BUMPED: How to Destroy Our Future – The Approaching Dark Ages


The Russians are now shaking us down to the tune of nearly $800 million to launch our rocket-less astronauts to the space station.

“…NASA to Ship Another $753 Million to Russia for Crew Transport (Source: Parabolic Arc)
NASA has signed a $753 million modification to the current International Space Station contract with the Russian Federal Space Agency for crew transportation, rescue and related services from 2014 through June 2016. The firm-fixed price modification covers comprehensive Soyuz support, including all necessary training and preparation for launch, flight operations, landing and crew rescue of long-duration missions for 12 individual space station crew members. (3/14)…”

The Pink Flamingo is currently involved in a discussion of wisdom. We are living in an increasingly superstitious age brought on by political correctness and religious extremism run amok.

We are living in a world where the TV meteorologist is now a substitute for a geologist.   What happened in Japan is the purview of a GEOLOGIST, not a meteorologist.

The horrific disaster in Japan is no more the result of global warming and climate change than it is the wrath of God.  It is based in Plate Tectonics and the Pacific Ring of Fire. The problems with the nuclear industry in Japan are not due to the fact that we are dealing with nuclear, but a combination of other things.

“…The Japanese government is handing out iodine pills to flood the thyroid gland with ordinary iodine in hopes of preventing it from taking up the radioactive form.

Dr. Brenner said the iodine pills were protective, but were “a bit of a myth” because their use is based on the belief that the risk is from inhaling radioactive iodine. Actually, he said, 98 percent of people’s exposure comes from milk and other dairy products.

“The way radioactive iodine gets into human beings is an indirect route,” he said. “It falls to the ground, cows eat it and make milk with radioactive iodine, and you get it from drinking the milk. You get very little from inhaling it. The way to prevent it is just to stop people from drinking the milk.” He said that the epidemic of thyroid cancer around Chernobyl could have been prevented if the government had immediately stopped people from drinking milk.

Crops can also be contaminated. “I wouldn’t be eating an apple from a tree close to the plant,” Dr. Brenner said….”

Between the tea party budget cutters on the extreme right and the Obama Administration NASA doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in you know what.  Obama has basically destroyed our manned space program, proving he is nothing more than Jimmy Carter II.

Now the planetary probes are being cut.

One of the real problems is that the Obama Administration decided that NASA was all about climate change science and not about space exploration.  There are some far right “patriots” who want to kill some of NASA’s imaging satellites and programs because they have this pathetic “knowledge” that the imaging satellites are for climate study.  Well, yes, they are, but they are also for the study of this planet.  Anyone who wants to stop this is an ill-informed Luddite.

One of the real problems with the losertarian tea party “patriots” is they don’t know squat about American History.  Their favorite Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, went out on a limb, putting this nation horribly in debt.  His experiment:  The Louisiana Purchase.  He also set the precedent for BIG SCIENCE with the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  The irony here is that Jefferson, today, would probably be on of our biggest advocates for a very active NASA and for private systems, also.

It is about ignorance.

It is about liberals who use political correctness to elevate primate cultures and ignorant mumbo-jumbo, witch doctor, voodoo, new age fakery with actual science. Science is about knowledge. It is not about feelings, cultural correctness, or propping up cultures that have no business surviving in the modern world.

The other night, The Pink Flamingo was watching one of the crypto shows on television.  (I’m a big crypto fan).  The “host” deals with pagan cultures, primitive ways, and using their traditions to endear himself to hidden tribes so he can lean about such things as bigfoot, modern day dinos, etc.

That’s nice, and all.  We should show some respect for what people believe, but what the heck is so good about having a witch doctor paint you with blood, blow hallucinogenics up your nose, and dancing around the flag pole naked while you howl at the moon with primitive men who will never leave the jungle.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that).

That’s not knowledge.  It is pandering to primitive cultures.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that).  It’s about reburying skeletons so the native tribes can feel good about themselves as they dance around them, smoking pot.

I’m tired of holding hands with the likes of Russell Means, singing Kumbaya (sorry, that’s a Christian song), while valuable scientific and historical relics are destroyed.

Political correctness says the primitive hunter-gatherers in the Amazon, who still pierce certain painful parts of their male anatomy, walk around naked, and squat to have babies, are equal to a culture that once sent men to the moon.  While The Pink Flamingo might admit that both groups of individuals have probably howled at the moon, living on ants and bugs is not quite the same thing as strolling on the Sea of Tranquility.

Yes, the primitive culture is relevant and should be studied.  BUT – the children of this culture should have the same educational opportunities that a child in the United States has.  They should not be patted on the head as some dork makes movies about their clever little dances and games, and allowed to go about worshiping the jerk who gives them a cigarette lighter coke bottle. The real crime against these cultures is the fact that, thanks to political correctness, one can only imagine how many great scientists, scholars, writers, and geniuses are grunting and pissing in the bushes as they struggle to survive on grubs and raw lizards. Do not those children deserve the same opportunities as those children in the modern world?

Patronizing political correctness, and patronizing religious zealots of any number of faiths, including some disgusting “Christians”, are rapidly turning our Space Age into another Dark Age.  Reason, logic, the scientific method, and rational thought need not apply.

If we delve into science, we insult Allah.

If you dare to delve into geologic time, you’re going straight to hell.

We must respect a culture that starves its population to worship cows.

And – we can’t upset the AIM, no matter how arrogantly ignorant they are.

The left cannot admit they are wrong about Global Warming, and the Right cannot comprehend that we are dealing with some serious climate change (that had nothing to do with Global Warming but GEOLOGY)

How long do NORMAL people put up with this stuff?

Or do we simply roll over and play dead while new age Druids paint themselves blue and dance around Stonehenge naked.  It’s their “ancient” religious right to do so every Mid-Summer Solstice Day, even though the Druids disappeared about the same time the Romans civilized England.  (You will note I used the word “civilized” rather than “conquered”).

In order to appease the dim-wits of political correctness who are disparately trying to find something good about a lovely religion of peace who believes in slaughtering innocent babies, mutilating women, raping women, then executing them, and blowing themselves up just for the heck of it!

They’re too damn self-righteous and pandering to even admit that the only thing holding our world together is what remains of the Greco-Roman civilization.   We destroy that, and we destroy the modern world.  But, it’s good.  We can all scratch, spit, piss, and blow ourselves up to prove it.

So – let’s kill NASA!

“…However, because the decadal survey’s findings are based on NASA’s more generous 2011 out-year funding projections, rather than the declining profile laid out in the 2012 budget request, it is unlikely the agency can afford to embark on any new large projects in the coming decade. Green, speaking March 1 at a meeting of the NASA Advisory Council’s planetary science subcommittee, warned members not to expect the funding outlook to improve…”

So, you want more of  this?

“…March 9, 2011 — Nearly three-months after the HiRISE camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) snapped Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Opportunity investigating the western ridge of a crater nicknamed “Santa Maria,” HiRISE has checked back in with the wheeled robot, spotting it from orbit once again. This time, Opportunity’s solar panels can be seen on the eastern rim of the 90 meter-wide crater in a color photo of the region…”

Don’t plan on much for the next ten years, thanks to Barack Obama!

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  1. Well you’ve taken a shot gun to a big subject. I see what you mean, mostly. I think lots of things are working against us and working to make us regress in many ways, and a lot of them are psychological attacks. It is worth more consideration. It strikes me often times as I look around — especially at our horribly debased pop culture and our massively incompetent govt leaders — that the more technologically advanced we become, the less knowledge, common sense and refinement we display. We’ve been spoiled silly it seems.

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