Feud Erupts at Fox Between Huck and Beck


There are any number of us who have been waiting for tempers over at FOX to begin to explode.  I hear rumors that any number of people there are truly disgusted with Beck.  Mike Huckabee is taking him on.

“…”Beck needs to stick to conspiracies that can’t be so easily de-bunked by facts,” Huckabee concluded. “Why Beck has decided to aim his overloaded guns on me is beyond me. But he ought to clean his gun and point it more carefully lest it blow up in his face like it did this time.” …”

The Pink Flamingo suspects if Beck continues on his course, he’s going to push Huck into running.  The way I see it, if Mike Huckabee wants to agree with Michelle Obama because of her fight against obesity then he has a right to do so.

Sure, if he were some anorexic bimbo model I would laugh, but the man has battled his weight for years. As someone who as spent their whole life engaged in that same battle, if he wants to agree with her, then that’s fine with me.

I don’t agree with her, on the record.  I think her ideas are far too simplistic for a real fix.  I’ve said this repeatedly.  But that’s not what this is about.  This is about someone at FOX finally having the courage to take on Glenn Beck after removing the gloves.

This could be fun.   Beck called Huck a Nazi.

Frum Forum

“...”What did I do that apparently caused him to link me to a fatal disease and a form of government that murdered millions of innocent Jews?” Huckabee wrote on the website of his political action committee. “I had the audacity — not of hope — but the audacity to give respect to the efforts of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to address childhood obesity.”..”

Is it a sign that Beck truly is finished at FOX?

According to Ben Smith, this is also about the Club for Growth.

“…Mike Huckabee has always been an outsider in the conservative movement. He was pounded by the Club for Growth and other pillars of the establishment when, for a moment, he seemed poised to win the 2008 nomination. The core of the dispute is a real difference over government’s role, which Huckabee thinks should at times be substantial, and which he has at times supported taxes to pay for….”

From Huck PAC

Huck PAC

Is this a sign that Huck is going to be pushed into running?

“…Scrapping with Glenn Beck and the Club for Growth back to back isn’t the smartest way to bolster one’s conservative credentials during primary season, but that’s exactly what Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee did this week.

The FOX News host went after the anti-spending group Club for Growth on his Tuesday radio show. Huckabee said he was defending potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who earned the Club’s ire for supporting universal health care in the late 90s, and more recently, for bashing free trade. But moments into his radio segment, it was clear that Huckabee was out to settle a score.

“According to that group, I’m also a tax-loving socialist. During the 2008 election they cherry-picked some factoids out of context from the deals I had to make from a ninety percent Democratic Arkansas legislature,” Huckabee said on his show. “Under their criteria the things that Ronald Reagan had to do as governor and as president probably would have made him a tax-loving socialist unfit for the White House as well.”…”


Please, pardon The Pink Flamingo while I snicker.

Unfortunately there could be something else afoot.

It is all about the Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, libertarians, FOX News, Beck’s special little poison, and the fact that there are those who are trying to break it up.  From what The Pink Flamingo can find, Mike Huckabee is taking the side of Donald Trunp.  From what The Pink Flamingo has been told, Trump is a possible front to break the libertarian choke-hold on the GOP.