The Minority Maker Strikes Again?


What do you do for an encore after you have cost the GOP control of the US Senate?  If you are a rational person who does not have libertarian tendencies, you behave yourself.  If you are Jim DeMint, you promise even more mischief, even if you have said you would behave yourself!

What do you do for an encore?  You cost the GOP the 2012 Presidential election!

“…“We have to get it right this time,” DeMint, who recently ruled out a 2012 run of his own, told Rep. Steve King’s conservative principles conference in Des Moines, where he was the keynote speaker….“I hope Iowa will not only be the first state to pick the right candidate…but also the first state to redirect our country to the principles that we want our candidate to carry,” he said. “Those priniciples that will restore the greatness, the freedom, the opportunity…We must choose the right principles before we can choose the right candidate.”

He added, “It’s not a personality contest, it’s not the person who can make the best speech.”…In Des Moines Saturday night, DeMint urged people to pay close attention to the GOP candidates over the course of the coming year.

“Watch what they do with the debates in Congress now. … Are they taking a bold stand to challenge Republicans,” he said, adding people should also monitor the presidential hopefuls’ stands on foreign policy and the situation in Libya.

“The only thing that can defeat America is apathy from our citizens,” DeMint said….”

According to a Pink Flamingo source, Jim DeMint has promised not to target Republicans who are in the Senate.  It sure doesn’t look like it, does it?

What do you do with a tea party “patriot” leader and a good conservative who gives his alleged word that he will not target seated US Senators, but appears to go back on his word?

That’s simple.

He’s a good tea party leader!

DeMint Email

The Minority Maker

“…At that time, DeMint was blamed by many of his Republican colleagues for propping up weak candidates who either could not win a general election or needed tons of Washington cash to stay competitive in their races. But DeMint said he was backing those with strong principles of small government, which had been abandoned by many Washington Republicans. Still, he has repeatedly said he would rather have a caucus of 30 principled conservative senators than 60 who lack those convictions….”


“…Cornyn said he’s had “extensive discussions” to “try as much as possible to eliminate any conflicts.” For instance, Cornyn said, when candidates come to the Hill to meet with DeMint, they should also meet with a “multitude of senators,” so “everyone kind of gets to know them better.”

Cornyn — who plans to run for the No. 2 position in GOP leadership next Congress — says he’ll stay out of contested primaries completely in 2012 after some of his endorsement decisions last cycle were received skeptically by the right.

Still, there are several candidates viewed as strong contenders by Washington Republicans — including former Rep. Heather Wilson in New Mexico, Rep. Denny Rehberg in New Mexico and potentially former Gov. Linda Lingle in Hawaii — who may lack the conservative credentials DeMint wants.

When Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison announced she will not seek reelection next year, DeMint blasted an e-mail to his supporters saying the “Washington establishment” was lining up behind Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, but that “the two candidates we hear most about from conservatives” are Texas railroad commissioner Michael Williams and former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz. The NRSC plans to stay out of the primary in Cornyn’s home state.

“If there are three or four good conservatives in the state, we might not get in,” DeMint said. “It’s only when there’s a contrast between Republicans [that] we’ll look to get involved.”

In a peace offering to the seven GOP incumbents who are still seeking reelection, DeMint has vowed not to back any primary challenger against them — even in the case of Maine’s moderate Sen. Olympia Snowe. Instead, DeMint will focus his attention on open seats and against the 23 Democratic seats that are in cycle…”

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