The New Dark Ages of Extreme Politics


The Pink Flamingo applauds the idea of saving taxpayer money.  It’s a good thing.  But, there are a few things going on with the far right that are more than a little strange.

Let’s be honest here.  Much of this is the way the left is framing things, but the tea party right is giving them plenty of ammunition.  They aren’t very wise, that’s for sure.  I will admit, they are making me cringe.

The bottom line is the fact that they aren’t saving any money and only making the GOP look very, very bad.  We also need to face the fact that a heck of a lot of the people making the GOP look bad are out of control libertarians. (the ones on FOX)

Crooks and Liars


The Pink Flamingo detests the AARP.  BUT – their senior health supplement is amazing.  Is it possible that some of our well-meaning GOP idiots in the House are going to target the AARP and perhaps put an end to those supplements?  Yea, they make money off my parents, but their supplement insurance with United has shelled out a good $1.5 million to keep my mother alive these past 7 years.  If well meaning tea partiers do something to hurt that supplement, they want to see a turn-over in 2012?  It will be a disaster, an absolute disaster.

“…In 2009, the group’s chief operating officer wrote to Reichert and told him the group’s “process for developing policy positions, including our position on healthcare reform, is conducted independently of any AARP royalty-generating activities.”

Still, the association’s balance sheet raises questions.

According to its 2009 tax filing, AARP made $246 million from membership dues but $657 million in payments for lending its name to policies sold to its members by private insurers. Those royalties made up more than 53 percent of its total $1.23 billion in operating revenues that year.

The royalties aren’t only for Medigap policies, but include endorsements of Medicare Advantage policies as well as auto, life and other insurance.

This isn’t the first time the AARP’s dual role as a consumer advocate and an insurance sponsor has come under scrutiny.

Democrats were furious when the association supported Republicans’ Medicare prescription drug bill in 2003, and several — including then-Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.) — suggested the decision was influenced by its partnership with the insurer United Health Group….”

Look, I agree that there is a problem here, but can’t the far right go about things in a reasonable manner?  How is this saving us taxpayer money?

It is beginning to look more and more like this is a witch hunt against any organization or group that disagrees with the conservative party line.  They have turned Wisconsin into a PR disaster.

I think what Florida has done makes a heck of a lot more sense.


Take Michele Bachmann’s Minnesota GOP

“…“The party itself has been captured by social conservatives who have pushed the party further to the right,” says Horner, arguing that the shift doesn’t reflect the rank and file or the state’s political instincts. “This is a party that has become more and more narrow in its representation, and they need a polarized environment where fear becomes the driving factor.”…”

City Pages

“…”When the government ceases to recognize natural rights, ‘It is the duty of the people to alter and abolish it.'” “The Declaration of Independence is the law of the United States of America. Not only did it give birth to the country, but it was adopted by the Congress. If you go in the United States Code, you will find it there.” “It is the law of the land, that when the government ceases to recognize guaranteed natural rights, it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish it.” – Judge Andrew Napolitano

When a popular television host suggests that the Declaration of Independence is the law of land, and he is a former judge, we are in trouble. The Constitution is the Law of the Land, not the Declaration of Independence.

What sort of person suggests we overthrow the United States of America? Is this not treason?

What sort of person would send death threats to politicians because they disagree with them?

Periodically, The Pink Flamingo features chapters from Proverbs, which is known as the book of wisdom. There is a reason for my pathetic futile attempts to provide just a little illumination in a foolish world. Without wisdom we are nothing but drooling fools, no matter how rich, powerful, or popular, no matter how secure our position, without wisdom we are the losers of life.

In the Race 4 2012 there is a column about the need for compassion in the upcoming election. Smart move:

“…I wrote a post a while ago about how the GOP needs to talk like optimists if we want the chance to win against President Obama. I also think that the Republican candidates need to talk about issues we don’t normally talk about such as poverty. This doesn’t mean talking about “abusing the welfare system” or “those who don’t want to work”. This means talking about the working poor, people who work hard and are playing by the rules, yet are still in poverty. How about talking about college students who are going to be going into the working world with crushing debts? How about discussing how to better educate children beyond taking tests and breaking the teacher’s unions? These are the kinds of issues that are often not talked about by Republican candidates….”

In our world today, we are flooded with fools who wish to impose their equally foolish world-views upon us. All that matters is they get a little time in the spotlight and they begin believing they are “all that”, when they are noting but petty little sounding cymbals who are incapable of using judgment or rational behavior.

We are inundated with libertarian philosophy which is good for some things. We should not be spending so foolishly. The same thing holds true for individuals and families. But, libertarians like Ron Paul are abjectly foolish. They have no reason, wisdom, or judgment. They are extreme. In a way they should not even be considered in a rational and reasoned world.

