Russell Pearce, Jan Brewer, and More Arizona Stupidity


It is a given that you don’t drink the water in Tombstone due to the water table and the adverse chemicals from the old mines.  The local joke is that someone had been drinking too much local water.  The Pink Flamingo is beginning to wonder about the entire state.  They are starting to be just plain crazy.

Russell Pearce now wants to keep citizens from attending press conferences in the Arizona Senate:

“…In an effort to further curtail the rights of citizens to visit the state Senate, Senate President Russell Pearce has issued a dictate that the public will no longer be allowed to attend press conferences held inside the Senate building…”

The latest project for Jan Brewer, one of those “blond” Republican women who have more hair than brains, is plans for the governor to have her own personal militia to call up as needed. You read correctly!

From our favorite liberal, the Feathered Bastard:

“…Do you think Governor Jan Brewer, or any Arizona governor from this point on, should have a volunteer military force that she can call up and use for any purpose whatsoever?

Well, that’s what the governor would have if Senate Bill 1495 becomes law: A blank check to establish a “state guard” that would do her bidding, whatever that bidding might be….Both the left and the right should be worried about such broad language. If you’re on the right, you may love the idea of Brewer being able to call up a force of irregulars populated by militia members. But what if Janet Napolitano was still governor? Would it sit well with you then?

The left will naturally be concerned that a Brewer Brigade will include wackos such as recently convicted murderess and militiawoman Shawna Forde, who would have leapt at the chance to join such a government-backed enterprise, one where the state will pick up the tab for food, shelter, and liability, should someone shoot the wrong person.

Actually, I would contend that even militia types should be skeptical of this measure for numerous reasons.

Currently, you can have your own group of irregulars that can go out into the desert and patrol with your long guns, just as neo-Nazi J.T. Ready does with his U.S. Border Guard. No law against it….”

Does Russell Pearce even comprehend the meaning of “freedom” and “democracy”?  His latest caper makes one wonder.  He did not want Hispanic activists protesting his draconian and racist anti-immigration promotions.  BUT – he did not mind tea party activists hanging out around the AZ state senate doing the same thing.  Makes you sorta wonder…?

“...Immigration activist Salvador Reza said that when he walked into the Senate lobby Thursday, security officers told him that Pearce had ordered him banned from the building because of his behavior during Tuesday’s Appropriations Committee meeting. The meeting, which lasted until the early morning hours on Wednesday, was loaded with contentious immigration-related bills, including those that dealt with birthright citizenship.

A Capitol Police report, released Monday in response to a public-records request, states that security guards stopped Reza and fellow activist, Anayanse Garza, after they entered the Senate lobby. Reza has previously said that he was never told that he would not be allowed back into the Senate building after the Tuesday meeting.

According to the report, officers told Reza to leave the Senate building several times on Thursday; he refused.

When officers took Reza into a hearing room, Garza tried to follow and enter. They asked her to leave, according to the report, and she “again tried to enter the room, and pushed the (officer) in order to gain access.”

The report says Garza and the Capitol Police sergeant struggled, and she was subsequently arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Reza was arrested on suspicion of trespassing.A Capitol Police report says that “several subjects had been restricted from entering the Arizona State Senate building by Senate President Russell Pearce due to disorderly and disruptive behavior” and that “names and descriptions” were provided to Senate security.

The report later states that Pearce requested Department of Public Safety officers and Capitol Police “identify and photograph” those who were encouraging and leading the raucous crowd that was listening to Tuesday’s committee meeting in an adjacent room and that they be denied further access to the Senate….”I am a little tired of the fact that we want to defend this inappropriate behavior,” Pearce said. “We will maintain decorum and order. Protection of the members (of this chamber) and the public is paramount…”

Then he lies about it.

“...”I leave it up to law enforcement, intelligence information to decide that appropriately,” Pearce said. “I certainly have empowered them to do that.”But that claim runs counter to what DPS Sgt. Jeff Trapp, who is in charge of Senate security, wrote in his own statement recalling what happened last Tuesday.

The controversy surrounds the lengthy that night when the Senate Appropriations Committee took up several measures aimed at illegal immigration. Far more showed up than the capacity of the small room in which the hearing was scheduled. So the balance — some estimates were as high as 300 — were sent to a larger room to watch on TV.

There were cheers and applause from the audience during some of the testimony. Such conduct is not permitted in hearing rooms where live testimony is taking place. Trapp wrote that Pearce told him that “offenders” of Senate rules in the overflow seating area “be identified, photographed, and that the information be posted at the Senate guard desk and that these offenders be denied further entrance into the Senate.”

Trapp’s report confirms, though that Pearce, when he issued that directive Tuesday, did not know that the person who police identified as the “leader” was Reza….”

From our favorite liberal – The Feathered Bastard:

The Feathered Bastard

It’s all about the hate…

“…Another would take the immigration battle all the way into the emergency room. If passed, the measure would require hospital personnel to verify immigration status of each person before they are admitted. If a person could not prove he or she was in the country legally, the hospital would be required to report that to federal immigration officials. If the person needed emergency care, the hospital would still be required to provide it under the rules spelled out in the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which makes it illegal to deny care to anyone on the basis of his or her ability to pay….”

Evidently there are some Republicans who are getting sick and tired of Russell Pearce (dear friend and supporter of “ex” Neo-Nazi J. T. Ready) and his antics as AZ Senate President.

“…Over the last couple of weeks, Senate President Russell Pearce and his “associates” have been thoroughly embarrassed by the failure of his Sen. Ron Gould’s anti-birthright citizenship and other anti-immigrant bills to pass the Senate’s Judiciary Committee.

In successive weeks, SB1308, SB1309 (anti-14th Amendment/birthright citizenship) and SB1405 (turning hospitals into immigration checkpoints) had to be pulled from the committee because it was evident that the measures didn’t have enough support on the committee to pass.

Specifically, Republican Sens. Adam Driggs and John McComish joined the Democratic members of the committee, Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Steve Gallardo, in questioning the legality of the measures….”

Why is he banning Latino activists from the state capital, but not tea partiers?

Tuscon Citizen

From what The Pink Flamingo gathers, he makes up the rules as he goes along.

“…So, maybe this is a little too optimistic, but at some point will the sane Republicans get sick of these tricks? What about the House? You’d think the Republican senators would be a little irritated that Pearce lied to get the President gig, but who knows?…”