Because We Need a Fix This Weekend!


Sally Vee, The Pink Flamingo’s friend, confidant and sometimes partner in crime forwarded this to me.  Thank you, SV, I needed this, bad!

It is so wonderful to hear a leader talk about how great this nation is!  I am so tired of hearing everyone, the right included trash-talking this country.

Every time I hear The Great Man speak like this, he leaves me in tears – for what we had, and now we don’t.  There is NO ONE out there who has his greatness, his honor, and his love of country.  They are all also-rans.

I fear we will never see the likes of him again.

Praise God for this Great Man!

Freedom is the desire of every man, woman and child on the face of this earth.”  GWB

GWB thinks that women are the ones who will lead the drive for freedom in the Middle East.

You gottta love this man!

He is a man who believes in freedom, and that “all life is precious”.

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