MORNING UPDATE: The White Fire – Please Pray!



The wind is blowing back toward us, so pray.  Prima Luca brings the mountain behind me, completely burned out.  I’ll get photos when there is decent light.

Right now, please pray for everyone, and for those incredible firefighters.  There were about 300 of them last night, working all night.  The Downs is under mandatory evacuation, but my neighbor and I are still here.

I slept about an hour last night.  Finally ate a bowl of soup about 1:30AM!  Loaded a bunch of stuff in the Durango, including my Mac, so I’m on the Macbook Air.

I finally found the photo of Ted Williams and I.  That is loaded!  Have basic “treasures”.  Now scavenging for the next group.  I have a container and bubble wrap down by my curio. I’m not going to start packing unless I get spooked.  I have clothes in the Durango as well as my dirty laundry!  (Okay, I’ll take it to my mother’s house – just like a college kid!).  The new Ferragamos are safe!

The terrifying chore will be loading the cats.  I’m not sure how many I will be able to catch and load.  I know I can get Bubbles and Doc secure.  The carport calico is acting so strange.  I suspect I might even be able to get her into a container – maybe.

The main thing now is pray for protection against burning embers.  I think that is the real danger now.  The amazing firefighters have managed to save all but 5 houses behind me!  Kire’s house was saved!  Houses burned around her, but so far, she is okay.

The Chengs are evacuated.  Looks like they will be able to get back into their home today.  Say a prayer for Doug and Vicki Conley, as well as Vicki Eckert (the poodle parlor).  Check my Facebook page for the photo Vicki Conley took last night.

I’m going to try and get a little sleep.


They are calling it the White Fire. The fire is right behind my condo.  It began sometime between 1:30 and 2:30 PM.  So far it has gobbled up a good 2000 acres, and my nerves.  On the plus side, I’ve met a bunch of my neighbors I’d never previously met.

The winds were terrible, 30-40MPH with 65MPH gusts.  At least they were blowing northwest, away from me.

The fire started as a grass fire, which sure sounds suspicious.

The news footage here was shot about a quarter mile from my home.

The casino has been evacuated.  All of the houses below me have been evacuated. Four have burned.  It looks like the flames have come up to the river behind me.

The parents came by and brought extra cat carriers.  They have Rums and some of the “treasures”.  Josie is here with me.

The wind just doesn’t seem to want to stop.  I have so many friends who have been evacuated, their homes threatened.

It’s like this.  Right now, the way I feel, the last salaries and pensions you want to cut are firefighters!

My neighbor, Joan, helped with the photos.


4 thoughts on “MORNING UPDATE: The White Fire – Please Pray!

  1. This is terrible. I hope they get the fire under control soon. I will say some special prayers tonight. I understand your anxiety. I have had to evacuate my home so many times during storms I just keep a stiff upper lip. If you do evacuate, leave with the expectation that nothing will be left when you return. You cannot take everything, but take your important papers, your jewelry, sterling, pictures, and anything else you feel you can’t live without. I know many people who have lost everything during Katrina. Hope for the best. It is not the end of the world. Good luck to you!

  2. At least my faith and disposition have returned.

    I spent past hour photographing everything. Have the Durango loaded with enough for basic survival. Sterling evacuated with the dog! I am waiting for the last minute to remove my research files – there are so many.

    Thank you for your prayers….I owe you a few!


  3. I said some special prayers for you and your community at 7 AM mass this morning. Pray Azariah’s prayer in the furnace (Daniel 3:26-29, 34-41.

  4. The sky is so clear! Just beautiful blue, like after a hurricane. The hillside behind me is relatively intact. Winds have slowed enough for the slurry bombers to go to work.

    Prayer sure helps!


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