How Ron Paul Could Win the Nomination


There is a way Ron Paul could end up winning the GOP nomination, or putting a real crimp into the nomination process so that Obama can win re-election.  No, he is not capable of being nominated in an honest process.  There is a very real possibility that there are some states that cannot afford a primary process, and may nominate by caucus.  This happens, and the Ron Paul Bots cheat their way to a brokered convention.

When even libertarian-Republicans like Gary Johnson are taking on Ron Paul, then he has a problem.

“…“There was a big difference between Ron Paul and me when it came to the ‘no,’” Johnson told POLITICO. “His ‘no’ was philosophical. It was reasoned. It was right. My ‘no’ actually put a stop to legislation. It cut spending. Mine carried further than just no. I had to follow through with the debate, discussion and dialogue on why my ‘no’ wouldn’t result in people starving, schools being shut down and the delivery of services to the poor wasn’t going to be curtailed.”…”

The bitter irony here is the fact that Gary Johnson just may have the cure to what ails us, not Ron Paul.  The proof is in the numbers in Beltway Bloat that have been recently released.  The muddle the blasted libertarian Ron Paul Bots are making with things are going to do serious damage to the whole message.

CBS Boston

“…In Kansas and Washington, the talks have revolved around eliminating the presidential primary and shifting the cost of nominating candidates to the state parties; state parties that would, in turn, typically opt for caucuses as a means of nominating candidates over primaries. Still other states are looking at the possibility moving their separate presidential primaries to dates that coincide with later primaries for state and local offices. Some states are better able than others to pull this cost saving maneuver off. California and New Jersey, for instance, can eliminate their separate presidential primaries and move them back to the June dates on which their state and local primaries are held because the June date fits within the window of time in which the national parties allow states to hold presidential delegate selection events. California and New Jersey — and Arkansas before them — can do that. Florida, Massachusetts and other states with July, August and September primaries cannot. In other words, California and New Jersey have a way of cutting costs in the elections section of the budget that states like Florida and Massachusetts do not….”

Then again, there is a Ron Paul Bot strategy to win the nomination.

“…Ron Paul, a libertarian who wants to be President, and his supporters, have discovered the pathway to the GOP nomination and the presidency. It is to overwhelm the system. If they remain faithful and read every blogpost and newstory about him, they will increase traffic to those websites. Those websites will in return do more articles about Ron Paul, eventually pushing out all news stories about any other Republican candidates. Even New York Times stories about Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber and Glenn Beck will become passé and nobody will publish them….”


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