Jan Brewer’s Death Panels Killing People


Who would have thought that the first governor in the US to actually cut programs that have literally caused death panels that have actually killed people would be a tea party Republican?

Remember all the talk about Obama and his death panels?  Is it different when a tea party governor does the same thing?

In Arizona, in order to save money, Jan Brewer has authorized that anyone on the AHCCS no longer be able to receive organ transplants. Instead, they spend the money hunting illegals.

“…Several political observers argue that the cost for litigation of measures like SB 1070 could reach up to $10 million. Republican Gov. Jan Brewer created the Arizona Legal Defense Fund in part to offset some of these costs. The fund had $3.6 million as of September, when the attorney expenses reached close to $500,000….”

So far two people have died so that illegals might be deported!

“...On Oct. 1, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System stopped paying for seven types of transplants that the state’s GOP governor, Jan Brewer, and GOP-led legislature said they could no longer afford. The state faces a projected $1 billion program deficit by July 2011.

They eliminated heart transplants for non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, lung transplants, pancreatic transplants, some bone marrow transplants, and liver transplants for patients infected with hepatitis C. Arizona also restricted coverage of prosthetics, eliminated podiatric services, preventive dental services, and wellness and physical exams for adult Medicaid enrollees.

A former University of Arizona Medical Center patient waiting for a new liver died on Dec. 28 — the second person to die since the cuts went into effect, according to Dr. Rainer Gruessner, chairman of surgery at the University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson.

On Thursday, surgery department spokeswoman Jo Marie Gellerman confirmed that the patient, who died at another facility, “was our patient. He was on our list.” She declined to identify the patient, citing medical confidentiality.

On Nov. 28, Mark Price, a 37-year-old leukemia patient from Goodyear, Ariz., died before he could obtain a $250,000 bone marrow transplant that an anonymous donor offered to fund after hearing media reports about Price’s plight….”

If Brewer had not been so hard-line on her anti-immigration stance, the state would not have lost upward of at least $500 million in convention fees alone!

“…Also on the call was Julio Fuentes, president and CEO of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He said he recently attended a large conference in Colorado, where he learned that Colorado had benefited substantially from organizations canceling conferences in Arizona and moving them to Colorado.

“Looking at this data from Arizona should definitely be of interest to those contemplating similar legislation in Florida,” he said. “Anyone thinking this would not hurt Florida are living in their own little fantasy land.”

“It is our hope that citizens from those states (considering legislation) will be on high alert” if politicians begin talking about Arizona-style legislation. “This is a time when states need to be focused on economic growth, and not permitting their fragile economies to get whacked off course by Arizona-type legislation,” Kelley said.

The study’s baseline information comes from Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association, which has reported about $15 million in lost convention business since the law was enacted.

Danny Court, senior economic analyst with Pollack, said the $15 million is a very conservative number for several reasons. He said it includes only information voluntarily supplied by members of the Association. He said some of the largest convention hotels do not belong to the Association and that some members chose–for competitive reasons–not to provide information about lost business.

“The general consensus was that $15 million was an under-representation of the lost business and that $45 million is still considered a conservative estimate of lost business,” Court said.

The $45 million is just the number associated with lost lodging spending. Using industry norms, he said, you can extrapolate $50 million in lost food and beverage spending, $13.4 million in lost entertainment spending, $14 million in lost in-state transportation spending and $18.8 million in lost retail spending. The total in lost business so far, the study concludes is just over $141 million.

That number reflects only business lost by conventions canceled to this point and conventions that would have been scheduled but weren’t. Some of that lost spending is money that would have been spent this year, but some of it is from conventions that were scheduled for 2011 and 2012.

Bookings through the Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau were down 35 percent in August on a year to year basis. If that 35 percent decline continues for an entire year, the study says there will be an additional $151 million in lost business. In a best case scenario, where business begins to pick up again soon, the study estimates additional lost convention business of $21.6 million.

He said when you factor in jobs lost by Arizona residents, reduced spending by those people, and reduced taxes collected, the total projected impact reaches around $500 million….”


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