You Know That Charleston Port Thingie…? (Lindsey Won)!


Lindsey Graham has several problems:

  • The extreme right
  • Liberals
  • Libertarians
  • Ron Paul Bots
  • John Birchers
  • Racists
  • Anti-Hispanic anti-immigration wonks
  • Democrats
  • Tea Party “patriots”
  • He is very stubborn and DOES NOT LOSE

Any and all of these groups will do what every they can to make him look bad and ruin his chances of re-election.  He’s not helping his chances by being:

  • Honorable
  • Decent
  • Reasonable
  • Patriotic
  • Statesman
  • Honest
  • Courageous
  • Candid
  • Himself

When it comes to libertarians, well, it’s more like they will twist anything to hurt him.  Doesn’t matter what it is.  Anything….

Unless it is something Rand Paul, who is considered the rudest, most arrogant person in the US Senate, wants.

For some strange reason that is not strange at all, Libertarians, led by Ron Paul Bots, John Birchers, and those darling Tea Party “Patriots” have decided to destroy Lindsey Graham.  There’s a reason.  He will not allow them to bully or push him around.  With exception of a couple misc. Senators from Oklahoma, he’s one of the few who will not pander to their increasingly weird agenda.

One of our last remaining, real statesmen, Lindsey will work with anyone, including Rand Paul (who is considered the most arrogant person in the Senate) to do what he thinks is right. It’s called governing. Ronald Reagan did it all the time, but these jerks have already thrown Reagan under the bus.


“…”If you’re a Republican and you want to create jobs, then you need to invest in infrastructure that will allow us to create jobs,” he said at a press conference with Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee on Social Security in response to a question from TPM. “Congress, Republicans and Democrats, talk about creating jobs. How can you create jobs by shutting a port down that 260,000 people depend on?”

The usual losertarian sources are after Lindsey because he is determined to save tens of thousands of jobs in South Carolina.  The Pink Flamingo is simply going to throw out the information I have.  Lindsey has been working on this for months.    He is being terribly gracious, trying to help DeMint save face on this one.  SC stands to lose tens of thousands of jobs if the harbor is not dredged.  The Army Corps of Engineers are in charge of it.  Obama has screwed SC.


“…For critics who said the state should come up with its own funds for the Army Corp of Engineers’ study to deepen the port, Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop said such an easy solution is actually impossible under federal law.

The South Carolina State Ports Authority, which is responsible for operations of the Charleston Port, is ready to write the check for the state’s share of the the study, but federal law requires Congress to cough up funds to enable the Army Corp of Engineers to move forward with the study. It would be the second step in the process; a first study already determined a federal interest in deepening the harbor.

“The Corps requires virtually all ports around the country to shoulder some of the costs of feasibility studies, engineering, and design on harbor deepening,” Bishop said. “South Carolina is ready to go. Now we’re waiting on the feds to kick in their share. Without that green light, our state is stuck in neutral and cannot proceed.”

Graham and Clyburn have also talked to Vice President Joe Biden this week, as well as Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, to try to find the funds within the Arny Corp of Engineers itself…”

For a little background, the Obama Administration put the seed money in for the same for thing for the harbor in Savannah that Lindsey has been begging for in Charleston.  If anyone does not think this is a set-up by the Dems, and a way to make both SC Senators look bad, you HAVE NOT been following the story.

“...If you’re a Republican and you want to create jobs, then you need to invest in infrastructure that will allow us to create jobs,” Graham said. “So, for $40,000 or $50,000, we can keep on track the deepening of a port that is a huge economic engine for the southeast. We have lost our way. The Obama administration talks about export jobs, but if you don’t invest in ports, how are you going to get the goods to go to other parts of the world?”

Graham added that there are 260,000 jobs either directly or indirectly tied to the Port of Charleston and that the overall price-tag for the six- or seven-year project will be $350 million, which would be split between the federal government and South Carolina.

Graham, who also noted that he would have planned to vote in favor of the long-term spending deal this week if it had included the port funding, said that a longer solution to the port funding would not be necessary in order for him to lift his hold on the nominations.

