When Anarchists Take Over


Is there a connection between anarchists, the SEIU, ACORN, Twitter madness, and the uprisings in the Middle East?  Probably not, but it makes a great conspiracy theory.  The Pink Flamingo does think there is a “harmonic convergence” (whatever that is) between the anti-capitalists, union organizers, anarchists, and troublemakers through-out the civilized world.

There is a very real problem with social networking being used for evil and not for good. The other very real problem is the vile actions we saw in London on Saturday are coming to a city near you, shortly.  The people who trashed businesses in London will do the same thing in Palm Beach, or New York, of Beverly Hills.  They are typical of jealous people who would rather destroy the fruits of another person’s labor, rather than work for things themselves.

They are now targeting the Royal Wedding.

UK Telegraph

The photo above illustrates one of the problems with fighting these jerks.  Currently they are unarmed.  One of these days they are not going to be unarmed, and they are going to be even more terrifying than they are, currently.

“…Hundreds of thousands of people joined yesterday’s “March for the Alternative” in protest at the Coalition’s cuts to public expenditure. The vast majority of those who paraded through the streets of London were peacefully exercising their right to object to government policy. But there were a brutish few intent on smashing, looting and fighting. The thugs who attacked Topshop, HSBC, Fortnum & Mason and the Ritz Hotel were not representative – however it is their pointlessly destructive violence that will supply the enduring images of the day.

The responsibility for these shameful events lies squarely with the perpetrators, who should be punished accordingly. Police officers, faced with enormously testing circumstances, behaved with great bravery and restraint. A number of them sustained injuries. Spokesmen for the Met claimed last night that there was little more they could have done to maintain order, or to protect private premises on the route of the march. It is nevertheless right that questions should be asked about whether there were flaws in the tactics police chiefs employed.

UK Daily Mail

The hard-core minority of balaclava-wearing bullies who created havoc belonged to a motley group of so-called anarchist and anti-capitalist organisations. They had signalled their intentions well in advance of the march itself. Was it really impossible to stop them before they were able to inflict damage on shops in Oxford Street and other locations? If the police knew that they might not be able to protect property or prevent the hard-core from becoming violent, was enough done to prepare the businesses that might be affected?…”


A perfect storm is brewing.  It is brought to you by social media, twitter, the likes of Julian Assange, opportunistic union bottom-feeders, Islamic hard-liners, politically correct stupidity, libertarian dishonesty, green monsters, and spoiled brat anarchists.

Wisconsin Protests

Is it about jobs, unions, Islam, or just a way for spoiled brat wannabes of the current younger generation using social media to be a bunch of thugs to intimidate and get their own way.

NY Daily News
The Blaze

It is a battle of the young who don’t have jobs and have been basically pandered to their entire lives.  Let’s just call them the Day Care Generation.

UK Telegraph

“...Of the two types of present-day anarchism, the cyber variety is clearly the greater threat. Cyberanarchists are a well-adapted parasitic complication of modern times, whereas the European bomb throwers, for their rising numbers, are almost symbolically retro. Some among the latter have even taken to warning their targets in advance. Moreover, as the world economy finds its footing, disgruntled leftists of all stripes are sure to fade away. But the cyberanarchists, in addition to having the effective means, will also have their cause so long as their “new home of social consciousness” needs defending….”

It is also about the far left going down in flames and fighting for relevancy.

UK Daily Mail

Is it possible what we are actually seeing in the Middle East is not the birth throes of “freedom” as we all hope it is, and maybe once was, but an opportunistic way for anarchist bottom feeders to make their mischief?

In Tunisia

We are seeing the beginning of a problem here in the US.

UK Daily Mail

“...Then, some 20 young people stormed the store, grabbing goods as they went. One assaulted the clerk on the way out, punching him several times in the face. That time, police used surveillance video to charge several teenagers with offences ranging from first-degree aggravated robbery to rioting and theft.  They are hoping for the same success with the most recent case, investigators told KARE-TV in Minnesota.  St Paul police spokesman Andy Skoogman said the so-called ‘mob robberies’ were still ‘far from a trend’. But he did admit they were ‘concerning’.  ‘From our two cases, it’s a quick hit,’ he said. ‘They run in quickly, grab things, and run out.’  He urged store clerks and witnesses not to intervene if their shop should be attacked in the same way.  ‘We want store employees to be witnesses to shoplifting, not victims of assault,’ he said….”

Part of it is the death throes of the unions, who are rapidly losing popularity, and the right is too stupid to realize they could solve the whole problem by making the US union optional.  We are also seeing a problem in the way that Ron Paul is organizing his college age supporters.  We are seeing it in Wisconsin.

With apologies to Hugh Hewitt, he has the best breakdown of what happened in London over the weekend without going into tremendous amount of verbiage.  Anyone with half a brain could have seen it coming.  The authorities did not.

Libertarian Republican

This has terrible implications for the US, but I doubt if anyone is seeing it coming.

Hugh Hewett

It started out as a good thing, in Tunisia, where a little guy had had enough.  It sparked a revolution that has been usurped by the very worst elements of Islamic society.

“…Manoubya Bouazizi said her son’s decision “was spontaneous, from the humiliation.” Her clear blue eyes welled as her husband placed at her feet a small clay pot filled with a few white-hot pieces of charcoal, their only defense against a cold, raw, rain-swept day. The Bouazizi family has no money, no car, no electricity, but it was not poverty that made her son sacrifice himself, she said. It was his quest for dignity.

Ben Ali visited Mohammed Bouazizi in the hospital, along with a camera crew. The president made a show of handing Manoubya a check for 10,000 dinars (about $14,000). But the mother said Ben Ali’s staffers took the check back after the cameramen were escorted from the room. “I never got any of it,” she said.

Three weeks after he set himself on fire, Bouazizi died in the burn unit.

In early January, the policewoman was arrested, but it was too late. The story had spread, and three months later, a revolution that sprouted in a small village in Tunisia and flowered in Egypt has morphed into a contagion that threatens regimes in Bahrain and Yemen, has enveloped Libya in civil war, and is unsettling even the region’s more placid monarchies, such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan….”

H/T Libertarian Republican

Or – is there something more to this?

From Doug Powers:

Doug Powers

Donald Douglas has connected the same dots:

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