Pathetic Pandering Pretentious Pachyderm POTUS Pretenders


The GOP is going to have a difficult time in 2012 defeating Barack Obama.  One reason is the fact that we should be seeing a strong candidate emerge by now.  The other reason is, for the first time in many years, the GOP is lacking a real leader at the top.  Consequently the twits are having a good time making mischief. Rumor has it that Jim DeMint (the Minority Maker) is planning to support Rand Paul for POTUS (God Help Us All).

“…DeMint has had plenty of kind words for Palin in recent weeks, but several sources tell FITS that the fiscally conservative champion is also considering an endorsement of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul – or his son, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (who paid a recent, high-profile visit to the Palmetto state)….”

The Pink Flamingo suspects the reason DeMint won’t run is because of two things. 1)  he is planning to run for governor  2) he is in deep do-do with the FEC with his PAC.

Pathetic Pandering Pretentious Pachyderm POTUS Pretenders – that is what they are.

The current crop of 2012 GOP Nominee Wannabes are pathetic.  They are kabuki theater of the absurd, small, petty, pandering, narrow-minded, tea slurping, little twerps who have no actual leadership ability.

They are pandering.  They are showing just who and what they are, and are not looking too good.

All they can talk about is what is wrong with America.

We need someone who is positive, who believes that our best days are not behind us, but in front of us.

Get it?

It is called leadership.

Currently there are only a couple candidates who have a snowball’s chance:

“…Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has quietly launched a 15-city push to secure financial commitments from big-money “bundlers,” hoping to reveal a fund-raising network that would establish him as the prohibitive frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president.

Mr. Romney and top aides will meet Thursday in New York with nearly 100 donors—many from Wall Street— at the Harvard Club. Attendees are being asked to raise between $25,000 and $50,000 for Mr. Romney within 90 days, in an effort to post large fund-raising totals quickly, one person familiar with events said…”

And – there are so many twits in the game that according to sources, Mitt is scaling back his fund-raising goals.

This is NOT good.

One of the problems is people like Michele Bachmann, who have no business in Congress, let alone running or POTUS are good fundraisers.  They are gobbling up money real, honest to goodness NORMAL candidates for POUTS need.

The Pandering Pachyderms certainly have none.

“…But for the Republican party? A headache, pure and simple. President Obama can be defeated in 2012, but it will not be easy and the election will not in any way be about the tiny sliver of voters that a Bachmann for President campaign would appeal to. Instead, the vital swing voters who will decide the 2012 election will look at Michele Bachmann on the campaign trail and howl like villagers getting their first torch-lit glimpse of Frankenstein’s monster. They will stampede quickly in the opposite direction, away from the GOP.

As I tweeted a few weeks ago, Michele Bachmann makes Sarah Palin look like Count Metternich. Luckily the Bachmann effect will be relatively small. Other more serious candidates will dominate the Republican primary process. But her candidacy will not be helpful to the larger Republican or conservative cause. I know it is a free country, Rep. Bachmann can certainly run for President if she wants to. But she is a sure-fire loser, both in the GOP nomination race and — should fearsome Martians invade the Earth and demand at ray-gun point that she be the Republican nominee — in a general election….”

The Pachyderm Pretenders certainly have no leadership.  All they can do is slam this nation, telling us what is bad.  The real problem is if a Republican candidate today were to use this, they would be denigrated as a RINO.

All the Pandering Pachyderms can do is tell us how bad the world is.  They can’t tell us what they would do, only what is wrong.

If anything is proof that something is wrong, the fact that Michele Bachmann thinks she is capable of even running for POTUS is an indication of the problems the GOP is facing.

The LGF post about  her says it best.


The Pink Flamingo thinks anyone running for POTUS should be forced to show the following:

  • Proof of IQ above double digits
  • A passing grade in American History
  • Willingness to show reason and rational though
  • Rudimentary knowledge of American History
  • Rudimentary knowledge of the Constitution
  • Intellectual honesty

Of course Michele Bachman fails in the above.  Then again so do both Pauls.  I’m even beginning to wonder about Haley Barbour

The Daily Beast

Fred Barnes thinks there may be “another”.  It’s getting a little late for “another”.  If someone doesn’t soon appear on the horizon, we’re screwed.  The Pink Flamingo absolutely refuses to vote for Haley Barbour, Michele Bachmann, any given member of the Paul family, and anyone associated with a Tea Party.  I also will not vote for anyone who says nasty things about George W. Bush.  I am terribly disappointed with Newt.  Pawlenty doesn’t show me anything (but I could vote for him).  My choice appear not to be in the mix:  Rudy or Jeb.

“…Fred Barnes, executive editor of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, disagreed with Sununu, telling The Huffington Post that a dark horse candidate could emerge as late as this fall.

“I think we need to wait until September and see if the field we have is inspiring Republicans or not, and if not, then there might be pressure–enormous pressure–on others to jump in. Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, or even Paul Ryan,” Barnes said. “I think there’s widespread sentiment that people want to see other candidates.”

Barnes mentioned Ryan, the House Budget Committee Chairman, even though he admitted he has given up trying to draft the Wisconsin Republican into running. Our former president’s younger brother might also be a long shot, Barnes contended.

“I haven’t entirely given up on Jeb Bush, but I’ve talked to him a number of times and he seems as far away from jumping into the presidential race as he could be,” he said.

Another senior conservative figure said he has been “begging” Christie, the first-term governor of New Jersey, to run. But Christie has been resolute so far in saying he is not ready to run.

Karl Rove, a top adviser to former President George W. Bush, told the Washington Post only that “December is too late” for a surprise candidate to jump in….

As much as I am loath to admit it, Mitt Romney is looking better by the day.  I’m beginning to wonder if he isn’t secretly supporting these Pathetic Pandering and Pretentious Pachyderms to make him look good.  Mitt is not pandering to anyone.  That, I appreciate!


From Friday’s WSJ’s Political Diary

WSJ Political Diary

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  1. I probably would vote for Romney or Pawlenty, but most of them I will not vote for unless I become so desperate to defeat Obama that I would resort to voting for anything. God save America!

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