Lindsey Finally Slams Obama!


One test in foreign policy — at least be as bold as the French.  Unfortunately, when it comes to Libya, we’re failing that test.” Lindsey Graham

Lindsey has been quite busy lately.  Evidently he’s not amused with the Obama Administration.  For a man who has been quite temperate, not slamming Obama like everyone else.  It’s rather like that old E. F. Hutton ad.  When Lindsey goes for the jugular, people listen.

“…”If he does not act decisively in Libya, I believe history will show that the Obama administration owned the results of the Gadhafi regime from 2011 forward,” Graham said. “Their refusal to act will go down as one of the great mistakes in American foreign-policy history and will have dire consequences for our own national security in the years to come. I truly fear the decisions they are making today will come back to haunt us.”…”

National Review

“…If Obama does not act decisively on Libya, Graham predicted, history will be a harsh judge, and the decision not to get involved militarily will come back to haunt the U.S. “The world is watching, and time is beginning to run short,” he said. “The Obama Administration should join with the international community to form a no-fly zone while it still matters.”…”

Michael Medved interviewed John McCain on his show today.  McCain seems to think that if a no-fly zone is established the mercenaries who are most of the Libyan army will cut and run.  He also thinks the pilots will cut and run because they don’t want to be shot down.