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The Pink Flamingo knew that, once the usual sources stopped salivating and the dust had settled, information would surface showing that the so-called sub for a sub, Tony Hill, was not all that upstanding.   The reason I mention this is quite simple.  When dealing with the likes of Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe, or any misc. Maricopa County anti-immigration stalwart, (including Jan Brewer) look below the surface. Nothing is ever as it seems.

It took a few days, but once again, my theory about these people and their abject lack of character holds true.  It seems like Tony Hill has a problem with verbal abuse, and was reported to have “abused the family dog”.  In the world of anti-immigration bigots, they may not think much of Hispanics, but they will go after anyone who is abusive to animals.

Seems like his wife is Hispanic and he once tried to choke her.  Did he write the letter about how horrible Hispanic students are to reflect his own home life?  Considering the information that has come to light, one simply cannot help but want to debunk everything he wrote.

Phoenix New Times


There is a bottom line with the Tony Hill sub letter controversy.  As a former sub, I know that kids are horrible when subs, especially brand new subs, take over a class.  They are fresh meat.  Kids are like jaws.  If they smell blood in the water there is not telling what they will do or say.

FIRST UPDATE:  AZ school disputes sub slam of Hispanic students.

“…Angela Aguayo, 39, whose children used to attend Harold W. Smith Elementary and now attend other schools in the district, said they never experienced similar incidents with other teachers or substitutes.

While she was not afraid for the district’s reputation, Aguayo said the students’ comments, if any, should not have been taken out of the classroom.

“I feel that the discussions in class should be open,” Aguayo said. “But it shouldn’t be taken out . . . and used for his political agenda.”

The school district said it had not received much response from parents yet, but sent a letter home with students Wednesday regarding the controversy.

District officials said there were no plans to sever ties with Teachers on Call, the substitute agency Hill worked for.

“This is an anomaly,” Cummings said. “That we truly believe. As for Mr. Hill, part of what you expect when you send somebody in the classroom is there needs to be a trust there. At this point, I don’t know that any of our principals would trust him to go into any of our classrooms.”

Matt Klemish, a spokesman for Teachers on Call, said the agency was investigating Hill’s actions, but had been unable to contact Hill.

The letter has attracted national media attention, and Hill’s phone number appeared to be disconnected Wednesday.

Hill had earlier told The Republic that he didn’t write the letter out of malice or hatred, nor did he intend for it to be read on the Senate floor.

In the letter, Hill said he applauded Pearce’s efforts to “stop this invasion.”

Hill also said that most Hispanic students in the area “do not want to be educated but rather be gang members and gangsters. They hate America and are determined to reclaim this area for Mexico.”

A two-page exit report that Hill filled out after substituting on March 8 includes room to rank student behavior from excellent to poor, as well as asks specific questions.

Hill marked “poor” for students following directions and knowing the discipline process.

Under comments, he stated that students “refused to act proper.”

Hill did not write anything under the lines allotted for “inappropriate behavior.”…”

The Principle of the school sent a letter home to parents.

“...Mr. Hill is not one of GESD’s regular substitutes, which is why his name did not appear when the District’s employee data banks were searched, and why our statements to the media reflected that fact. However, we confirmed yesterday that Mr. Hill works for Teachers On Call, a substitute teacher placement service used by the District when our regular substitute teachers are not available to fill the District’s substitute teaching needs.

Mr. Hill has worked as a substitute in GESD for nine days since the start of the 2010-11 school year at three different schools. Of those nine assignments, only two were with eighth graders: on March 9 when he substituted for an art teacher at Challenger Middle School, and on March 8 when he substituted for an eighth grade reading, writing and social studies teacher at Harold W. Smith Elementary School.

