Nikki’s Chickens Flying Home to Roost


The Pink Flamingo has been on record numerous times stating that Nikki Haley is a very real problem.  A confidential source recently told me that there are reports inside SC that doubt if she will be able to make it two years before she is forced to resign.  If Nikki lied about her alleged affair with SC’s bad boy blogger, what about this?

Nikki could be in a little trouble.

“…First, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s former job as a hospital fundraiser brought questions about her landing donations from companies she legislated. Then she faced questions about a stormy departure after her old boss claimed she didn’t show up for work.

On Wednesday, the Republican governor was left trying to explain the latest controversy surrounding the job: why she appears to have boasted a six-figure income in her application for the position, earnings that were far less than what Haley reported on her income tax forms.

The governor said she never filled out the application stating she was making $125,000 a year with her parents’ clothing business and asking for the same amount of pay from the prospective job at Lexington Medical Center. The documents were first obtained and reported by The (Columbia) State newspaper.

“I had no input on that form. I did not sit in front of the computer and fill it out online. I did not sign it. And never did I mention the number 125 to the hospital or to anyone else, because that’s not an accurate number,” Haley told The Associated Press. …”

GOP Upstate

The woman is ethically challenged, and she gets away with it.  That’s the real problem, and The Pink Flamingo has been saying it about Nikki, Giggles, Sharon Angle, dimwit Michele Bachman, and Jan Brewer.  Now add Susana Martinez to the mix.  The tea party women of the GOP are going to ultimately hurt the role of women in the Republican Party.  They are either corrupt, incompetent, sorely lacking in gray matter, or a combination of all three.

They are no better than a bunch of lousy Democrats.

The Pink Flamingo is so disgusted with Susanna Martinez I could say something really nasty.  She is an embarrassment.  New Mexico was better off with Big Bill!

Brad Warthen wrote:

“…And if you are one of the people who takes Nikki Haley at face value, as her supporters tend to do, and you don’t know or care about Darla Moore or the University of South Carolina — you just like to cheer on your Nikki — that will suffice. In with the new, out with the old. She will feel in no way obligated to explain what was wrong with Darla Moore’s service on the board, or to cite any of the exciting new ideas that her appointee brings to the table that were previously missing. No one will expect that of her; it probably wouldn’t even occur to her to think about it. The governor will skate on this with these people — this is something that is core to her whole approach to politics ever since she transformed herself into the darling of the Tea Party in preparation for her run for this office for which she was so unprepared.

This WORKS for her. She skates on this, just as — with the voters she cares about — she will skate on apparently having told a prospective employer in 2007 that she was making $125,000 a year when she was telling the IRS that she made $22,000. This will matter not. People are just picking at her. The nasty, powerful, status quo people — those people who hang out at the Capital City Club! – are picking at Nikki because they’re mean, you see. (By the way, on the “petty” vs. “outrageous” spectrum, the thing on the job application is more the typical “petty” violation of her alleged principles that we have come to expect; the Darla Moore thing, dealing as it does with the leadership of such an important state institution, is more of an “outrage.” If you’re keeping score.)

She will not only skate, but her supporters — or at least, this is what the governor banks on — will continue, in spite of all evidence, to see her as a champion of transparency, a reformer, a nemesis of “politics as usual” and patron saint of Good Government. Which just, you know, boggles the mind if you’re the sensible sort who thinks about things….”

More Nikki:

“…Haley’s $110,000-a-year job as fundraiser came under scrutiny during the campaign after the hospital told The State that it created the position for Haley, whose only prior work experience was working for her parents and a short stint accounting for a Charlotte recycling firm.
Haley was paid a higher salary than others in similar positions at nonprofits of similar size or geography, according to a salary survey compiled by the S.C. Association of Nonprofit Organizations. Haley’s $110,000 salary was 63 percent higher than the highest fundraiser salary – $67,500 – among organizations with budgets that are similar in size to the Lexington Medical Center Foundation. The average salary for the same position among those surveyed was $44,195.

The hospital hired Haley as it tried to secure state approval to build a heart surgery center. Haley never voted on the center as a lawmaker after her hiring. The center was approved earlier this year.

Haley left the Lexington Medical position last spring, as she was ramping up her campaign for the GOP nomination for governor. E-mails from that period show hospital executives were having difficulty consistently reaching Haley and asked her to take a leave of absence.
Haley refused, eventually hiring an attorney and negotiating a $35,210 settlement with the hospital. Records show the hospital presented Haley with specific job duties in December 2009, which included attending regular foundation staff and hospital board meetings and spending at least 10 hours a week in the foundation’s offices.

According to the Lexington Medical job application, Exotica International was Haley’s most recent employer, with her ending salary at “$125,000.” A question about what Haley expected to be paid in her next post was answered “$125,000.”

Lexington Medical Center hired Haley for $110,000 a year.

But according to federal tax returns that Haley allowed reporters to review during the campaign, she reported earning $22,000 from Exotica for all of 2007 and earned similar amounts in 2006 and 2005. In the six years of tax records Haley allowed reporters to review, the most she ever reported earning from Exotica was $46,000 in 2004….”

It is difficult to see how women in the GOP are going to be helped by the Glam Girls of the GOP.  If anything, they are seriously harming our cause.


One thought on “Nikki’s Chickens Flying Home to Roost

  1. I read the AP story and it’s not clear to me why this issue is coming up again now… the AP said it was a townhall meeting so presumably a citizen must have asked the question.

    PF readers knew about this Nikki issue and much more, well before the election. But there was the “rise of the conservative woman” meme to prop up, and the Tea Party was in full froth, so there was no time for silly little details. Now the GOP is stuck with this loser, who surely is going to self destruct and leave a trail of destruction.

    Haley is an extremely odd duck, and a liar. I am completely mystified by her appeal. In a year when so many GOP Governors are blazing trails and demonstrating courage and superb leadership, it’s disheartening that Gov. Haley and Half-Gov. Palin do not stack up with the men – one quit and one is Obama in a skirt.

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