons may not be what you think they are. If the libertarian right was serious about cutting costs and improving education there is one very real thing they could do. They aren’t even attacking the problem, which makes me think some of this may be grandstanding.


  3. I think you are way off base here. These unions are a part of the problem.

    First, the unionized government employees have an inherent conflict of interest. They have every reason to support expansion of government, in so much as it is their living. They have no real interest to fix some of the problems that welfare and other social programs were supposed to address.

    Second, in other areas, they have protected a failed status quo, most notably in our public education system – and instead insist tat we just throw more money at the problem – never mind the inconvenient truth that we spend around $12,000 per pupil and yet getting the slightest accounting for progress drew tons of complaints from these same teachers’ unions.

    Third, they are also defending programs that will bankrupt us. Part of that is tied into the first point I have made – many of these government bureaucrats earn their living off of the problems that these social programs are supposed to address. But they have failed, and they have placed us in a financial hole, to boot. And if the choice is between union-busting on the one hand and seeing the United States go bankrupt on the other, then I say bust the unions. They don’t seem to be leaving us any choice, and they have no interest in compromise. Wisconsin proves that.

  4. I am NOT defending unions. I do not approve of unions. All I am saying is the knee-jerk reaction I see in Wis and RI is not about truly helping the status of education. If there were to be a logical approach where real teachers were given an input, I think you might find even more savings could be had.

  5. EVERYTHING the average worker enjoys today is because some guy risked their livelihood, their families, their safety to fight for a piece of the pie.

    From 40 hour weeks, time and a half, holidays, vacations, sick leave, and safer work conditions…these things came from people with the courage to unite and fight for them.

    Am I pro-union? No. But like the way in which I am flat out against “affirmative action”, which I feel hurts Blacks and minorities, I STILL respect people like Martin Luther King who fought for EVERYTHING minorities enjoy today.

    I truly cannot believe the stupidity of not understanding the contributions of unions and the realization that in trying to remove this(granted–outdated) entity, instead of REFORMING them, tea partiers RISK the lost of what the majority of voters believe is the “right” of workers.

    Today I heard Hewitt tell a tea party guy that the GOP doesn’t realize that they will not receive the tea party’s support in 2012 (He comes on right after Medved so I get part of his show).

    I wanted to scream: “So just who is the tea party going to support? Their 3% Losertarian party that has their true loyalty?”

    Come on…the Losertarians aka tea partiers need the GOP a h*ll of a lot more than the GOP needs their paltry 3%. Just look at the last election: tea partiers were able to influence local elections, but nationally no. It is the Independents that make or break elections–and most of them are workers, some in unions and many with union family and friends.

  6. Sorry–I am coming down with a cold and I am so bogged down with work (and yes, I do appreciate that we have lots of it)that I am losing patience with the tea party. I simply do not understand why they insist on pushing the only party that agrees with SOME of their issues. I mean how relevant are they going to be if the GOP goes down?

    I know, I know, I began by apologizing for ranting–and I’m starting again. Sorry SJR!

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