Totalitarian Conservatives Will Ruin the GOP


We all know a government shut-down will do great harm to the GOP. Republicans are so dumb, they get played by the Dems every time.  A shut-down is only going to help Dems. You shut down the government and you lose independents.  You lose independents and the Dems make huge gains in 2012.  Then again, perhaps that is what the far right and the libertarian tea parties want.  It is the only thing that makes sense – that they want to be losers, year after year after year.  Losing and crying about it is much easier than winning and having to govern in a logical and sensible manner.

One of the worst things to happen to the GOP in years is the tea party.  It is not the ideology, but the Ron Paul Bot, John Birchers who are involved.  Their bad manners and ill-bred behavior has pushed the GOP farther right, suicidally right.  Thanks to these people, the GOP has forgotten who they are, they’ve lost their way.  Leaders like Lindsey, who should be honored for his statesmanship, are instead, slammed, denigrated, and threatened.


They refuse to march lock-step with totalitarian conservative – libertarian ideas.   It has reached the point where it is as thought the totalitarian thought police will not even allow Republicans to have thoughts of their own.

“…Some political observers have said that Republicans could take the brunt of the blame for a shutdown like they did the last time one occurred in the mid-1990s, when they controlled the House and Senate. But others say that voters could blame Democrats since they control the Senate and White House.  Contrary to Graham, some conservative GOP lawmakers backed by Tea Party activists have suggested that a shutdown could be necessary to drive home the party’s message on spending….”

The other night, Bill O’Reilly was talking about “totalitarian liberals”.  He describes them as liberals who demand everyone think exactly the way they do, do what they do, and act the way they do.  OR ELSE!

Totalitarian is defined as: exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought of others; authoritarian; autocratic.

Totalitarian conservatives demand we do exactly as they do and exactly what they want.  In becoming totalitarian conservatives, who allege to value free speech and freedom of thought become what they hate the most.  They have lost all wisdom, logic, and reason.  All that matters is ideology.

There is no humanity or compassion.  Just ideology.  And – the means justify the ends.  Ideology must trump everything, no matter what one does to win.

Totalitarian conservatives demand we hate.  They are no different from totalitarian liberals or totalitarian libertarians.  The only difference is their political theology, which is basically hatred, dislike, vitriol, enmity, and vicious cruelty.  There is no room for a soul, kindness, or compassion.

Sorry, but The Pink Flamingo is no longer playing that game.  I no longer take part in the I Hate George Soros Club.  My mother always told my sister and I that, when you pray for a person, for their soul, you start feeling differently about them.  Someone needs to pray for this pathetic excuse of a human, and I’m doing it.  I no longer hate him.  I can’t.  I want the man to find Christ.  Do you realize what kind of a world it would be if George Soros became a Christian?  I’ve reached the point where I don’t care about his politics.  That is not what matters.  The condition of his soul is what matters.

Lindsey has been a real statesman lately, going after everyone, opening his mouth and out comes reason, logic and decency. He’s just going to get himself in all sort of trouble.

“…Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Tuesday he supported Durbin’s decision to hold the hearing on civil rights. But he also echoed King’s call for American Muslims to do more to combat efforts to radicalize members of their community.

“I am asking you to get in this fight,” Graham said. “We’re at war with an ideology.”…”

“…GRAHAM: I guess my opinion about such matters is that one case is too many. You have an example in America where somebody is being abused because of their faith, I think all of us should join in and push back as the Bush administration did, as you’re doing. So that’s my baseline here — I don’t know what the numbers are but one for me is too many. And to those who have freedom of speech, it’s a gift given to you by a lot of people risking their own lives. So when you say things here at home or you do things here at home that create tension based on religious differences, particularly when its the Muslim community involved, your putting our soldiers at risk.

We have soldiers all over the world of a variety of religions fighting in the name of America trying to help moderate Muslims defeat radical Islam. And my view is that there are plenty of moderate Muslims out there who need our help and we should be helping because its better to fight the war over there than it is here. But at the end of the day, we’re all in this together….there are plenty of Muslims who wear our uniform and we need to understand that, again, we’re all in this together….”

Mark Levin can sometimes be obnoxious, but he pegged it.  You need to listen to the audio.  He slams Jack Hunter (the Southern Avenger) taking him out!  For this Levin earns my eternal gratitude.

“…“Truth be told, I’m not the administrator of my social sites, but I back the administrator,” Levin said. “See, what happens folks is sometimes we get into these little discussions and the word goes out – flood the Facebook site or whatever – through bloggers, through people who think by this kind of mob mentality, they’re going to persuade people. They don’t persuade anybody of anything. They annoy people and so the administrator has to clean out a bunch of them, particularly when they get into their hate modes. They keep linking back to other sites, which are intending to increase the hits on those other sites.”

