PART II: How the Far Right Covers Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint


The NLRB crackdown on Boeing in South Carolina is deplorable.  In a way it is the ongoing fight to the death from the unions.  Big Government has some of the best coverage on the issue that I’ve seen.

That is NOT the story, as far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned.  I’ve been waiting for just the right story to highlight the intellectual dishonesty of the far right when it comes to Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint.  I finally have the PERFECT story.

This is all about the way the far right picks and chooses what should be seen about whom.  It is terribly dishonest.  It is terribly unethical.  It is also one of the reasons The Pink Flamingo no longer has any respect for the far right.

This is not really about the Boeing story, but the way the far right covers their pet darlings, and denigrates those who aren’t “pure”. DeMint is grandstanding as usual, and the far right is slobbering over him, as usual, but he was NOWHERE to be seen today in Charleston with Lindsey, Nikki, and the Congressional Delegation.

Today, the far right is once again hailing the Minority Maker as the perfect conservative hero.  He is standing firm in his attempt to pose, preen, and hog every possible soundbite on FOX, and the news.  The Far Right is rewarding his stalwart support of South Carolina, even though he is NOT around to warrant their support.

Typical from FOX.  During Cavuto today, DeMint did his thing, posing for the libertarian press.  They showed a clip of the governor at the press conference.  It was made to look like DeMint was leading the charge on the issue, ignoring the fact that he was nowhere to be seen, and Lindsey is the one all over it.

Do you see Jim DeMint anywhere in this picture?

“...Also appearing at today’s news conference were Scott, Gov. Nikki Haley, S.C Rep. Bobby Harrell, North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey and Charleston Mayor Joe Riley….”

Charleston Post and Courier

But – No Jim DeMint. He as nowhere in sight. The far right never bothered mentioning that Lindsey is the one doing the real fight. NewsMax slobbers all over DeMint, but ignores Lindsey. (Typical)

“…Gov. Nikki Haley joined U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and Congressman Tim Scott during a Thursday press conference to discuss concerns with the union complaint filed against Boeing.

Boeing will fight the complaint from union workers to move the company’s second 787 assembly line plant from North Charleston to Puget Sound, WA. The National Labor Relations board says that there’s enough evidence to move forward with a hearing.

“We will protect Boeing,” Haley said Thursday.

Thursday’s press conference was held in the Henderson Building at Trident Research Center in North Charleston.

Scott said that the South Carolina congressional delegation will fight for corporate South Carolina. Graham called the NLRB complaint against Boeing “frivolous,” and added that Boeing may have to spend extra money to fight.

SC Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell said that federal, state and local government have united to fight for Boeing against NLRB’s “frivolous and irresponsible” complaint. He said the general assembly will introduce resolutions affirming support for Boeing….”

Jim DeMint on Twitter

Now, contrast Lindsey’s Twitter page.

Lindsey Graham on Twitter

Lindsey has been on the issue all day today.  Where is DeMint?  This is what Lindsey did yesterday.

Lindsey Graham on Twitter

National Review Online has been fair to Lindsey.


Weasal Zappers is constantly on Lindsey’s case.

Weasal Zappers

While he was being praised as the great conservative, where was Jim DeMint?  He was on Hilton Head.  Lindsey was in Charleston appearing at the press conference with the governor, Tim Scott, etc.

For those who don’t live in SC, Hilton Head is the most posh resort community in the state.

Liberty Pundits

Liberty Pundits has NO mention of Lindsey.

I don’t expect anything but dishonesty from the tea parties in SC.


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  1. These two posts look excellent. I’ve been at church this week and haven’t had time to read all of them. I am looking forward to reading them after Easter. The Pink Flamingo always keeps us informed. I went to the public library this week because my computer was out and it was interesting that some of the Tea Party sites are blocked by Norton. The librarian said some of them were not considered suitable for young people. The Pink Flamingo was on line at the library and must be rated very highly. This is a beautiful site and I’m sure all ages enjoy the posts and the spiritual readings.

  2. Thank you.

    I fear I have been remiss in my church attendance. I must also admit that Holy Week unnerves me. For the past few years I’ve not attended Good Friday services. I find I become rather emotional over what was done – for me. And, I do not deserve it. I’m working on a post for tomorrow about it.


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