Idiot Spending Cuts from Pandering Conservative Cowards


Is it possible for every tea party supporter a Republican loses one IQ point?  There is no possible way, other than this, to explain their abject stupidity when it comes to cutting spending.

There are no real cuts.

There is only grandstanding.

John Boehner is trying to “govern” but the pandering twits of the far right keep sand-bagging him to support their potential POTUS campaigns or pander to their libertarian, John Birch Society alleged base.

The far right is pushing the cowards of the GOP into political suicide.  The newest example of this is the prospect of forcing IRS audits on anyone who has had an abortion? (Even if that person has been raped?)

They are working to get rid of ALL campaign finance rules, which will once again prove to be an abject disaster.

What are these people thinking?

Why not make very real cuts and take out all those duplicate agencies and commissions?  They could save far more money than with this PR disaster.  I don’t mind defunding NPR (but for reasons that aren’t all that in sync with conservative values).  As a former business person, I wanted to advertise with NPR but couldn’t do it because they were too good to take advertising.  Defund ’em.

Hit Planned Parenthood.

Cut military advertising.  They don’t need it.

Do foreign aid on a case by case bases.

Use your dang blasted heads for something other than wearing Ron Paul dunce caps.

Are they so stupid that they cannot realize not only does the GOP need to make very real and lasting cuts, not just token PR snips, but they are also fighting a PR war that they have ALREADY LOST?

Want an example of conservative stupidity?  (From LGF)


Sorry, but how STUPID CAN YOU BE?

“…What’s more, proposed funding cutbacks could make it more difficult for public health officials and advocates to get the word out to both doctors and patients about the vaccines that certain at-risk groups should be receiving, according to Len Novick, executive director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, a public health non-profit. Smokers might not be aware that they should receive a pneumococcal vaccine, and senior citizens that they should get vaccinated against shingles, according to new recommendations from the CDC. And the reductions could also undercut the federal agency’s efforts to educate lower-income, uninsured communities about which vaccines they should be receiving. “When parents lose their jobs and their health-care, they don’t always know where to go for freebies,” says Catherine Martin, executive director of the California Immunization Coalition, a state-based advocacy group.

Health advocates tout vaccines as one of the most cost-effective preventive health strategies, warning that pinching pennies to achieve short-term cost savings could end up costing taxpayers plenty more down the road. A 2008 outbreak of measles in San Diego ended up costing $179,0000 to manage—at a cost of over $10,000 per case—and a similar outbreak in Iowa a few years earlier cost some $150,000, according to a CDC report.

Advocates warn that cutting back on vaccine education and availability could help increase the likelihood of future outbreaks of such diseases—and reduce the government’s ability to respond effectively to contain such outbreaks when they occur. “It’s false savings,” concludes APHA’s Benjamin. While other public health experts argue the impact of such cutbacks might not be immediately apparent, there could be risks down the road if funding for vaccines is undermined. “In the short term, you’re not going to see a difference, but [the question is] whether in three to five years, we’re going to maintain our high immunization levels,” says Dr. William Schaffner, chair of Vanderbilt University’s preventive medicine department and an advisor to the CDC….”

Has the far right miscalculated?  They are currently enjoying a few Pyrrhic Victories.  The House has voted to defund NPR.  That’s nice.  I gather they have not thought through the process.  Once they blow their chance to make good in DC and the Dems are back in power, they will make up for it by doubling up on what NPR gets.

They also violated their 72 Hour Rule!

It is just so silly.

The Daily Caller

I agree with the petty little cuts in the House are absurd.  BUT t0 blame John Boehner is equally absurd.  Let’s put the blame where it belongs, right back at the far right talkers, pundits, and those increasingly foolish (in a Biblical sense) historically illiterate tea partiers.

The GOP has turned into a band of cowards.  They are so afraid of the extremely few tea partiers there are, that they forget they represent all of us.  All that matters is the loud mouth, rude, and obnoxious tea partiers – and there are so darn few of them!

The cuts they are making are petty, pathetic, and cotton candy fluff over substance.  The only person making any sense is Dick Morris.

We are forced to put up with the likes of Ron Paul, as if he were some great political “god” rather than a demigod who is in love with the sound of his own voice and his own opinion.  If you really want to know what is wrong with Congress, Ron Paul is the face of disaster.

It’s too bad the cowards of the party don’t have any real political courage or leadership ability.  All that matters now is appealing for sound bits, looking good on camera, and flinging dough into their PACs.

