The Great Russell Pearce Recall


Russell Pearce has become an “icon” for nativists who are basically no better than anti-Hispanic bigots.  His is a regular face of “Arizona” on Fox.  It doesn’t matter if one of his ‘buds’ is a Neo-Nazi white supremacist.

Funny how you are not hearing about his recall, just the recall of certain Dems.

It now looks like the two groups working on the recall are combining forces.

What they are not telling you is that his constituents are working on a recall petition.

Guess the Tea Partiers are supporting him.  I thought there were no white supremacist, neo-nazi, tea party patriots.  How do you explain Russell Pearce and the tea partiers who are supporting him?  The Pink Flamingo is not referring to the tea partiers are racists, etc, but Russell Pearce.

The Voice of Tucson

“…Indeed, I’m convinced that Pearce could never win a statewide election. Congress or sheriff? Maybe. U.S. senator or governor? No way, Jose.

See, Pearce’s ham-fisted use of power, his narrow, negative agenda, and his status as an icon of intolerance make him a hero to Tea Baggers, nativists, gun nuts, and the East Valley wackadoodles who dominate the Maricopa County Republican Party.

To a broader audience, Pearce simply looks like what he is: a bigoted, far-right extremist.

Sure, many despise Republican Governor Jan Brewer for her policies or for signing SB 1070 into law. Still, as ditzy as she can be, she doesn’t come off as an aggro redneck in need of some serious meds, as the Senate president most certainly does.

Hell, even Sheriff Arpaio seems like a teddy bear compared to the truculent madman from Mesa.

But back to LD 18 and the other prong in the Pearce recall movement, Citizens for a Better Arizona, chaired by registered Republican Chad Snow and organized, in part, by former Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Randy Parraz….”

Our dear Neo-Nazi hugging friend (see photo) now wants to succeed from the Union?

AZ Central

Russell Pearce and J. T. Ready are tight.  Please following the bouncing well, you know…

“…Neo-Nazi sympathizer and former NSM member J.T. Ready, currently one of Arizona’s most visible self-appointed border patrollers, claimed that he personally recruited Harbin into the NSM, but that he himself is no longer a member of the group. When asked by ABC15 News in Phoenix if he knew what Harbin was planning to do with the bombs, Ready replied that things are still under investigation, and that the reporter “would have to talk to the feds and see what their official statement is…but I will say that domestic terrorism is real.” An NSM spokesman contacted ABC15 News reporter Christopher Sign and informed him that Jeffrey Harbin was “no longer with” the NSM….”