Based on the District’s current investigation, which includes interviews with students and the teacher for whom Mr. Hill was a substitute, the District believes that the statements made by Mr. Hill in regard to our students and school were not accurate. Students who were interviewed did not recall making or hearing any of the inflammatory statements attributed to them by Mr. Hill, and students also said they stood for the daily recital of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The District’s investigation did confirm that students were asked to write letters to State Sen. Steve Gallardo. After watching a video of a news segment featuring him and commentator Lou Dobbs, students were asked to write a letter in which they took a position either for or against statements made by Sen. Gallardo. The goal of the assignment was to write a letter that used reason to convince the Senator to change his position, or that used reason to support his position. This type of assignment is not unusual at this grade level, and conforms with both District curriculum and state educational standards….”

ORIGINAL POST:  Russell Pearce has lost his neo-nazi hugging, white supremacist, racist mind.

Apparently he is a one man anti-Constitution machine.

Then again, he’s a true tea partier.  They only believe in THEIR version of the Constitution.

“…U.S. history, most of us weren’t around when the Constitution was written. But you remember we kind of existed before Congress, the states. We created the Congress, we created the federal government, by compact. Do you know what existed before the Congress, the states? Do you know, you’re not a citizen of the United States. You’re a citizen of a sovereign state. The fifty sovereign states makes up United States of America, we’re citizens of those sovereign states. It is not a delegated authority. It’s an inherent authority that states have over the federal government. [applause] It’s about time somebody gets it right!…”

It does make sense.

The Raw Story

Someone needs to give this dufus a history lesson.


NOTE: The Pink Flamingo is getting two versions of the story.  One says that Hill was teaching 8th graders, another that he was teaching 4/5th graders.

“…9 On Your Side called Hill but his voice mail was full.  He did not return our calls or reply to our emails.  KGUN9 News also called all five school districts located in Glendale.  All five districts confirmed, according to school records, a Tony or Anthony Hill has never worked for any of them as a teacher or substitute, at least in the last two years.

The Glendale School District also stated it does not teach its 8th grade students about Mark Twain, as Hill alluded to in his letter. A spokesperson said Mark Twain is not part of the districts curriculum for middle school students.  That’s why Hispanic lawmakers want Pearce to prove the facts stated in Hill’s letter are really true.

“Not only does Senator Klein owe us all an apology and every student in the state of Arizona an apology, I think Russell Pearce has some questions to answer,” said Gallardo.

Pearce did not return 9 On Your Side’s phone calls but released a statement in late afternoon.  In part, Pearce’s statement reads:

“I am shocked that Members of the Minority are so quick to defend the actions of these troublemakers, and mock the frustration many teachers feel in bringing order to the classroom… I’ve spoken with the teacher who wrote this letter. He stands by all he wrote. This is happening in our classrooms… We will not apologize.”

However, Pearce’s statement does not answer where Hill works as a substitute teacher.  According to the Arizona Department of Education, Anthony Hill received his teaching certificate on October 14, 2010. But the state does not keep records on where teachers sub…”

When Russell Pearce is involved, a person had better be prepared to cut through the you know what to get to what might be the truth. 

“...Senate President Russell Pearce sent out a press statement defending a letter written by substitute teacher Tony Hill and read on the Senate floor by Sen. Lori Klein.

Pearce said he has spoken to Hill and that Hill stands by what he wrote. Pearce criticized Senate Democrats for questioning the legitimacy of the letter. Hill in his letter said students refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance, tore pages out of textbooks and threw paper….”

Tony Hill was interviewed by the press:

“..Hill said he wrote the letter Klein read last week, and he said every word is true. Klein did not name the author during her speech. He said the letter was about an experience with a history and language class in a grade 4-8 public school in Glendale, but he would not name the school. Glendale Elementary School District reported it has no record of a Tony or Anthony Hill subbing in the past couple of years. Hill’s employment could not be confirmed at other districts in the city by press time…”

An alleged teacher wrote a letter to Russell Pearce, who has been promoting the letter.  First, note the following:

“...The Arizona Department of Education has confirmed that Hill is certified as a substitute teacher. Hill declined to say which school he was describing, but said it was not a charter school. Glendale, Peoria, Alhambra and Pendergast school districts have no record of Hill teaching there. Deer Valley has not returned multiple calls seeking information.,,,”

AZ Central

“…The teacher’s instructions were for the students to read a few pages and answer the questions regarding Mark Twain in their history textbook and to finish their final drafts to Senator Steve Gallardo thanking him for his position on Illegal Immigration rights. Their teacher apparently had showed them a video with Senator Steve Gallardo and Lou Dobbs. Most of the students came unprepared for class not possessing paper and pencil. I provided the students with paper and pencils only to have them wade-up the paper and throw it at each other along with their pencils.