“It’s not too big of an ask,” Graham said. “We’re talking about a $40,000 need in Charleston to make sure the port doesn’t fall a year behind. And when people get focused on it, I think it’ll get solved.”…”




“…”If you’re a Republican and you want to create jobs, then you need to invest in infrastructure that will allow us to create jobs,” he said at a press conference with Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee on Social Security in response to a question from TPM. “Congress, Republicans and Democrats, talk about creating jobs. How can you create jobs by shutting a port down that 260,000 people depend on?”

Graham said the $50,000 study now on the chopping block was crucial to advancing a $350 million joint federal and state project to ready the port for larger ships. Without it, Graham said, President Obama would have difficulty meeting his goal of doubling exports within five years….”

Palmetto Morning

Lindsey is trying to secure something like 26,000 jobs in South Carolina by securing funding for a study to dredge the port in Charleston.  While Lindsey has been very upfront in what he is doing, Jim DeMint is pandering to his tea party base and playing politics.  If DeMint had signed onto one certain earmark last year, it could have been taken car of.  So, Lindsey speaks out, and the usual libertarians are angry with him.

“...Graham said the $50,000 study now on the chopping block was crucial to advancing a $350 million joint federal and state project to ready the port for larger ships. Without it, Graham said, President Obama would have difficulty meeting his goal of doubling exports within five years.

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler criticized Graham earlier today for threatening to hold up Senate nominations to prevent cuts. Republicans have consistently argued that cutting spending is the route to job creation, though this has created some confusion over how to handle infrastructure spending. Asked by TPM whether he was conceding President Obama’s point in his State of the Union that federal investments were the key to “winning the future,” Graham said he supports public spending to create jobs.

“I would say that putting money into infrastructure that creates jobs is a good thing to do with taxpayer dollars,” he said.

Graham said that he had the support of his state colleague Sen. Jim Demint (R-SC), who has played a major role in boosting the Tea Party and opposing earmarks.

“Jim’s been helpful,” Graham said, adding that DeMint “absolutely” supported the project to deepen the port. But according to the Wall Street Journal, Demint has been a vocal opponent of the project, whether its funded through earmarks or through the Army Corps of Engineers, where the $50,000 cut is taken from. TPM asked DeMint’s office to confirm their position and will post their reply….”

“…FIT DE-BILL — U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint introduced legislation Monday to overhaul how the federal government chooses which harbor, bridge and water projects to fund by setting up an independent review panel. DeMint’s bill would establish a Water Resources Commission modeled on the base-closure panel Congress set up in 1988 to decide which military facilities would be shuttered around the country. The DeMint measure also would give states more power to pay for Army Corps of Engineers’ projects by returning federal harbor-maintenance taxes to them in the form of block grants….”

This comes as the following was announced:

“...CALENDAR ITEM — U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is hosting a top Army official in Charleston to discuss the need to deepen the Charleston Harbor shipping channel. Graham meets with Assistant Secretary of the Army for Public Works Jo-Ellen Darcy in Charleston on Monday. They will discuss the need for the channel project with ports officials and members of the maritime community….”

“…DOUGH-NATIONS — U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday federal money must be found to start a dredging study that is a critical component of the $300 million port expansion at the Port of Charleston. “If we don’t get that harbor deepened, we’re going to kill the engine of economic growth in South Carolina,” Graham, R-S.C., told the Rotary Club of Easley. Most of the goods and services going through the port come from the Upstate, including “billions of dollars a year” in cars BMW builds at its manufacturing facility in Greer and ships throughout the world, Graham said. The port needs $400,000 to start the study….”



From The State:

“…To be clear, no one was asking Mr. DeMint or Mr. Wilson to abandon any of their conservative principles. To the contrary, Sen. Lindsey Graham merely asked them to join him and Mr. Clyburn and then-Reps. Henry Brown, Gresham Barrett, Bob Inglis and John Spratt in taking the logical step that legislators would take in the world where the president, rather than the Congress, determines the specific projects that executive agencies will undertake — that is, the world that they insisted on creating, by opposing all congressional earmarks rather than acknowledging the difference between pork, secret pork and legitimate congressional priority-setting. If you believe that the port needs to be deepened — as all of our members of Congress say they do — then there is simply no justification for refusing to sign a letter.

