A Horror Story


From Wizbang comes a link to a tsunami horror video that is just that – horror.  Even after several weeks of the knowledge of the actuality of what happened, this video is amazing.  It is terrifying.  I would like to know what happened to the people who filmed it.

It was uploaded to Youtube just a few days ago.

I don’t know about you, but this left me in tears.  You think about the people who have died.  The lives that are ruined, and how amazing the Japanese are behaving.  I have an all new respect for them and their character.

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4 thoughts on “A Horror Story

  1. We went through something like this in Katrina. It is hard to imagine how much destruction water can do. I have a friend who returned to find nothing left of her house. She was a former opera singer and had two grand pianos in her house. No one will ever know where they went. So much just washed out to sea. And yes, the loss of life is hard. Just tell me about it. I lost five friends in Katrina. Three drowned, one died after being on the roof of his house for 14 hours and another died from ingesting water. There are people who will always try to ride out a storm. I have done it myself. My house is 135 years old, built high off the ground. I did not get sea water in my house, but the water came up to my front porch. I don’t want to make anybody sick, but when the water receded, I returned to find a dead body in front of my house, a dead body a few feet down the street and a human arm in some of the debris. I will NEVER get over this. We took up a special collection for the Japanese in church today. We understand what they are suffering. At least we had a warning and time to get out.

  2. Darn, I’m late to this and now the video has been shut down. Is it possible that it was a phony — possibly not a video from Japan, but from some other place at some other time?

    Regardless, Jose – your story of loss from Katrina is devastating, and your compassion and your church’s efforts are to be commended. A Brookstone store manager and I had some conversation about Japan last week. This woman survived Hurricane Andrew back when, lost everything, and was uprooted and ended up settling in Birmingham AL. She was visibly hurting for the Japanese and told me that she had overheard many disgusting comments made by spoiled, ignorant Americans about the unfolding tragedy. She urged me to donate to Brookstone’s relief effort, which I did. Brookstone is one company which is particularly dependent on Japan for many of the tech gadgets and other electronics.

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