Nice Work If You Can Get It!


Pink Flamingo friend and confident Sally Vee sent several email to me the past few days that have inspired this post.

Do you remember back to the early days of cable TV preachers, Jim & Tammy, etc?  Unfortunately The Pink Flamingo does.  My father’s 87 year old mother and 93 year old auntie were targeted directly by these bottom feeders.  Something Sally sent to me struck a chord.  It reminded me of the campaigns these jerks would run to suck money out of people who could ill afford it.

I started going through my back email and came up with a few.  To make things more impressive, the farthest back I went was Feb 24.  All of the items depicted came to either The Pink Flamingo or Sally Vee from Feb 24 until March 9!

Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama Mar 7 - 8:08 PM
American Spectator
From Dick Morris
Tea Party Express
MRC - David Martin
Move America Forward

Campaig to Defeat Barack Obama
Newt Explore 2012
Freedom Watch
Campaign to Defeat Obama
Campaign to Defeat Obama
Grassroots Action Alert
Dick Morris
League of American Voters

The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama wins as the MOST annoying and frequent mailing.  From Feb 24 to March 7 The Pink Flamingo received 17 – count ’em – seventeen – email from them.

Feb 24, 10:14 AM
Feb 24 - 6:14PM
League of American Voters
Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama - March 2
Feb 25 - 5PM
Feb 25 - 10:18PM

This is a screen shot from The Pink Flaming’s trash:

Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama
March 7 - 6:59PM

What do these people do with the money they allegedly raise?  Are people stupid enough to send them their hard earned cash?


4 thoughts on “Nice Work If You Can Get It!

  1. SJ, you are so right that we are in the wrong racket. We’d never last 5 minutes though… to succeed, you have to be able to say and write things with a straight face, looking into the eyes of decent people searching for reasons to believe and deeply desiring to hold you up on their shoulders and willing to peel off a few dollars and place them in your control. You have to put your name on things!

    Oh by the way, it’s Noon and I’ve already received 4 more daily solicitations.

    It would be interesting to do a James O’Keefe style sting, setting up a crackpot website using all the techniques we are seeing, collect a bunch of money which would be held in a savings acct, then after six months announce the sham, detail the illogic and scammery, then return the money with interest.

  2. Recently, I received an e-mail from Ron Paul asking for a donation of 100, 250, 300 dollars. I don’t know how they got my address because I have never contacted this man in any way. With so many scams out there I’m not sure it was actually from Paul. Also, does anyone know why Fox News is running an ad, called The End Of America 2011? I saw it the other night and couldn’t believe my eyes or ears.

  3. I think we are in the wrong business!

    I just got a scam email asking for 9 large print KJV Bibles for Nigeria. They also needed a bit of money to have them carried via courier to some small town! I truly wish those things weren’t scams. I’d be one of the first to contribute.


  4. Jose Maria, that End of America thing is the Stansberry Porter video being promoted all over Right Wingdom. There’s a big banner ad for it on Drudge, Dick Morris and Newsmax are promoting it, Salem sent me an ad today promoting it, etc. etc. The video is narrated by uber-conspiracist Alex Jones, also a FoxNews Business Channel regular – good buddies with Judge Napolitano. Here is a link if you want to watch – and if you do, please report back with your assessment. I have been unable to force myself to watch.

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