The problem is we do not live in a rational and reasoned world. Men like Ron Paul attract sheep-like followers in droves, men and women who are incapable of seeing beyond a certain political theology.

“...In my opinion, conservatism needs Dr. Paul, and more importantly, America needs him. For too long, conservatives have stood idle while the Democratic and Republican parties have begun to transform the United States from a constitutional republic into a social-democratic welfare state. The “tug-of-war,” as Hayek called it, between conservatives and progressives has affected the speed but ultimately not the direction of contemporary political developments….”

We don’t need the extremes of fools like Ron Paul. Perhaps one of the problems with our world is men like this who are constantly preaching gloom and doom, but do not bother doing anything rational about it. They are so impressed with their own power and their own voice, that they put personal ambition ahead of actual progress.

Ron Paul talks a good game. He offers no common sense solutions. If he were interested in actual solutions, he would shut the heck up about auditing the Fed, eliminating the Federal Reserve, and turning this nation into a backward, third world, group of isolationist who are interested in only their ideas. They cannot give and take. Ron Paul talks a about our standard of living being destroyed, but if we follow his draconian and foolish ideas the same thing will happen.

Perhaps that is the very real difficulty, the extremes. In The Pink Flamingo’s humble opinion, while one or two Ron Pauls are acceptable if they are kept in check, we do not need a nation of them. We do not need people with tawdry associations in positions of power.

That is a headline from the Frum Forum. There is a group of “tea party patriots” who disapprove of disaster carbon monoxide detectors, and a few other things. The real problem here, is their abject lack of wisdom. They use examples of extreme and foolish behavior brought about by the foolish ideas of equally foolish liberals.

Frum Forum

Our freedom is not endangered by evil intent, it is endangered by the good but foolish intentions of equally good but abject foolish people who want to help everyone, who want to make life perfect. You don’t cry end of the world and end of our country because of stupidity, you try to make something better.

Portage County Tea Party

Just because you don’t like laws, you don’t go around like some people, trying to over-throw the country and kill cops the way the Sovereign Citizens do.

One of the reasons people turn losertarian is because of stupidity like this:

United Liberty

This comes from a libertarian site. Heck, I agree. Foolish is as foolish does.

Foolish does not allow for morality, then it becomes evil. That is the problem with foolish people and their agendas. They easily become quite evil, unable to tell the difference between what is good and what is bad. They have no discernment – no wisdom. There are no values. Values become something to eschew, something to denigrate. People who espouse values must be destroyed. Then again in our political world, your “enemy” must be completely wiped off the face of the earth.

There comes a time when foolish over-steps and becomes something worse.

Our world is dominated by the abject lack of wisdom, on both sides of the aisle. Let’s be honest here. The fact is the tea party “patriots” and losertarians are the result of the abject stupidity of the far left. From ARRA News Service:

“…Indeed, Leader McConnell explained, “The Administration started by canceling oil and gas leases for domestic exploration. Immediately after taking office, the Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, canceled 77 oil and gas leases in the state of Utah. One year later, the Administration suspended 61 more leases, this time in Montana. . . . Then, immediately after the Gulf oil spill began last April, the Administration imposed a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling in the Gulf even as it canceled energy exploration that was set to take place thousands of miles away in the Arctic Ocean. Two federal courts on three separate occasions have declared the moratorium in the Gulf unjust. The Administration has ignored them. It’s kept the ban in place despite these rulings, forcing the drillers who’ve been affected by it to relocate their rigs — and the thousands of good-paying jobs they supported — to other parts of the world. So if you’re wondering where the jobs are, a good place to start is the Administration’s efforts to block American energy exploration.”…”

The world is not black or white. It is all good and not all evil. There are people in this nation who are terrorists, who are pure evil, and they are NOT Muslim. Not all Muslims are evil, and I will give my word that anyone who says they are a “Christian” and plot evil deeds is NOT a Christian. They may claim to be but are not.

There is a problem when idiots are celebrated, and decent men and women are denigrated for being honorable. There is a serious lack of wisdom when someone who says or writes something that is decent, honest, and honorable, is denigrated by those who think they are intellectually superior. The greatest example of this, recently, is the conservative attack on Michael Medved for writing what he thinks is right (and I agreee with him).

For conservatives to refuse to acknowledge the likes of David Duke and right wing militia. As The Pink Flamingo write the other day, perhaps the Islamic terrorists might be a little more crafty. They don’t get caught often, but most of the yahoos who attempt to do evil deeds who are members of the far right almost always (thank goodness) get caught. The Far Right must accept the fact that their libertarian darling, Ron Paul associates with white supremacists, the KKK, and other evil creatures. Conservatives who go after the associates of Barack Obama must do the same for one of their anti-immigration darlings, AZ (GOP – much to my dismay) State Senate President Russell Pearce.

