The Glam Girls of the GOP: Susana Martinez & Jan Brewer Edition


Would someone please tell the Glam Girls of the GOP that there are certain rules that civilized humans live by, even those of the lipstick variety?  Rules are rules, contracts are contracts, and you don’t screw your state.

Arizona Glam Girl of the GOP was handed a serious defeat of her hard-line anti-immigration bill.

The Pink Flamingo once again reiterates that I am ashamed that I voted for Susana Martinez.  I will not make the mistake a second time. She is proving to be New Mexico’s version of an incompetent Mark Sanford.

She’s incompetent.  There is no grounding, no wisdom, only bouncing from one thing to another.  I swear she’s a Democrat plant.

“…Sens. Dede Feldman, D-Albuquerque, and George Munoz, D-Gallup, said a veto of a bill to create a health insurance exchange may mean more federal control of the insurance marketplace in New Mexico. “It’s going to mean federal — and not state — control of health care,” said Munoz in a statement. Feldman noted that New Mexico has already received $1 million in federal funding to begin planning state exchange.

“But further funding is dependent on the legislature setting up a governance structure, which SB 38 would have done,” Feldman said….”

If Martinez really wanted to help the state, she would roll back the taxes we are paying for gas.  She’s not going to do that.  Martinez, like other Republicans have become so budget conscious that she’s looking cheap, really cheap, grubbing for every tax dollar, like a Democrat.  We are already paying some of the highest prices in the country, but what does she care?  One of her cronies, Jim Brewer, holds half of New Mexico hostage to his prices.  (He has no competition).

“…Gas prices blew through the $3.50 barrier last week and now the statewide average price is $3.67 per gallon. Many industry analysts predict $4 gas by summertime, and some say prices will go even higher with turmoil in North Africa and worldwide demand increasing. Meanwhile, to thousands of New Mexicans who are employed making $10 to $12 an hour – $4 gas is a real threat to prosperity.

“My car? It’s about $50 every time I fill up—at least,” said Max Klaus, a customer at the Smith’s fueling station at Central and Tramway. “With the prices going up, it just keeps getting higher and higher, more of an impact every time.”

“If you have one car and you’re filling up once a week, that’s $50 a week, a couple hundred dollars a month,” said Jeff Mitchell of UNM’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research. “For a lot of families earning $12 to 15 thousand a year, they may bring home no more than $1200 a month, so that’s a big hunk of their dollars.”,,,”

Is NM’s very own Glam Girl of the GOP, Susana Martinez nothing but a Mark Sanford Clone?  She is ruining the film industry in the state. Typical of the Glam Girls of the GOP, Martinez is apparently grossly incompetent.  Evidently she doesn’t quite get that a contract is a contract.  I gather a person’s word of honor means nothing to her.  She’s trying to further destroy the state’s film industry buy voiding signed contracts and written agreements.

Joe Monahan's New Mexico

This is just crap.

“…“I am proud to sign a budget that cuts government spending while preserving classroom funding and healthcare for the most vulnerable New Mexicans,” said Martinez in a statement sent to the press Friday. “During these difficult times, we have created a balanced a budget that reflects our shared priorities without raising taxes on a single New Mexican and we have demonstrated that education is a top priority by increasing state spending to our schools by roughly $56 million.”

Martinez also signed legislation that was key to the passage of the budget during the legislation session. This includes a $50 million cap on film production tax rebates that was fiercely debated in both the House and Senate.

The film production tax rebate was a large part of Martinez’s agenda during the year. She said this would cut the film production tax rebate by $25 million.

“Without this reduction, we would have faced deep cuts to schools and health care services.”…”

Now she wants to destroy Rockhound State Park.

New West

Don’t believe the PR that Martinez has taken a “softer” line on immigration.  She’s another Jan Brewer, and all that it implies.

“…For Republicans, they need to learn the right lesson and one lesson was that those candidates including New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio talked kitchen economic issues and did not stress immigration reforms. (Rubio and Perry stressed border security and not a comprehensive immigration reform, but they did question whether Arizona SB 1070 was a good idea.)

It is also interesting that many of those politicians considered harder edge on immigration just as Sharron Angle and Tom Tancredo actually preformed worse among White voters than those like Martinez and Perry, who took a softer approach toward immigration. (One can argue on the reason why White voters rejected selected immigration hardliner in greater numbers, but there is no doubt that hard line immigration stances did little to add to the White vote totals among Republicans.)…”

Those Glam Girls of the GOP are making Republicans look bad. Jan Brewer may be the worst of them. For someone who claims to be a Republican, she is true nanny-state.

“...Democratic State Sen. Kyrsten Sinema told ABC News that while she supports efforts to encourage people to live healthier lives, she feels the fees penalize the wrong people and reach too far.

“There are some people who have diabetes and are obese through no fault of their own,” Sinema said. “To fine people for medical conditions that might be beyond their control, that’s just not right. … This would punish people with disabilities who have done nothing wrong.

“We know that drinking Coke and soda pop isn’t good for you, and people do it; the governor herself is one of those people,” Sinema added. “It’s very nanny state, which is very interesting because historically Arizona has been a very libertarian state.”…Brewer’s overhaul is projected to save the state $500 million, helping close a $1.1 billion budget shortfall.

It also would restore transplant funding from Medicaid, coverage that, controversially, was cut last fall. If approved in its current state, Brewer’s plan would go into effect Oct. 1….”

Brewer makes Republicans look bad and opens us up to redicule.

Alan Combs Liberaland

“...If sin taxes are the way to go in balancing the budget, then everyone should be subject to the fines.With more than 25 percent of Arizonans obese and 16 percent who smoke, there will be plenty of money available. And just to be fair, the governor can add the same tax to water-skiing, jet skiing, horseback riding, mountain biking, owning a swimming pool, paragliding, rock climbing, failing to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle (Arizona has a very weak law) or choosing to work in roofing, mining or construction — or any other activity that carries a risk. Actually, if the governor really wants to make money, how about a tanning tax for those who bask in the Arizona sun and hike their risk of skin cancer?The way to get at the costs of health care is to take a long hard look at prices, overuse of services and fraud. But that would be too hard. Picking on the poor is just lazy and mean….”