Part XIV: Losing the Future for the GOP


Previously in the series about Libertarians destroying the GOP. 

Who would have thought that there is a Star Trek philosophical lesson about libertarians and a government shut down? Even The Pink Flamingo did not see this one coming!

Libertarian leaning members of the House and Senate are making fools of the Republican Party with their stupidity.   Enabled by their libertarian handlers, they are making problems for the GOP.The Pink Flamingo feels like a broken record, stressing that these people know nothing about history.  If they did, they would know the paths on which they are now crawling  have been taken before, and resulted in disaster for the GOP.

This patriotic and Constitutionally superior abjectly S – T – U – P – I – D tea party Congressmen have shown just how ignorant they are by demanding Harry Reid step down as Senate Majority Leader.  Never mind they would not need to even make this request if NORMAL Republicans had been running for the U. S. Senate in places like Delaware and Nevada.  There is nothing The Pink Flamingo would like to see more than Harry Reid put in his place.  But, for members of the United States House of Representatives to make such a demand is laughable.  It is embarrassing.

ARRA News Service

The threat to shut down the budget is being pushed by the libertarians from the tea parties.  Chris Christie says it best.

“…“Because in the end, we’re here to stand up for principles, to say the things that we believe in, but we’re also here to lead and run a government,” Christie said in an interview with ABC’s “World News” with Diane Sawyer set to air Wednesday evening. “It would be a failure of everyone involved, of the Congress and the president, if they don’t get this done.”…”

Like Michael Medved says, if the government is shut down, the American people are going to blame the anti-government party – i.e. the GOP (because of the libertarians of the tea party).

Bryan Caplan thinks the best way to create additional libertarians is in eugenics.  It rather reminds me of Khan Noonien Singh.  They are going to try and breed better and more libertarians.

“...Application: During the 60s and 70s, few libertarians had libertarian relatives.  Many tried to convert their parents, but few succeeded.  When I talked to the Students for Liberty, however, about half had at least one libertarian parent.  These patterns are just what my story predicts.  The parents of the older generation of libertarians didn’t hear about libertarianism during their formative years, so the trait never expressed itself.  The parents of today’s college students, in contrast, usually experienced the key environmental catalyst in time….”

The GOP is going to suffer the consequences of this current brand of libertarian. Perhaps nothing explains the problems we are having with libertarians than the following:

“…Birthing a horde of children with “libertarian” personalities is not a realistic long-run path to liberty. It is, at best, a realistic long-run path to “liberty”–to a society shaped by whatever unforeseeable future ideology to which individuals with libertarian inclinations find themselves attracted….Intellectuals who spend their time enforcing ideological orthodoxy as though it were a religion, but without the aid of religious institutions, are wasting it. A high-fertility strategy can work for Mormonism, but if anything resembling contemporary libertarianism is to survive, much less spread, it’s going to take new, better, and more persuasive arguments, not more babies….”

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Chris Christie is playing it smart with the unions.

“...While sitting in the school library at Lincoln School in Kearney, N.J., Christie told Sawyer that it’s essential for his state’s education system to change and he blames the teachers union for the harsh cuts his administration is making, that includes layoffs and larger classrooms.

“I believe the teachers in New Jersey in the main are wonderful public servants that care deeply. But their union, their union are a group of political thugs,” Christie said.

He said the New Jersey Education Association refused to negotiate on a salary freeze last year. “They should have taken the salary freeze. They didn’t and now, you know, we had to lay teachers off.”…”

Wisconsin, though, is proving do be an absolute disaster for the GOP.


“...So what does this all mean for 2012? The Badger state will be at the center of the political universe next fall.

To be sure, it’s always dangerous to read too much into one election. But, this wasn’t a typical down ballot election either. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University Law School estimates interest groups on both sides spent more than $3.5 million on TV ads in this race.

Even so, despite the strong showing of Republicans in the state in 2010, and Democrats’ success here in 2006 and 2008, this nail biter of an election shows that Wisconsin isn’t red or blue – but deep purple. Moreover, it indicates that this normally sleepy Midwestern state is going to be one of the most hotly contested battleground states in 2012….”

If the Tea Parties get their way and the GOP caves and shuts down the government, then it will prove absolute disaster for the GOP.

Huffington Post

If these people are allowed to continue to get away with what they are doing, the GOP is going to suffer the consequences in 2012.



2 thoughts on “Part XIV: Losing the Future for the GOP

  1. Seems like Prosser won – so where is the disaster?

    The fact remains – the Tea Party managed to be a force that blunted the labor unions. Like it or not, they’re here to stay. And to be honest, I thin they’ll do a lot more good than harm for the GOP and the country.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Prosser story is over, yet. I think this whole union thing was poorly handled. I think just as much damage could have been done by simply allowing states to expand the The Taft-Hartley Act. My big complaint in much of this is the abjectly foolish way everything is done to the point where the GOP comes out looking like idiots. You would think we would learn from our mistakes and learn how to play the PR game. It’s like this “shut-down”. It is going to have disastrous effects for the GOP – which is why the Dems are playing it like they are.

    I would love to see the unions busted and destroyed. I’m wondering if they aren’t on their last legs. That is what gets me about the way this is being played. We look like fools. For once I would like to see the right play up to the mass media. It is never going to happen. We’re always going to end up the loser, because we are so stupid at the PR game.


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