Durn, but I agree with Hugh Hewitt:

“…The November election wasn’t about open rules or symbolic stands.  It was about cutting the size and scope of government and fighting to do so despite what the MSM says about the battle.  The GOP House has run out of time with its base.  It was a huge blunder to wait this long, to start so weak with the first “cuts” and to appear to be retreating at every turn.  It was an even worse mistake for the big spenders to lash out at the deficit hawks via leaks and anonymous quotes yesterday.

The worst communications team in memory chalked up another fiasco yesterday, just as they did the day before, and today they are going to offer up a sham “NPR defunding” bill, which will be three swings and misses in a week.  The question I posed Congressman Kingston yesterday “Do you think we are stupid?” applies to the entire GOP delegation.  The voters aren’t.  They know a dodge and a ruse and a cheap substitute for the real thing.  Skip the gimmicks and get on with making the argument about why the government will have to close down unless the president and the Senate Democrats listen to the people.  Explain why we are getting out of the abortion funding and public radio business.  Explain how the voters and the courts have cast a cloud over Obamacare and we won’t be allowing any job-killing rules to be written, and how the EPA has gone rogue and needs a legislative tether….”

Do you want to know how few tea party “patriots” there actually are?  Just crunch the numbers from Wisconsin.  If there was a real tea party and not a FOX Fantasy,   they would be able to counter what is going on in Wisconsin.  They cannot. The numbers are a fantasy, a lie, an canard.  There is NO tea party, not really.  There are a few pathetic losers who are clinging to Ron Paul and Glenn Beck.  That’s it.  We’ve been sold a fake bill of goods.

Rush has been drinking too much tea.  There is no tea party, not really.  Everyone wants to think there is, but show me the tea party in Wisconsin and Ohio.  They made a big noise, then let the GOP hang.

“…“And if the Republicans aren’t careful, they’re going to let their fear of bad PR kill the tea party revolution. And if they’re not careful what’s going to happen here is a third party is going to happen because the tea party crowd, grassroots, who made the Republican leadership possible, make no mistake, it’s the tea party turned out and voted that made the Republican leaders win, enabled their victory, made their leadership possible, if they’re not satisfied with the direction they see it will be third party time and nobody’s gonna be able to talk them out of it and then it will fracture our movement.”..”

The tea party patriots are voting against John Boehner because he is not doing enough.  They are being, as far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned, a bunch of jerks, handing 2012 to the Dems on a silver platter.

Evidently they only care about their agenda and don’t really care about the country.

“…“I think it’s usually wiser to vote with the Republican leader than with Nancy Pelosi if you’re a Republican,” Cole told POLITICO. “I think politically that’s a harder vote to explain at home than voting with John Boehner. I don’t see anything to be gained that way.”

“At the end of the day, politics is a team sport,” Cole said. “The only two things you can do as a member of the House on your own is hire and fire your staff and cast one vote. If you really want to get something done, you have to be part of a team that can muster 218 and work with the Senate and the president. That’s just the way the founders set up the system. … And that’s going to make it difficult for you to always get what you want.”…”

Daily Caller

The Pink Flamingo is getting tired of this two bit talk about cutting NPR, the National Endowment of the Arts, Planned Parenthood, and anything that reeks of climate change.  It’s pathetic.  It is grandstanding for the cameras.  It is accomplishing very little, and very little is being cut from the budget.

Conservative Home

I thought these big brave tea party types were going to do some serious budget cutting.  Rand Paul talked a good game, but he’s caved. He’s too busy putting the first touches on his campaign for the 2012 GOP nomination for POTUS.  A dumbed down version of his father, he’s more about Rand Paul than any real substance.

“…House Republicans are holding an emergency meeting of the Rules Committee on Wednesday to take up legislation that would block funding to NPR in the wake of James O’Keefe’s hidden camera prank on the news organization.

The meeting will examine HR 1076, introduced by Republican congressman and NPR-nemesis Doug Lamborn of Colorado, which would bar the government from providing any funding to NPR and its affiliate stations. The House already passed an amendment to its Continuing Resolution funding the government through September that would defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports both NPR and PBS, but the Senate defeated the bill and the latest CR only cuts $50 million in scheduled increases to NPR’s funding that the White House had already cut from its own budget proposal….”

It’s like this, if they keep up with the agenda that the sky is falling and they can’t get up, we’ve already lost.

The Politico