If Gaddafi Were an Illegal What Would Lou Dobbs Do?


Lou Dobbs thinks that Lindsey is being rather absurd for his latest efforts to rid the world of terror.

Lindsey wants  Muammar Qaddafi investigated for his role the 1988 Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland.  He is echoing nothing new.  Families of Pan Am Flight 103 have been wanting something like this for years.

“…“I wholly agree with President Obama’s statements that Muammar Qadhafi’s rule in Libya must end.  For four decades, Mr. Qadhafi has ruled over his people as a tyrant.  His actions have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Libyans and endangered people from around the world.  He is not the legitimate leader of Libya and is in fact an international criminal.

“I write today to urge the investigation of Muammar Qadhafi’s involvement in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.  As Secretary of State Clinton recognized, former members of the Libyan government recently stated that Mr. Qadhafi ordered the bombing of the civilian plane.

“The bombing of Pan Am flight 103 killed 270 people, including 189 Americans.  The families and loved ones of those killed in the attack deserve justice and a full accounting of those responsible.  I fully support Secretary Clinton’s call for an investigation into Mr. Qadhafi’s involvement in the attack.  Should the claims of Mr. Qadhafi’s involvement prove true, he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.”…”


This morning on FOX, Lou Dobbs, at his pontificating best, thinks that Lindsey is all wet, basically.  Can’t figure out why he would even bother.  The first part of this is that Dobbs will rally all of his drooling followers (both of them) to go after Lindsey once again.  He will also take the current FOX party line against action in Libya.  (The Pink Flamingo continues to find the FOX party line about Libya rather strange to say the least).

Dobbs was at his fake intellectual nastiest.  He was snide, superior and dismissing.  His approach to Lindsey’s idea is that it is absurd, and just plain ill-advised.  Dobbs said that the bombing happened several decades ago.  Libya (Qaddafi) had paid out several billion to the families of those murdered.  He, Dobbs, thinks that is enough justice for those families.

This is terribly revealing about a man like Dobbs.  It shows he is all about the money, and not about doing what is right.  Evidently to Dobbs, getting a payout is akin to bringing a murderous dictator to justice.  I guess it is all about the money, right?

Perhaps Dobbs might want to explain this little ditty from his web site:

Lou Dobbs

It is obvious from the post, written by Dobbs’ staff (and not Dobbs) that he did not approve of the return of convicted terrorist Megrahi’s return to Libya.  Seems he should be in favor of Lindsey’s proposal.

(Oh, wait, Dobbs does not like Lindsey and Dobbs is a petty little has-been).

It is quite obvious what Lindsey is doing.

Lindsey is working several moves ahead of today.  If Gaddafi were to be brought to justice for something that happened nearly a quarter century ago, then it sets the precedent to go after other promoters of terror, even a quarter century from now.

Of course, if Muammar Qaddafi were an illegal immigrant from Mexico, Lou Dobbs would be screaming to have him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Quite a bit of this is the intellectual dishonesty of pontificating pundits like Lou Dobbs who are more interested in their audience share and hearing their own voice than they are what is right. Dobbs detests Lindsey.  If Lindsey said the sky were blue, Dobbs would say it was green, etc.

The bottom line here is the fact that the pundits of the far right are as intellectually dishonest as those of the far left.  They are in it for themselves and that’s about it.  We need to remember this, and not give people like Dobbs more credit than what he deserves.  It’s too bad people like this put themselves ahead of what is good for the country.

Then again, we need to remember it is all about Lou Dobbs and people like him.  It is not about what is best for the United States.  It is all about Lou Dobbs and his hatred of Lindsey Graham.  In allowing his dislike of Lindsey to get the better of him, once again he has put his intense intellectual dishonesty on display.


3 thoughts on “If Gaddafi Were an Illegal What Would Lou Dobbs Do?

  1. I doubt if Dobbs would know what is right if it were served to him on a silver platter with piccalilli relish on it. FOX is getting weirder and weirder. They have all kinds of subtle little ways to discredit Lindsey. Last night on Bill O’Reilly’s show Lindsey was declared a pin head because he expressed his opinion about republicans complaining about the cost of the Libyan situation. Since when is a person considered a pin head for expressing an opinion? I have lost all respect for O’Reilly and I really detest him. I don’t always agree with Lindsey, but I think he does a very good job and is one of the few leaders who is not afraid to express an opinion even if it is unpopular with the majority.

  2. I never watch Dobbs and if his face shows up unexpectedly my TV goes off instantly.

    This is an interesting strategy – good for Lindsey:

    Lindsey is working several moves ahead of today. If Gaddafi were to be brought to justice for something that happened nearly a quarter century ago, then it sets the precedent to go after other promoters of terror, even a quarter century from now.

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