Mr. DeMint says he’s focused on convincing the Congress to change the law so that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can use its own judgment to decide which projects to pursue, rather than abiding by the political dictates of the president and the Congress. It’s a wonderful idea, and not just because any honest evaluation of our nation’s ports needs would conclude that the Charleston harbor is a better investment of federal dollars than other ports whose deepening is being funded. But there is no realistic chance that it’s going to pass, which means that he has an obligation to work on Plans B and C as well. (If Mr. Wilson or any of our four new members of Congress have any plans for getting the port deepened absent a presidential request or a congressional earmark, they’re keeping them to themselves.)…”


“…The port already is seeing some of the larger ships that need more than the port’s 45-foot low-tide clearance even though the widening of Panama Canal to handle those ships is not expected to be completed until 2014, said State Ports Authority spokesman Byron Miller.

“We already have four ships a week that are too big for the Panama Canal,” Miller said. “Currently, we can handle them, but they have to wait on the tides.”

The fight for funding is not so much about the money — about $50,000 in federal matching funds for a limited scoping study — but about moving the process on to the next step. The overall cost of deepening the port is expected to be $300 million and the cost of the 2011 portion of the next study was originally at $400,000. Because the fiscal year is nearly over, Graham and Miller said, the amount of money the Army Corps of Engineers would need to move the process forward would be $50,000.

In the past, the project could have been easily moved forward by the process called earmarking in which a single lawmaker could get funding for pet projects at home like highways, water projects, community development grants and new equipment for police and fire departments. But the new crop of tea party-supported Republicans in the House — including Scott — helped push through a ban on earmarks when they the GOP took over the House this year.

“Now there’s bipartisan blame here. The Republican Party, our party, Democrats included, say ‘We need to create jobs, it’s the No. 1 issue for the country,’ ” Graham said. “If that’s true, how could you not set aside $50,000 to allow the study to go forward to make this port a jobs creator in the future? If we don’t deepen the harbor, we put this port at risk.”

The nearby rival Port of Savannah in Georgia got $600,000 in the current budget to wrap up a feasibility study of deepening that location to 48 feet.

“They’re at the end of the step we’re trying to get to,” Miller said.

Ports Authority board chairman Bill Stern said economically it makes the most sense to deepen the Charleston port to the 50 feet that experts say will be needed to handle the huge container ships that will be the workhorses of the shipping industry after the canal is widened. The port, he noted, is centrally located along the East Coast and is already at 45 feet….”

From TMP:

“…DeMint, who is known for supporting conservative challengers against GOP incumbents, had supported earmarks for the port in the past but has since sworn them off.

In February, DeMint and like-minded South Carolina GOP Rep. Joe Wilson also refused to sign a letter to the President by the state’s bipartisan delegation asking for its inclusion in the White House’s 2012 budget request. Everyone else in the delegation, including Graham, were willing to join together to make the request, and Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) at the time told the Charleston Business Journal that DeMint’s and Wilson’s refusal to jump on board derailed the funding.

The South Carolina delegation is particularly upset because the Georgia delegation was unified in its support for an earmark for the same type of Army Corps of Engineers deepening study for the Port of Savannah, and received $600,000 for it in the President’s budget. Charleston and Savannah are in direct competition for a surge in shipping business expected from the 2014 Panama Canal expansion.

Wilson told the Charleston Business Journal in February that he was personally trying to lobby the Army Corps of Engineers and the South Carolina State Ports Authority on the issue. Since then, Graham and DeMint has teamed up on legislation that would restructure the way the Army Corps funds projects, but that doesn’t explain Graham’s anger at the Obama administration right now….”

The far right and the tea party twits have been making fun of Lindsey, but he won!


You should never underestimate Lindsey Graham.  When he has something on his mind, is up to something, don’t ever expect him to stop, give up, or lose.  The liberals and the far right are attempting to make him look like a fool over his magnificent temper tantrum to save up to 260,000 jobs.

He did it.

You want to know who really looked bad?  Well, both Jim DeMint and Jim Clyburn.



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