The students’ final drafts that I read were basically the same. Most of them stated they were in the country illegally, White Americans are racist, and that they came here for a better life. I asked the class if America adopted Mexico immigration laws would Americans still be consider racist?…

I applaud and support your efforts to stop this invasion into our state and country. When the citizens of a country are forced to speak the invaders language, adopt their customs, and forced to support them, are we not a conquer nation? I do not want to see our state and nation turned into a third world country. Thank you for standing up to this invasion. You may contact me by phone, e-mail, or mail. Thank you, again.


Tony Hill…”

I small a rat.  So does Democratic Diva:

Democratic Diva

Why would you have a elementary school teacher be doing a Lou Dobbs thing?

Once upon a time (a few years ago) The Pink Flamingo did substituting here in town.  I did mostly high school, junior high – a little, and one day of elementary.

It was my experience if kids know they are having a sub:

  1. If a kid could get away with not being prepared – they will
  2. If they could get away with not having paper, pencils – they will
  3. They forget their paper
  4. They forget their pencils/pens
  5. They forget their homework
  6. They forget their books
  7. They talk in class
  8. They eat in class
  9. They play games in class
  10. They will outright lie to a sub, just for the heck of it
  11. They will do anything they can – for the heck of it
  12. They will sneak out of class
  13. They will lie about it
  14. They will sleep
  15. They will lie about assignments
  16. They will lie about their names
  17. They will pretend not to speak English
  18. They will do anything they can – to harass a sub!

I have been there and done that.  For an alleged “sub” to base his assumptions of illegal immigration on an alleged day in class is downright – well, amazing.  Everyday subbing is a bad day.  It is you against the kids. If you aren’t sharper than the kids, you lose.  I was known at The Cool Sub, because I told them I didn’t care what they did as long as they didn’t lie, steal, or get me in trouble.  If they blew it, failed, did not turn in their work, they were responsible.  As far as I was concerned they adults, minus the reason, judgment, experience, and rational thinking.  I treated them like adults.  There was a two week period where I had the same class (teacher’s mother-in-law died).  By the time she returned I had them ahead of her lesson plans (which I  managed to find after 2 days of looking).  I told them I didn’t give a rip what they did, as long as they did it quietly and did not break any major laws.

For “Tony Hill” to blame the problems he allegedly experienced on illegal Hispanic kids is just plan do-do.  I have experienced many of the things Hill lamented, simply because the kids knew I was a brand new sub. I also know from experience, he would not have experienced these things while subbing younger kids.

An elementary school kid is NOT going to be discussing Lou Dobbs, illegal immigration, and writing to a state senator.  Heck, a  high school kid (an average kid) is not going to be discussing Lou Dobbs, illegal immigration, or writing to a state senator.  It just isn’t going to happen – and not for a sub.

Not speaking English – they are going to try anything.  Trust me.  I had 3 kids skip class, telling me one thing, doing another.  I called the assistant principal, he caught them ditching.  Another 3 kids basically told me off – just nasty.  I busted them.  I see one of them almost every day, and we get along great.

The letter does not ring true.  This time I’m not discussing it on the typical Russell Pearce anti-Hispanic racism.  This time, writing from the point of view of a former sub – his Tony Hill letter is a crock.   Sure, the bad day could have happened, but anyone who has experience as a sub, knows that’s just a regular day in the trenches.  Them vs. us.

P. S.  One of the kids who gave me the worst time when I was subbing is now a very good friend!




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