From LGF:


“…Sovereign Citizen legal theory, which is really more of a conspiracy theory, is based on the concept that in 1933, when the United States abandoned the gold standard, the American government established by the founding fathers was covertly supplanted by malevolent forces with a new system of government based on Admiralty law, otherwise known as the law of the sea and international commerce.

It gets weirder. Sovereign Citizen adherents believe that once the U.S. went off the gold standard and backed the dollar with the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. government, a secret international banking cabal began forcing the U.S. government to pledge the earning power of its citizenry as collateral, effectively enslaving Americans at birth.

“When a baby is born in the U.S., a birth certificate is issued, and the hospital usually requires that the parents apply for a Social Security number at that time. Sovereigns say that the government then uses that certificate to set up a kind of corporate trust in the baby’s name—a secret Treasury account—which it funds with an amount ranging from $600,000 to $20 million, depending on the particular variant of the sovereign belief system,” explains conspiracy theory expert J.J. MacNab in a recent in-depth article on the Sovereign Citizen movement for the Fall 2010 issue of the Intelligence Report, a magazine published by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“By setting up this account, every newborn’s rights are cleverly split between those held by the flesh-and-blood baby and the ones assigned to his or her corporate shell account,” says MacNab. “The clues, many sovereigns believe, are found on the birth certificate itself. Since most certificates use all capital letters to spell out a baby’s name, JOHN DOE is the name of the corporate shell ‘strawman,’ while John Doe is the baby’s ‘real,’ flesh-and-blood name. As the child grows older, most of his legal documents will utilize capital letters, which means that his state-issued driver’s license, his marriage license, his car registration, his criminal court records, his cable TV bill, and correspondence from the IRS will all pertain to his corporate shell identity, not his real, sovereign identity.”

Sovereign citizens claim that they are not subject to most taxes and cannot be legitimately charged with any civil or criminal offense in a state or federal court. In essence, they believe themselves to be above the law. The only legal authorities they recognize are “common law courts,” a sort of tribunal of their peers, with no lawyers present.

Sovereign Citizen theory may be ludicrous on its face. But it’s not fun and games when cops are getting shot. Since January 2008, sovereign citizens have gunned down seven law enforcement officers in this country. On May 20, for example, two West Memphis, Arkansas police officers pulled over a white minivan for having unusual license plates (many sovereign citizens refuse to deal with any Department of Motor Vehicles and manufacture their own license plates). Inside the van were Jerry Kane, 45, and his 16-year-old son Joseph….”

The Pink Flamingo must be forgiven for a very cheap shot. One of the reasons so many people died in Haiti during the earthquake last year was because there were no rules, codes, or regulations. This 9.0 quake in Japan will probably claim another victim – the libertarian philosophy that there should be no government rules.

News Daily

Yep, it’s all about the very strict building code! To bad Libertarians don’t like government interference. It might save us a few lives.

“…The possibility is getting a serious look — and air time. Journalist Simon Winchester, who often covers geological history, wrote a piece speculating about a major quake along the west coast in the March 13 issue of Newsweek and spoke about it this morning on the Today show.

According to Winchester, there is little doubt that earthquakes happen in clusters — a major event on one side of a tectonic plate is often followed weeks or months later by another major event on the far side of the plate.

“It is as though the earth becomes like a great brass bell, which when struck by an enormous hammer blow on one side sets to vibrating and ringing from all over. Now there have been catastrophic events at three corners of the Pacific Plate — one in the northwest, on Friday; one in the southwest, last month; one in the southeast, last year,” he writes in Newsweek.

“That leaves just one corner unaffected — the northeast. And the fault line in the northeast of the Pacific Plate is the San Andreas Fault, underpinning the city of San Francisco.”

Speaking with Meredith Vieira on the Today show, Winchester also emphasized the potential of a massive rupture on the Cascadia fault, which runs off the coast from Northern California to British Columbia. If that fault were to rupture, “it would cause not just terrifying problems on land, it would also generate a tsunami and that’s a big, big problem,” he said.
Earthquake clusters

John Rundle, an expert on earthquake dynamics at the University of California at Davis, said evidence is mounting that major earthquakes do cluster in space and time, but that the New Zealand quakes were too small to count (magnitude 6.3 for Christchurch) in this current spate of events.

Even taking out the New Zealand events, there are still four major earthquakes at least as big as magnitude 8.6 in the last seven years – the two events in Sumatra in 2004 and 2005, the Chilean earthquake in 2010, and Japan. This is unusual, Rundle said….”

What good is it to be a leader, to have won major political battles if a person lacks the wisdom to lead, the desire to grand-stand and not govern, and to destroy anyone who does not agree with you 100% of the time.  It doesn’t matter if you are liberal or conservative, it is ruination for everyone involved, and has tragic effects for the nation.