Those engaging in this “obnoxious” behavior tend to be the followers of Paul, according to Levin.

“And so we get into these debates on constitutional issues, on economics, on history,” he continued. “And that’s a good thing. But the Ron Paul people are the biggest a-holes of them all. Now some of you may be thinking about Ron Paul – I promise you his followers are the biggest a-holes of them all. Not necessarily because of what they believe, but the way they express themselves. They’re obnoxious. They’re like Marxists, really. The mob mentality, the language, true believers, and yet there is a lot that is sensible, particularly on the Rand Paul side of the family when it comes to the Constitution, and economics and so forth.”…”

Frum Forum

It’s all about the budget.  The far right is salivating about shutting down the government. It’s what the talking heads want.  It’s what the tea party wants.  No one bothers to mention that the tea party and those who sympathize with it are less that one fifth of the electorate. Granted, those numbers could be damning for the GOP, and are because the tea party is basically libertarian.  They are manipulating the GOP. I swear they want to hurt the GOP.

Totalitarian conservatives are out to destroy men like Lindsey because they are not ideologically perfect.

The Hill

Does the far far, libertarian, tea party abused right think that a shutdown of the government is going to work in our favor?  If so, they are living on an entirely different planet, say Planet Goofy.  The Dems are going to manipulate everything to ruin the GOP in 2012.

The totalitarian behavior of the far right – listening to libertarian demands is ruining the GOP.  Just look at Wisconsin and Florida.

“..This is a robo-poll, but it’s finding a Scott-centric problem. Marco Rubio enjoys positive, plurality approval numbers. More people in the sample say they voted for John McCain than Obama in 2008, even though Obama won the state; 47 percent of the people polled say they’re conservative, to only 23 percent who say they’re liberal.

So Scott joins John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin in the ranks of GOP governors with horrible robo-poll numbers only three months into their terms. The Florida difference: There hasn’t been a robust union or Democratic protest movement of Scott. There’s just negative media coverage about how his family could benefit from his own policies, complaints from Republicans about his leadership, disapproval of his cuts to education and the state workforce (as he phases in an end to corporate taxes), irritation with the cancellation of the Tampa-Orlando rail line, etc and so on.

I wrote earlier this month that the rejection of these governors’ austerity packages were potential problems for the GOP’s national ticket in 2012 — it’s hard to win without Ohio and Florida. These are still potential problems. Anger at budget cuts can subside if the economy picks up. And from a policy perspective, it’s hard to argue that Kasich, Walker, and Scott are making mistakes. They won power, and they’re using it. If they go down in flames in four years, they leave the public sector unions much weaker and the welfare state much smaller, with low taxes that will be difficult to raise….”

Fred Barnes has the best commentary on the problems of shutting down the government.

“...This is all the more reason for the GOP not to provoke a government shutdown. Yet dissatisfied Republicans are willing to risk one by opposing further short-term extensions of spending. Fifty-four House Republicans voted against the three-week extension passed on March 15. “Nobody wants a government shutdown, but unless we take a stand, we will shut down the future of our children and grandchildren,” Mr. Pence said.

Would a shutdown give Republicans more muscle in negotiating for cuts? Some Republicans speculate it would “clarify” the sharp differences between what Republicans are seeking and what Democrats want, prompting most Americans to side with Republicans. Maybe it would. But it might not.

One thing Republicans know for sure is how to cause a shutdown: Demand more than Democrats will ever agree to. So long as they control the Senate and White House, Democrats will reject massive cuts. Republicans also want to bar spending for Planned Parenthood, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Mr. Obama’s health-care program. Attach any of these prohibitions to a spending measure and Democratic opposition is certain. Should Republicans insist, we’ll get a government shutdown….”

There is a bitter irony here.   Now that Scott Walker and John Kasich have misread the tea leaves, it looks like the tea party is pooping out, not standing up for those who were bowing to their demands.  Michael Barone thinks it has.

“…Has the wind gone out of the sails of the smaller-government movement? Is the Tea Party movement going through a hangover?

You can find some evidence for these propositions. In Washington, Democrats like former National Chairman Howard Dean look forward gleefully to a government shutdown, and Sen. Charles Schumer thinks he can drive a wedge between Speaker John Boehner and “extremist” Tea Partiers.

And in state capitals some new Republican governors are getting hostile receptions to their plans for cutting spending and curtailing the power of public employee unions….”