Harassed by Americans for Fair Taxation


They call at 9AM.
They call at 9:10AM.
They call at 9:30AM.
They call at Noon.
They call in the afternoon.
They call in the evening (Just about every evening for the past week or so).
They do not stop.
When asked to stop, they hang up on me!

The calls are from Ken Hoagland.  I don’t give a rip who he is or what he is, doing, I want them to cease.  The worst of it is organizations like  his may call when they want. You cannot stop calls from political political organizations.

The organization is Americans for Fair Taxation.  In all my years of being involved, politically, I have NEVER had a group like this be so pervasive, and unrelenting.

Right now I am so disgusted with their calls that I don’t even like their agenda.

How dare they continue to call with their canned spew!



One thought on “Harassed by Americans for Fair Taxation

  1. I am getting at least 10 calls every day – some from this group, but also from Newt, the GOP, NRA and others. When I see “toll free number” come up I just press talk, but I don’t say a word and wait for the call to end.

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