The NM Senate Race – Heather Goes for It Again


The Pink Flaming has a tremendous amount of respect for Steve Pearce.  I think he’s a great guy.  He’s a decent and honorable man.  He cannot though, win a Senate race here in NM.  He’s too conservative and NM is a moderate state.  Heather Wilson can.  I know Dems who would never vote for Steve, who would line up to support Wilson.

I don’t want to see Steve give up his House seat to run.  We need Steve Pearce right where he is. He’s a great Congressman. He cannot win the state.  He may be able to win a primary because there are parts of the 2nd District that are  conservative.  The remainder of the state, unfortunately, is not.

Heather Wilson is the one Republican who can win the sea.

Fortunately there is practically NO tea party in New Mexico.  It will be interesting to see what happens if Wilson were to win the nomination – and I think she can.

Erick Erickson, bless his ignorant little tea party loving heart has already declared war on her.  Maybe people like Erickson need to BUTT OUT and leave New Mexico alone.  If they have their way, we will lose a golden opportunity to pick up a Senate seat.

It makes you wonder what their actual agenda is.


It is obvious the whole idea is to make as much trouble as possible.  Why?

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has a 100% ACU purity rating, but that isn’t good enough for the tea parties. It makes you wonder just what their agenda really is. The Pink Flamingo is beginning to suspect it has nothing to do with conservative and everything to do with destroying the GOP.

“…As my colleague Julie Sobel has previously reported, divisions have been laid bare even within the Tea Party Express when it comes to Hatch. And as the Tribune notes, Hatch’s campaign has hired Evelyn Call and Julian Babbitt, who was chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Utah, a move that surprised the Tea Party community.

If Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R) gets in the race, we may begin to see a greater share of Tea Party support coalesce around him. Hatch may prove to be an overall tough sell to the lion’s share of Tea Partiers in the long term, especially if he attracts a more conservative opponent. Right now — with no official alternative in the race — may be his best opportunity to seal up what support he can.

But Hatch has to be careful, as his pitch does not come without the risk of a backlash from Tea Partiers who may come to resent him even more over time for his attempts to corral their support….”

New Mexico Independent

From Race 42012:

“…Moderate New Mexico representative Heather Wilson looks like the first candidate to actually jump into the race for the seat of retiring Democratic senator Jeff Bingamin. Conservatives have not yet coalesced on an alternative to Wilson, and it’s not certain that they will. However, if they do, chatter is now focused on LT Gov. John Sanchez, rather than Rep. Steve Pearce. A Wilson Sanchez primary would be unfortunate (both seem like pretty good candidates), but perhaps somewhat mitigated by the almost certain Democratic primary between Rep. Martin Heinrich and state auditor Hector Balderas. It’s also possible that, if Heinrich does run for senate, Wilson could switch to the house race, and a pretty easily winnable race for her. Sanchez may also benefit from the sense among state and national GOPers that Latino outreach is an area that needs a lot of improvement, and a hope that he can unite the base and pull Latino voters as well. It’s worth noting that Sanchez, like Wilson, has run and lost statewide, in a gubernatorial race against Bill Richardson. The machinations in NM will be worth watching, but Republicans should beware the specter of a bruising primary similar to the one which cost them deeply in 2008 here….”

Joe Monahans New Mexico