Larry, Moe, Curly and Electoral Disaster


Do you really want to elect a POTUS who is so afraid of special interest groups that he/she cowers and panders like a Democrat?

Do you really want someone in office who is so afraid of the few tea party people there actually are, they are no different than the Dems with ACORN?

Do we really want a Republican who is as inexperienced as Obama?

Do we really want a Republican who has done nothing but trash other Republicans in the past?

Do you really want a POTUS who has absolutely no grasp of the Constitution?

“…“Something else that we can do to reinforce our pro-marriage, pro-life, pro-family agenda is to limit the subject-matter jurisdiction of the courts,” Bachmann said during a Monday speech in Pella, Iowa.

“At the federal level with what are called Article III courts, Article III of the United States Constitution, we can limit the subject matter that justices can rule on. We have it within our authority to decide what judges can rule on and what they can’t.”…”   Michele Bachmann

Because of dingbats like Michele Bachman, well, just read it and weep.

NM Independent

Politicus USA has a headline that just plain old says it all:

Politicus USA

Don’t you just love the way these people harp on the Constitution but don’t give a damn about it?  From Frum Forum:

“…While citing her pledge to cut spending for the American people, Bachmann misses a key point regarding the Constitution: Michele Bachmann’s voters elected her.  Yes, her voters are American citizens but that’s where the similarity stops.  Reading her statements gives a sense that she’s speaking for all of the American people as the leader of a unanimous movement. This type of rhetoric ignores many of the Constitutional principles that have guided the development of our country.

What would James Madison think? In Federalist Paper No. 10, James Madison argued that representative democracies are favorable to a pure democracy structure because representatives can distill and refine the public interest.  That’s why we created a republic. Bachmann seems to have reversed this representative relationship: developing policy decisions and gaining her legislative authority solely from the public.

Representation isn’t devoid of its institutional boundaries. It’s upsetting that many congressional members have taken the Bachmann route in defending their legitimacy as policymakers.  The American people give extremely low approval ratings to Congress and Bachmann fashions herself and other Tea Party representatives as leading a fight to change the arc of history. Ostensibly, this fight would occur to change congressional boundaries and alter the way business is conducted in Washington….”

Jay Bookman - WSJ

There are few who are willing to mention a bit of wisdom:

“…It’s simply a fact that conservatives cannot insist on full transformational change in the federal government until they win the White House, and control both houses of Congress. Nevertheless, Republican governors, legislatures and the GOP house leadership in Washington, DC have fulfilled the voters wishes, clearly stated in 2010, and begun that transformation of American politics.

Politics is not an art and business which functions in pure forms. The voters do not ever act unanimously. Public opinion is always divided. The greatest politicians understand how to navigate through the complexity of this. They have to be chess players. The far left and the far right want to play checkers. for them it’s double jumps, wipe outs, and all or nothing.

Conservatives should thank their stars that Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor, Mr. Ryan, and Governors Christie, McDonnell, Daniels, Walker, and Kasich are their leaders. Their attention now should be to finding the right person to nominate for president, and to win back the all-important executive branch of government.

Self-promotional and heavy-handed back-biting does not befit a party seeking to transform the government….”


The Pink Flamingo was feeling like The End Is Near when I saw the headline How Michele Bachmann Could Win.  I emailed a friend and asked if we jump off the bridge now or when it happens.  Then I saw where Ron Paul (ego extraordinaire) is planning to announce next week.  If he goes independent, Jesse Ventura would like to be his VP (God Help Us All).

GOP 12

Already there is talk that she is “overshadowing” Palin.  The Pink Flamingo is beginning to get the feeling that were starting to see the makings of a classic cat fight. One can only hope.  Then again, Ron Paul is talking about running, which will skewer his son’s ambitious plans.

From the Daily Beast:

The Daily Beast

Michele Bachmann “wowed” the usual crowd of spoiled brats in Iowa.  The Pink Flamingo has made no secret of the fact that I think Republicans in Iowa are spoiled disgusting brats who demand politicians pander to their every desire.  They remind me of the movie Summer School, where Mark Harmon’s character must pander to a bunch of loser high school kids to save his job.

So, we get this:

“…Few cared, or were even aware, that she’s been dinged in the national press for her gaffes — most voters were impressed by her message and her charisma, two qualities that will dominate for a wide swath of caucus-goers as they sift through their options.

Refusing to take their cues from an establishment that is favoring a string of other potential hopefuls, most voters said they wanted a “whole package,” one that includes an ability to connect — and Bachmann, along with fellow long-shot Herman Cain, got the highest marks….”


If the Minority Maker has decided to make trouble for the 2012 POTUS primaries, might The Pink Flamingo be allowed to ask why?  Jim DeMint ruined our chances of taking the Senate, now he is up to his mischief in the primaries, and idiot tea party slurping conservatives think he is wonderful.

WSJ Political Diary - April 7

One of the things we are going to need in a winning candidate is the ability to understand that Hispanics are not evil, not a threat, and is not a puppet of the anti-immigration hate machine.  That eliminates just about everyone but Jeb Bush and maybe Mitt Romney.  Golly – they are the competent ones, the guys with experience?

Boston Herald

The real problem is that there appears, today, that there is only one person who can beat Barack Obama.  The question of the day seems to be does the GOP want to beat Obama or stay drunk on rancid tea with twits like Bachmann who is incapable of winning the whole enchilada?  I don’t know about you, but I want to WIN.

He’s got my vote!

Race 4 2012

Then there are the Pauls.

The Daily Paul
Tea Bagger Scammers

The one person who could really make Ron Paul look very bad is Gary Johnson. The Demigod was pushing Johnson around CPAC time.  Johnson gave him what-for over how to truly cut spending.  I gather the Demigod was not amused.

The NM Independent



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